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Well...there's not much to really know, to be quite frank. I'm just an average dude who likes modding the absolute hell out of everything I get, if possible.

The only really noteworthy thing I can really say is that I look like Patrick Casey (Destiny Youtuber) when he had long hair.


Aside from the show me and my GF watch, which is referenced almost everywhere on this profile, I'm a gamer (Mostly Starbound, Terraria, TF2, and whatever else runs on my PC, things like Titanfall 2, Warframe, Destiny, Battlefield 1 & 4, and others on PS4), and have recently become a Java newb. If you wanna know more, just ask. Nothing too personal, please.

I'm also an avid Redditor. /u/acdc787. If you see me, say Hi!

Location Probably Reddit.

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Minecraft Toa_Ender Xbox No XB account. PSN acdc787 Steam Electromancer Nintendo Does the SNES count?

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