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    posted a message on Rice And It's Variants

    This suggestion and the contents of it is obtainable in Survival Mode legitimately. Sorry, if the prefix is blocks and redstone, I changed the title but not the prefixes so, sorry ...

    So far, there are maybe a few or a well-number of foods known in Minecraft. Now I suggest this food to be added in the future.


    How to craft rice:

    = One Wheat = 3 Rice Stalks

    That rice won't be edible for now so to make it edible, craft a rice bowl

    = One bowl and three rice stalks = 1 Rice Bowl

    (Just assume that those pumpkin seeds are rice stalks)

    The Rice Bowl will give you 4 hunger points or two full hunger.

    To make it more useful, you can craft Steak/Porkchop/Chicken/Mutton In A Rice Bowl

    = 1 Steak and 1 Rice Bowl = 1 Steak In A Rice Bowl

    (Just assume that mushroom stew as a rice bowl)

    This variant will add 2 hunger points to the original cooked meat.


    Steak: 8 hunger points

    Steak In A Rice Bowl : 10 hunger points

    For other meats in a rice bowl, replace a steak with other meats. Each has a varying hunger points given.

    Some Effects on Minecraft:

    Those wheat of yours will never be used only for breads and breeding but for rice too! Although you need animals to make meats in a rice bowl.

    Villagers that are butchers will sell one of the meat in a rice bowl for 5 emeralds which is their final trade.

    Anything wrong, want to ask more info? Just reply below!

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    posted a message on How do I mob-proof an automatic piston door?

    Putting lights around the automatic piston door will help but since this is redstone, I would suggest that just wire an XNOR Gate to your piston door. While XNOR Piston Gates aren't automatic, it can be activated on both sides with a button. Plus no mobs would accidentally enter your door.

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    posted a message on Custom Mob Drops (1.10)

    Making redstone "Custom Loot Commands" are time consuming, I think you better do "Custom Loot Tables". Here is a "Loot Table Generator":


    Hope it helped!

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    posted a message on Now that Story Mode series are over, how was it over all?

    Confused by the title, sorry but here:

    Now that Minecraft Story Mode is now currently over, how was the experience? What I mean is, now that you saw what or how Story Mode goes, do you still judge it as a bad game or the game was awesome overall?

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    posted a message on Teleporting with Command Blocks

    I don't get what your going at but do these:

    /tp <player name> <x> <y> <z>

    /tp <target player> <player name>

    /tp @e[type=<EntityID>] <player>

    If all these didn't help you, what is your problem in teleporting?

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    posted a message on House challenge

    Sorry but I made the screenshot an icon for my world but yeah, that is my current colony house for the villagers in my colony. I hope you could see the picture!

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    posted a message on Need restone shop, 16:1 Ratio
    Quote from MazeCraft»

    It is a survival server. And how would he collect earned money from the villager, huh?

    He didn't said he needed profit. Plus, don't tell me he is gonna find diamonds to just sell it for 16 irons. In this "villagerious" way, no one can abuse his shop system. And apologizes from me, I didn't know if this survival server has command blocks enabled or not. Most survival servers I've been in has command blocks.
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    posted a message on How Do I Give Myself Different Kinds Of Red Mushroom Blocks?
    Quote from gurujive»

    Ok, so I found that /setworldspawn is a 20x20 area on single player.

    So I know you are worried about on where would you spawn so, if you set the /setworldspawn inside your house, do /gamerule spawnRadius 1. A spawn radius of 1 will let you spawn to where exactly you set the world spawn.
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    posted a message on How can I stop a moving mob if it encounters it's enemy?

    So what was I planning was, a defense game. Zombies will raid each others base and these Zombies have custom A.I. using /execute detect. So now, if Zombie A encounter Zombie B, how would I stop Zombie A and Zombie B from moving without stopping the other zombie's movement?

    Further clarity:

    If I would use this:

    /execute @e[team=A,type=Zombie] ~ ~ ~ /testfor @e[team=B]

    then hooked to a comparator facing a command block with:

    /execute @e[team=A,type=Zombie] ~ ~ ~ /setblock ~ ~-3 ~ air

    All zombies in Team A will freeze because the block (for example,stained glass) that made them move was removed because all zombie in Team A will execute setblock. Any ideas on how to solve this.

