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    Welcome to the world at its end. Or rather, near its end. Extremely nigh, to be precise.

    This pack is about the world as it circles the drain. While most post-apocalyptic packs focus on the world after a nuclear war or many years after something quite nasty, this pack takes place during the nastiness. The decay is just setting in and maybe, just maybe, you can help set the world right again!


    It’s been a long time, hasn’t it? Last time The End is Extremely Nigh updated was October 31st, 2019. Over three and a half years ago. We’ve been hard at work since then, creating texture after texture, sourcing music to replace the copyrighted ones, and carefully watching updates so we can plan future updates of our own. It’s been pretty rough. Since then team members have come and gone, I broke a rib and lost my job, and even considered quitting at one point. But now, we’ve reached the light at the end of the tunnel! After three years, I’m happy to announce the update is here.

    That’s right! The wait is over!


    Hi! I am The_Kihng, the current team leader of this pack, The End is Extremely Nigh: Lazarus Edition. This is a 32x32 pack, meant to augment the game to make it more apocalyptic. As it says above, this pack takes place during the apocalypse, and is meant to be a full overhaul of the default game, with custom sounds, items, blocks, and names, all for the player's pleasure.

    This is the continuation of the ever popular The End is Extremely Nigh texture pack that was discontinued by the author, Santiago3. The currently assembled team hopes to continue this pack into the future and hopefully maintain it indefinitely.

    The Team:

    The_Kihng - Head of TEiEN, Hiring Leader

    RIPesto - Head of TEiEV, Head Texture Artist

    JulenRaph - Head Modeler, Texture Artist, French

    Ondaly - IT Manager, Website Builder

    TheMythLord - Concept Artist

    SpiralRiot - Entity Modeler

    ErLeMo - Block Modeler

    PaperAirship - Texture Artist

    99¢ringtone - Texture Artist

    KevWolvn - CTM Artist

    Rascal07 - Support

    -More people needed! If you feel the urge to help, message me or post in the comments some of your pixel art skills and you may get to work with us!

    Now, if you actually read the team list, you may have noticed a couple of things. Firstly, that our head artist is now in charge of TEiEV. For those not in the know, that stands for The End is Extremely Vanilla, an offshoot pack that shares some of the textures, but rearranges them and adds new ones to make your building experience much closer to vanilla Minecraft. The last time this pack received an update was likely sometime in 2013, when Santiago3 was still around. (I was unable to find many releases of this pack.) That means it’s been almost a decade since this pack saw the light of day, and it’s now making its return!

    The second thing you may have noticed, especially if you scrolled back up and read the list after that last mention of it, is that we have a website now! It’s still incredibly barebones and not very functional, so I won’t give the link just yet, but it’s very exciting nonetheless.

    As for downloads, we’ve yet to make separate versions of the pack for different versions of Minecraft. I only have the one pack that I use in all modern versions. If you’d be interested in setting up these other versions for us, please let me know!

    Downloads: ( Requires Optifine! )

    The End is Extremely Nigh:

    Original by Santiago3:




    The End is Extremely Vanilla:



    Alternate Download:


    Extra Textures:


    These are textures that, for one reason or another, did not make it into the pack. Use them how you will, just give us credit, of course.

    Adventure Maps:

    We have been working on updating older adventure maps to the latest version of the pack. The most notable of these is Letters From a Dead Earth, whose maker has given us their blessing to post the updated map. Sadly, I made a mistake in the update process last time, so I must start over, and thus, it’s not ready for downloading.

    This section is thus reserved for when we do have maps ready.

    Updated Versions:


    Old Versions: ( Not currently compatible with the pack but enjoyable anyway )

    Letters From A Dead Earth:


    Hypixel’s Zombie Apocalypse:


    The following maps were made by our very own SpiralRiot, who also does entity modeling for the pack!

    The End is Extremely Nigh: Chapter 1


    The End is Extremely Nigh: Chapter 2


    Ghost Ship



    More Images!:


    [Last updated June 15th, 2023.]

