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    posted a message on Minecraft crashes when I try to launch it in eclipse with forge on a mac
    I am having the same issue. I think it could have to do with java 7. I am going try and downgrade and see what changes.
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    posted a message on The Betterverse. Private Devs, better plugins, excellent communities. [1.6]
    I am going to whitelist for Bettercraft!
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    posted a message on Tesselator not drawing faces
    I have been trying to use the tesselator too. Though this is over half a year old.
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    posted a message on MythiCraft (In-depth RPG Mod)
    Update once again.

    Me and Neon have discussed things and we have made a few plan changes.

    LegendCraft is dead. It will no long be in production. There will be only MythiCraft.

    ...and on a unrelated note, I have quit the MythiCraft mod. Though I will still be helping the team with java issues, due to me being the only one who has a strong knowledge of java. Which mean that MythiCraft will be in dire need of a good modder.
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    posted a message on LegendCraft - The RPG Mod
    Quote from minirimmer

    yes in a way development has begun because all he done was rip off all the ideas for mythicraft. then changed the name.

    What? On earth are you talking about...
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    posted a message on MythiCraft (In-depth RPG Mod)
    Just to clarify... Neon miss understood the conversation we had, I then posted what would happen... I guess he though that LegendCraft would extend MythiCraft, but in actuality MythiCraft will extend LegendCraft. LegendCraft will have all the RPG for MythiCraft. MythiCraft and most of LegendCraft is Neon's idea.
    LegendCraft works as a base for the RPG which means that the RPG will come out first. Then a few weeks later MythiCraft will finally be released. Hope this clears up the confusion. Frank your working on MythiCraft, continue with your weapons.
    Quote from Seikojin

    Bummer that there was fighting. I can understand why to split it into two mods though. I think having a framework mod like legendcraft will allow faster development of things like mythic elements to create mythicraft.

    I think I said something about doing this earlier in this forum thread. :smile.gif:

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    posted a message on LegendCraft - The RPG Mod
    LegendCraft the best RPG Mod ever made!



    Creating Kingdoms

    1. Create a flag with your own custom symbol.
    2. Then make a town hall/fort/castle
    3. Mark off areas for people to build
    4. Wait for travels to come and build(they will have a random chance of already having a profession)
    5. Create work places such as the ones listed in the NPC Structures section
    6. Wait for citizens to take a job
    7. Build Armies
    8. Fight against neighboring villages/castles/forts/cities for land and Control
    9. Expand further and create a entire world that is dominated by you!

    NPC Structures

    a. Cities

    - Huge cities that extend beyond what the eye can see
    - Inns/Bars
    - Breweries
    - Shops
    - Rent Houses
    - Parks
    - Graveyards
    - Ports
    - Farms
    - Brothels (Maybe)
    - Mills
    - Blacksmiths
    - Brown-smiths
    - Carpenters
    - Churches

    b. Castles

    - Castles Players have made.
    - Historical Castles
    - Custom Castles that players have made (through submission)

    c. Forts

    - Forts Players have made.
    - Historical Forts
    - Custom Forts that players have made (through submission)

    d. Dungeons
    New kinds of dungeons to explore and unlock its treasures.

    - Mazes
    - Puzzles
    - Bosses
    - No Run Fights

    e. Realms

    - Minigames
    - Skylands
    - Holy & Hell worlds(Not Nether)

    LVL Up System

    a. Combat

    - Melee - Swords, Battleaxes, Halberds, ect…
    - Range - Bows, Throwing Knives, Blowgun darts, ect…
    - Magic - Fire blasts, explosions, ect...
    b. Questing

    - Good - Rank for how much good deeds you have done
    - Evil - The opposite of that which is good
    - Honor - Rank on how many quest you have done for Cities and Kings
    - Tasking - How many Quest you have completed
    c. Money Making Skills