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    posted a message on Need restone shop, 16:1 Ratio

    Why hassle doing redstoning if you could just summon a Villager with custom trade? Here: (Copy this text and paste it in a command block)

    /summon Villager ~1 ~ ~ {Profession:2,CustomName:"Shop",CustomNameVisible:1,Career:1,CareerLevel:42,CanPickUpLoot:0,PersistenceRequired:1,NoAI:1,Silent:1,Invulnerable:1,Attributes:[{Name:"generic.knockbackResistance",Base:"1f"},{Name:"generic.movementSpeed",Base:"0f"},{Name:"generic.maxHealth",Base:99999}],Offers:{Recipes:[{buy:{id:"iron_ingot",Count:16},maxUses:2000000000,sell:{id:"diamond",Count:1},rewardExp:false}]}}

    This villager will never add new trades so this one has only 1 trade forever! Just keep him in a safe place as this villager is still delicious in the zombies' eyes! (Although this villager cannot move and cannot be killed, he will lure zombies to his location)

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    posted a message on Legal Issue regarding rank
    Quote from Rofl_Your_Dead»

    So i purchased a rank on a server about 3 years ago, played for a quite a while and quit. When i purchased my rank i had access to world edit, disguise, jump, and alot more. In total i spent $400 on my rank, and i would still be fine with that, but today i decided i was going to play again, so i logged in, and went to use some of the commands, and the majority of the commands that i originally paid for have been removed from the ranks permissions.

    So what I was curious about, is if i would have any chance legally of either getting what i paid for or getting my money back from the owner of said server, or is it basically out of my hands?

    So this server, when did they removed the commands they gave. Those commands are in violation of Minecraft's EULA, concerning that purchased rank shouldn't give anything that would disable fair play on servers. I believe that they removed most of those commands to be in line with the EULA. So what you should do is to either ask for refund or tell them to replace cool things that were lost. If all else doesn't work, contact Mojang Support.
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    posted a message on How to do shop signs? [Naruto Modded Sever]

    [sell] [buy]

    That would do if they have a sign shop plugin. Now if they dont have any plug-ins installed. This is the most known vannila Minecraft sign shop:

    Sample Sign That Could Be Interacted:

    /give @p sign 1 0 {BlockEntityTag:{Text1:"{\"text\":\"=-=-=-=\",\"color\":\"dark_blue\",\"bold\":true}",Text2:"{\"text\":\"1 Diamond\",\"color\":\"aqua\",\"italic\":true,\"clickEvent\":{\"action\":\"run_command\",\"value\":\"/give diamond @p[lm=5] 1 0\"}}",Text3:"{\"text\":\"For\",\"color\":\"red\",\"italic\":true}",Text4:"{\"text\":\"5 XP Levels\",\"color\":\"gold\",\"clickEvent\":{\"action\":\"run_command\",\"value\":\"/xp -5L @p[lm=5]\"}}"},display:{Name:"Custom Sign"}}

    Hope that helped you!

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    posted a message on Is Minecraft DYING?
    Quote from PP122»

    Here's my veiw:

    Over the past year there has been some... Changes. A few years back minecraft development began to focus on not just one project... PE(Pocket Edition). From a post Mojang had posted a few months back (or was it last month???) they showed a graph of the games bought. PE had absolutely SMASHED the PC editions...

    So what does this mean??? What will this mean for future game development? In conclusion the developers are more than likely going to be ultimately moving to focus on PE as their main edition, or another idea is that because PE development is faster then PC, E will catch up to the computer version thus make one major game that is exactly the same on all platforms! Also, in one of Adam's (aka SWIMMINGBIRD) YouTube videos, he suggest that this may be the case. Who knows. But the graphs show that more people play PE than other platforms.

    Most people buy PE edition is because most people have phones than computers. And you can bring PE anywhere you go. They are not gonna switch their main focus on PE. They are just speeding those up because of tweets saying : "WHEN WILL 0.X.X RELEASE! I AM HYPED!" repeatedly.
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    posted a message on Is Minecraft DYING?

    I dont see Minecraft dying in these years, why? Here it is:

    Yep Minecraft is now like 5-6 years old and not to mention games like CS, I believe they started 2002 or around and still it is popular today. Minecraft has influenced people in their culture, not to mention a lot of Minecraft reference and Easter eggs on a whole lot of TV shows, comics, and quotes. And, yep, Minecraft has around estimating, 107,000,000 sales, which means Minecraft has a whole lot of players, not counting those who illegally downloads Minecraft. In entertainment, several people proposed Minecraft to be their TV shows or series, Minecraft is even on Minecraft: Story Mode, Minecraft is even getting a movie! A lot of Youtubers play Minecraft too, and still in these days! Minecraft has a whole lot of something to offer you! The only problem is, Minecraft lags bad without Optifine.

    To summarize, Minecraft isn't dying ...

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    posted a message on PC and PE(pocket edition) MAPS

    Okay so I bet you want to transfer your save files from Minecraft PC to Pocket Edition?

    If so, I believe there is a way to port PC worlds to Pocket Edition. But beware though, not all features in the PC are in the Pocket Edition, for example, if you had a beacon in your world, the beacon block if ported in the Pocket Edition will be replaced by a Update Game Block. I believe there is no point if you want to import your survival world to PE. Porting is only good for Minecraft PC creative builds to PE.

    So, I suggest that just create a new survival world in PE, anyway, Pocket Edition has tons of good features by now.

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