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    Yes. We've put a lot of work into the villagers. There's still much to be done, but I think it's good enough to update. We just have a tiny bit more to do and then we update.

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    Sorry, I missed your message. We're stuck at the "last touches" stage. We have almost everything we need to post an update, but our main artist has been focusing on some of the new biomes. They look great, but there's still some broken things to fix before we can update. I REALLY wanted to update on New Years, but they talked me into waiting for all the update text and such to be ready. Now it's almost March and while we're closer to being ready, it still stings to not have updated by now.

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    Update will not be tonight as originally intended, but you can expect it in early January. I will update you further if we need more time.

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    While I do like the idea of meat-moss, moss already has a texture. It's mostly just an improved version of vanilla. There IS Warped Nylium though, which is a growth of flesh that spreads across the Subterranean Caverns, with things like teeth plants and rotting flesh growths rising out of it.

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    It would take some file editing and reorganizing, I'd think. We had a person I invited who was planning to set up different versions of the pack, but they never actually accepted the link, and haven't visited this site in a long time. I hope they're okay..

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    I did it again. Accidentally overwrote my comment... Paper, I really love your work, and you're welcome to join the Discord if you think you'll be able to at least occasionally contribute. I personally prefer the barrel with the lighter rim, but they're both good. (Also your images are broken for me, but the attachments work.)

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    Wow, that's really really good! I had sort of pictured a round top, like a circle within the square confines of the texture. Assuming you allow us to use this, what name would you like us to use to credit you?

    Despite all my efforts, I'm really just not that good at this art style. Almost all of my block textures were made by splicing together existing textures in creative ways, and changing the brightness/ saturation/ contrast. A lot of my contributions have just been keeping things organized and trying to motivate people, which, admittedly, I'm also not good at. Honestly I feel like I'm a bad pick to be in charge, but also I'm pretty much the only one stubborn enough to not drop the whole thing... so it works out? I guess??

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    Hey everyone! Dropping off some new images in the attachments to look over. Hope you all enjoy! I'm making quick progress on the remaining tasks, but there's a few things I can't make myself. If you think you can make any of the following- let me know!

    -Old Bricks: Would look similar to the following, but, of course, in block form. Should definitely have an aged appearance, with bricks of different colors being present.

    Antique Hand-Molded Brick | Historic Reclaimed Brick

    -Rusting Engine: You could get very creative with this. It would preferably resemble a car engine, but be flexible enough to fit other kinds of vehicles. It doesn't have to make perfect sense mechanically- just enough to be passable.

    Concept: Rusty old car engine bay Stock Photo | Adobe Stock

    Scrap Heap: Would be differentiated from the engine through clearly being nothing but junk, with nothing even resembling a state of being operational. A variant of this with moss and plants growing from it is also needed for the update, however, you would not be forced to make both, of course.

    Stock Texture - Rusted scrap metal by rockgem on DeviantArt

    Oil Drum: A rusting metal barrel, with the remains of blue paint being visible. The image is very close to what I have imagined.

    Old Metal Barrel Oil, Image & Photo (Free Trial) | Bigstock

    Cement Bags: A two-tall stack of cement bags, with a separate logo-bearing texture for the top and bottom.

    What is a Cement Bag? (with pictures)

    Anything that's quality enough to fit into the pack will likely make it into the upcoming update, with your chosen name going permanently into the Attributions! Now normally, if I were to do something like this, I would consider it a contest of sorts and attach a bigger reward to it like a copy of Minecraft or some cash. However, I'm doing very poorly right now regarding income, so this unfortunately isn't possible at the moment. If you have an idea for how I could potentially reward those participating, let me know!

    In addition, if you have an idea for a new block you'd like to see, post it! We currently have several openings in the dyed blocks (blocks are not required to be colorful) and don't have many ideas for what could fill them.

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    Figured I should start being more open about progress. Here's a little progress to show. Amethyst as black and white clusters of Calcite. You should also be able to spot some new stuff in the background of one of the images. :)

    I figured out how to embed images into the post. Only took 9 years! :D

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