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    posted a message on Episode 8 Updates And Rumors!

    Uh oh, my mobile messed up the thread, gonna fix it later. But I got this new info about the release date! Check it out above!

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    posted a message on Creeper Tracking Kills

    Are you using scoreboard objectives? Like: stat.killEntity.Zombie? Stats won't work on mobs, they can only track player actions.But I think there is a way to detect it I'm sure. That's only my help for now.

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    Well, before I could decide if it could be a good idea. Hmm, they need to have an extra building for those types which would cost more village space and yeah, what would their buildings look (Farmers have houses, blacksmiths have their own, librarians have library, priests have church, butchers have a small inn, and generic has their houses too)?

    And the trading needs to be more clearer:

    Engineers: Seeing as "sixteen pistons for an emerald" would be very costly , plus clerks actually sometimes trade 1 emerald for 1-3 emeralds. Not much support in this one ...

    Lumberjacks: Hmm, kinda agree with you this time, no one in the village ever sold some wood so yeah, Support on this one ... The trade please, and don't tell me it would take 1 emerald for 6 spruce wood because it is what they call, "Villager scamming". Have them trade tools like axes and occasionally, enchanted ones. You can do 5 oak woods and an emerald for 20 oak planks.

    67% supports this suggestion ..

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    posted a message on ⚔ Zombie Warriors II ~ Lead An Army of Zombies - Capture Bases - Fight Battles - Win Wars | Custom Models & Music

    Hi McTsts, I had a same map idea as yours and now I am gonna discontinue it, probably when I release the map, they are gonna say: "Clone of McTsts' map" ...


    Hi! Played the map and it was awesome, it is just like I am playing "defend and conquer" games like CoC and StickEmpires. 10/10, awesome job!

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    posted a message on Survival Building Contest! [1] [Contest]

    Too bad, most people don't have a screen recorder or if they have, Minecraft will lag like crazy when recording.

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    posted a message on Minecraft PE servers, THIS NEEDS TO STOP!
    Quote from LloydAZ»

    Unfortunately, there isn't an "official" Pocket Edition server written by Mojang (other than Realms which is a bit different) so there isn't an official EULA to enforce. Pocket Edition servers are a bit of a grey area.

    Oh, my bad, they must do it on PE too! There is actually a whole lot of them in PE.
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    posted a message on Recording Software

    Fraps and Bandicam can offer you high quality videos but not guaranteed performance friendly (depends on computer you are using) but you could check some here:

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    posted a message on Do Canal Grinders Work in Mushroom Biomes

    Can you show us images? Probably, a few people might be happy to help with images. And a bit of a thing, grinders don't do anything in the mushroom biome because no hostile mobs would spawn in there except if it is connected to the mainland. If you are grinding mooshrooms, image please?

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    posted a message on EULA Compliance question.

    Mob heads do not count as cosmetics, but player heads do count as cosmetics. "Blockheads" includes: banners and blocks count as cosmetics too. It doesn't violate the EULA really as long as they are remained as: PLAYER HEADS.

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    posted a message on Not getting new player on server

    Hope your spawn was nicely done right or if it wasn't the spawn, hope your minigames was good to play. Or possibly you have less features that the players would not enjoy the server.

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    posted a message on Help! Ice Problems!

    For more awesome sights, (NOTE: Water turns ice if it has a direct view of the sky ...) build a shade with a nice light, just like this one:

    Shade plus Light:

    Is that awesome?

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    posted a message on Minecraft PE servers, THIS NEEDS TO STOP!

    Sorry but wait, do you mean "Donation Perks"? Seems a violation to Minecraft's EULA about servers ... Since donating is for donating to a server to help them not to give them ranks or advantage. Giving an advantage to players who donated seems like purchasing a rank or privileges and an unfair play .

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    The file was in .rar format ... My PC can't open stuffs like .rar format, it can only open .zip files. Too bad for me ...

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    posted a message on Episode 8 Updates And Rumors!

    Hello guys! Today, I am gonna share to you about what is going on about the news and updates plus rumors on the upcoming final episode of the Minecraft Story Mode Series ...

