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    posted a message on DeltaCraft 1.8 SMP Server
    Age: 10

    Skype username: The_Legend1451

    What are you good at?: Interior designing and building a little redstone.

    How active are you?: Fri-Sundays

    Why you should be accepted?: I wanted to join an SMP community and this one seems perfect.

    Are you willing to become good friends with other people?: Preetty much.

    IGN: The_Legend145

    Are you particularly intelligent in any real life topics?: Yup, I sometimes get straight As and am good at math and a little science.
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    Hello, my name is The_Legend145,

    Currently I'm looking for someone to make my website server in my Minecraft Server CrumboJam, currently I only have 20 slots 1 friend that I skype with to help me with my server. It currently has no plugins, as said above and will be accepting staff, currently I have no idea how this will work, mostly because my friend can't enter my server, but I will find a solution to it, might be doing Hamachi so will be hopefully doing it soon! So lets get started with the Website, if you, the player who will create my website will get a rank or be a staff and get everything in the store for free, I will be in touch with you soon, if you just want to be a normal player because you don't have that much money, well you're in for a surprise because I will be doing a 95% sale discount for the ranks, for one month. But if nobody still buys, I will not continue the sale anymore, but since its almost Halloween, I will also be doing a Halloween sale so only 1% discount because if I do 95% for Grand Opening then do another, I will not gain any money, although donations are fine, sadly, I was not planning on doing Donors for a rank. But I need to be flexible, The server's name is CrumboJam and is currently hosted by my home computer, and is not able to handle like more than 1000 people so it needs to be 20 and not Whitelisted, so the Information about my server:






    Thats all about it for this one post guys!
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    posted a message on Attack Of The B Team Private Survival Server
    I still hope I could join but
    Why do you deserve to join? A decent builder and a fair and a non-griefing player who lives in the Philippines and can talk english and the Philippines own language also I would never quit on this server also please don't expect me quite often cause you know, School.
    Facts about you: I am a 17-year-old College boy with a quest of finding the correct server and doing what is supposed to be good and stopping the trollers
    Do you promise not to grief and be friendly to others?Yes! Definitely
    How good are you in building? Quite decent builder.
    Additional Stuff: I hope I get in I have been looking for this everywhere a Philippines owned server for Attack of The B-Team
    Pls don't ruin my chance. :P
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    Okay, so this is my very first own made RP for Minecraft and this is supposed to be good so first thing is I did not even get some stuff from other Resource packs and if you think I have stolen well that's wrong. So the downloads don't need like ads you only need adfly so you can download you can support and like donate every 10,000 people every 10,000 people give me $5 so I am not asking for money but for support. :)

    Now the Download links:




    Also if you want permission for video making and stream making just go ahead and play but in the description
    you must post the link to this resource pack. Also please do not steal my pack it is hard earned so if you steal
    I don't know what's gonna happen next but oh, guess what I hope to God it's bad. But enough of Permission let's talk about other stuff so firstly HAVE FUN! And please if you do a video about it please have links down in the Description on Youtube. Now the Description about the Resource pack:

    In a time where there was modern technology I bring to you Minecrafters the best Resource pack you will ever see in a very, very long time where the Vanilla meets the Chocolate and where the Strawberry reaches to the Chocolate in this Resource pack everything will be nicer sweeter and COOL! so this year I Present to you, VenderiumPack to be the resource pack of THE YEAR and everything in minecraft will be changed for your hardcore minecraft challenge or your minecraft experience will change EVERYTHING in your minecraft realm or world for your experience. :) also: :lol: also it only works with 1.7
    Also this is a WIP Resource Pack and I am supposed to do mod support so don't expect the pack to be on in like a week but maybe like 2 months or so so be patient also I will be doing edits so you guys won't get confused. Also please don't expect a lot of cool and good stuff cause the work is all on me.
    Change Log:

    Beta 1.0.0 Still haven't done editing will release download until version Final 1.0 currently doesn't have mod support currently only has 128x128
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    posted a message on [1.7.2]~Hamsterrific V0.2.0~ Pet hamsters for your minecraft world! Now with Hamster Balls!
    Quote from RazzleberryFox

    Thanks! Feel free to make any suggestions of things you would like added :)
    can you please make me have permission to have your own mod to my hopefully great mod pack? also if you won't say yes it's ok but still this could be a really great chance. i will give you time to think about it also mod pack name: Cramped! Thanks in advance!
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    Guys what about KryZzerVampz
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    posted a message on Better GUI's resource pack [1.7.X +]
    Can someone please make one Resource pack for me if i make a video for minecraft i will like credit you please also please if you made one already email the download to my email:[email protected] TY in advance :)
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