    - Wood Chopping - obvious
    - Mining - obvious
    - Digging - obvious
    - Bartering - Skill that helps you get lower prices on items in shops and trades
    - Thieving - Skill of taking things that of which you do not own
    - Enchanting - obvious
    - Summoning - Ability to summon creatures and monsters to help you complete tasks and just for fun
    - Hunting - Trap mobs without having to kill them your self
    - Farming - obvious
    - Engineering - Create simple and complex machines to help complete your tasks
    - Forging - Creating advanced metals and material through forging
    - Brewing - Create different types of Alcohol with special powers of drunkenness



    a. Humanoid

    - Human - Well rounds and intelligent creatures | NonCombat Skills | Evil
    - Elves - Quick smart creatures | Magical & Range | Melee & Evil
    - Dwarfs - Strong hardworking creatures | Forging & Engineering & Melee | Evil & Bartering due to the crude nature of the creature
    - Orcs - Strong slow creatures | Melee | Range & Magic & Good
    - Goblins - Strong hardworking creatures | Forging & Engineering & Melee | Good & Bartering due to the crude nature of the creature
    - Shadow Elves - Well rounds and intelligent creatures | NonCombat Skills | Good

    b. Other (These may not be added)

    - Dragon-kin - Strong intelligent creatures that have been formed between Human and Dragon | All skills | Good


    a. Warrior

    Powerful melee based attacks which do devastating damage
    - Large damage at close range
    - High defense against range attacks
    - Start strong
    - Weak against Mages
    - If not able to move, they may as well just be dead

    b. Archer

    Powerful range based attacks which does devastating damage
    - Large damage at medium-long distance
    - High defense against magic attacks
    - Weak against melee damage
    - Requires lots of money for supplies

    c. Mage

    Powerful range based attacks which does medium damage
    - Strong defense against melee attacks
    - Large damage at short-medium distance
    - Can be used in more than just fighting
    - Weak against range damage
    - Cheap cost
    - Start weak


    Jobs work as mini games which can be found randomly in cities/towns/forts/castles that are only open during certain times of the day/week.
    - Blacksmith - Forge materials and weapons in this fun mini game.
    - Carpenter - Make quick furniture and earn quick cash. -
    - Brown-smith - Make clothing is this quick entertaining mini game. - hunting(vaguely gives advantage)
    - Apothecary - Make your favorite potion in a competitive time consuming challenge. - magic, enchanting, summoning
    - Salesman - Try to get people to buy your useless stuff in a fun oction based game. - bartering

    Coders & Texture Artists

    The King Zeroni - Main Developer and Head Director
    Crowe - NPC Developer
    Rayner - Texturer and Modler


    Make the best RPG based mod in Minecraftia for both Single Player and Multilayer.


    A. Terms and Conditions

    Before downloading and use a LegendCraft

    You should carefully read the following Terms and Conditions. Your use of our products implies that you have read and accepted these Terms and Conditions.

    What you are authorized to make?

    1. You can download all products as you want to use.
    2. You are authorized to make necessary modification(s) to our products with a license to modify our product.

    What you are unauthorized to make?

    1. You can't sell our products.
    2. You can't provide to download our products.


    You do not claim intellectual property right or exclusive ownership to any of our products, modified or unmodified. All products are property of independent content providers. Our products are provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied. In no event shall be liable for any damages including, but not limited to, direct, indirect, special, punitive, incidental or consequential, or other losses arising out of the use of or inability to use our products.

    B. Policy Privacy

    Collection and Use of Personal Information

    You can visit the websites of LegendCraft.freeforums.com without revealing any personal information.


    Unfortunately, no data transmission over the Internet can be considered 100% secure.

    Changes to this these Policies

    We may at any time, without notice to you and in its sole discretion, amend this policy from time to time. Please review this policy periodically. Your continued use of LegendCraft after any such amendments signifies your acceptance thereof


    A. License Verification

    We here by grant sufficient license agreements to MythiCraft, so that it may use our mod as a base. So they may use LegendCrafts API to extend our product. They do not have any rights or say in what we develop in future updates.