    News and Updates: August Updates

    It's been 3 weeks since Episode 7 was released but still as of now, no one is still revealing a plot or release date or just a piece of information BUT I got this information which would make people think about the possible plot. These are the achievements for Episode 8:

    Achievements for Episode 8:

    Let the Games Begin
    Complete Chapter 1 of Episode 8

    No tracked gamers have this achievement

    Playing for Keeps
    Complete Chapter 2 of Episode 8

    No tracked gamers have this achievement

    Challenge: Accepted
    Complete Chapter 3 of Episode 8

    No tracked gamers have this achievement

    The Most Dangerous Game
    Complete Chapter 4 of Episode 8

    No tracked gamers have this achievement

    Gaming the System
    Complete Chapter 5 of Episode 8

    No tracked gamers have this achievement

    To the Victor Go the Spoils
    Complete Chapter 6 of Episode 8

    No tracked gamers have this achievement

    So that is the information for now, I'll update the thread if there are new information about the final episode of MCSM.

    News and Updates: September Updates

    Today guys! I have something to tell you all! The possible release date for Episode 8 has been confirmed. Nothing was revealed if the plot is what you are asking but hey. The possible release date for Episode 8 is on the third Tuesday of September or the Tuesday after the Minecon event. This was all confirmed by this quote:

    We have our final episode of Minecraft: Story Mode hitting September…

    How many episodes are there of that?

    There were five in the season, and then we had a three episode Extended Adventure pass, so it went all the way to episode 8. So our big finale, I think we’re going to do a Crowd Play at Mine-Con, Anaheim, next month.

    Read more: http://wccftech.com/telltale-games-interview-job-stauffer/#ixzz4J4Fv68Bq

    So guys! That is all what information I got for the final episode of Minecraft: Story Mode! Thanks for stopping by to read this!

    Latest Updates As Of September 4:

    Hey guys! So previously, we already knew the release date of Minecraft Story Mode Episode 8. NOW, can you tell me what does this hint:

    As of Now:

    So guys! I guess the front page of the forums (News Section) already shared the release date. If you haven't read the news section about Story Mode 8 release date. Then the release date for Episode 8 is September 13, 2016. And we are going to meet two new charaacters. Possibly, the Old Builders!

    Plot Hint For Episode 8

    So, yes, it is a hint for the plot of Episode 8! So are they in like spleef arena? Cause look, shovels and snow blocks and spleef is a "game" too! Because of this, I believe we will expect the episode's trailer sooner. So what are your thoughts on this episode? Thanks for stoping by! If the photo isn't showing up, the photo is in the attachments too!

    Rumors or "Theories" let's say:

    The Minecraft community has made another new and probably, good rumors that we should consider:

    Order's Skill Relation To Portals: (Clue about the next storyline)

    So I think a lot of people noticed this, so Episode 5 was about architecture, Episode 6 was about griefing (traps,tnt,sand), Episode 7 was about redstone. And the community thinks that the episodes 6-8 was based on the order of members who destroyed the Ender crystals (in their fake story) : Soren (1st, Builder), Magnus (2nd, Griefer), Ellegaard (3rd, Redstone), Gabriel (4th, Warrior). So that got people thinking that the next episode is gonna be "Warrior" theme and the achievement supports the theory a little bit.

    Another Death : (I personally don't support this theory)

    Some part of the community is saying this because this is the final episode of the series, someone would die again. Probably, because Telltale is making you know more about Lukas, Petra,, and Ivor. They think that Telltale is gonna take one of them, just like what they did to Rueben (They made you get close with Rueben and Episode 4 was the final episode of the Wither Storm series, he died).

    Well, that's it for now ... I will update the thread if I could find new info about Ep 8

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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.10 | Medium Village At Spawn | Large Cave System Underneath The Village | Good Survival Seed

    Hey guys! This is my first ever post in this "Seeds" forum section. So anyway, I have this awesome seed for you guys and this is good for survival. Here is the preview of the portion of the map:

    Yes, as you could see, there is a village at spawn, it is a med-sized village which contains blacksmith structure. Here is the view of the village:

    The log pillar marks to where you will spawn, this will vary among the random spawn generation. Not to mention, you could see horses around. If the blacksmith chest contains saddles, then instant horse!

    So there is a large cave system underneath the village and I came around and there was a lot of iron ores and gold ores. I think I saw a dungeon in that area too! The next picture is deep within this cave system.

    See? So much gold and iron ingots and those ones in there, are ... diamonds! Awesome, right?


    So back to the map, those chest icons are actually desert temples and there 6 around the mainland. And if have'nt notice yet, there is a mesa biome just on the south of the map, the orange lands if you could see. And the ocean monuments, those 2 icons are'nt actually pointing to where the monument is. It actually marks the location of where would it possibly spawn.

    Seed is in the map picture! ^-^ Have fun!

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