    B. Terms of Licensing

    All things whom poses a license from LegendCraft may freely use but not distribute such products made from LegendCraft. Have not rights, ownership to any of the our copyrighted material that is of LegendCraft.
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    posted a message on MythiCraft (In-depth RPG Mod)
    FYI, we did discuss it. You just didn't understand apparently. But its all okay now Neon understands now. Everything I posted is true.
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    posted a message on MythiCraft (In-depth RPG Mod)
    Time for another update.

    MythiCraft will be split into 2 different mods.

    LegendCraft(Made by Neon and my team) and MythiCraft(Made by Neon and his team)


    Q: Why?

    A: Me, and some members of the team have had differences in opinions on how the mod will function and how it will work.

    Q: Split? What do you mean?

    A: Due to MythiCrafts extreme ambitions, My team(LegendCraft) has decided to remove all mythical things..., however MythiCraft will be based off of the foundation of LegendCraft, which means that it will have all things included in LegendCraft along with its Mythical stuff.

    Q: What will LegendCraft be doing? Purpose?

    A: LegendCraft will be having huge cities, a WorldGen API that will be used for MythiCraft to use, A lvl up system that will be amazing, a race API that will allow MythiCraft to add different races on top of the ones we plan on adding, basicly all RPG things that are not Mythical.

    Q: What does this all mean?

    A: LegendCraft will have its own independent mod, and MythiCraft will be dependent on LegendCraft. DW Neon(with my permission) plan on adding MythiCraft and LegendCraft in the same download link for easy downloads.

    Q: How does this effect me?

    A: I does not, everything in the MythiCraft post will still be in the MythiCraft download, however if you just want a awesome RPG, then you can download LegendCraft!(which you will be doing when you download MythiCraft any way... do to the dependency on LegendCraft).

    Q: Who is working on LegendCraft and MythiCraft?

    A: Me, Crowe, and Rayner are working on LegendCraft, while Neon, Alex, Frank are working on MythiCraft.

    Q: How do I find more information on LegendCraft?

    A: LINK

    LegendCraft will the parent mod of MythiCraft, but they will both add HUGE amounts of new features!

    PS: Due to Christmas not much work has gotten done in the past couple days, but after this week you can expect great progress. My Team expects that LegendCraft will be done some where around Jan. 20th(rough est. will mostlikly change to a latter date)when its ready for beta testing, with all the things we are adding you will be happy you waited. MythiCraft plans on having a beta release in early Feb. I know this seems like a long time but we need lots of help, and We are working really hard to bring this for you!
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    posted a message on MythiCraft (In-depth RPG Mod)
    I thought I would update the thread on what is going on so far.
    - I added 2 new biomes.
    - I added special block that lets you create items in a whole new way. :smile.gif:
    - Neon has been making lots of tetures for me.
    - Alex has been helping me and some other stuff(top secret).
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    posted a message on Bacteria Mod v2.4
    Looks cool :smile.gif:!

    Like weed killer for you blocks :wink.gif:.
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    posted a message on MythiCraft: Coder Needed!
    I am willing to help. I have recently been really bored with the projects I have and I would love to help, as I can see you have a lot of stuff that will be premade structures... I would like to help you. I am pretty good at world gen :wink.gif:.
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    posted a message on MythiCraft (In-depth RPG Mod)
    I have been thinking it over and I decided that I would help :smile.gif:. I am good at logic which is really helpful with world generation *wink* if you would like my help pm and I would love to join your team. (I am fine with the name now btw... the more I hear/read it the better it sounds)
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    posted a message on Help with Industrial Craft 2
    This needs to be in help section... some one get a modderator to move this thread.
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    posted a message on Bad Seeds
    Quote from iluvspidrs

    My sister typed in "World of ****" (with no quotations.) You fall into the middle of an ocean without so much as a crappy island nearby.

    ["World of Shit"] without brackets is one of the best worlds I have seen.
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