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Greetings! My name on these forums, as you might have noticed, is The_Forgotten, but I'm also known as DarkoHexar (almost) everywhere else, as well as Bubble_Man in Minecraft. Whatever you want to call me is fine, too! (As long as it isn't offensive or derogatory in any way, of course.)

I am a decent map-maker and Minecraft player with various interests (which you can also find on this page), and I love this community! That said, I only have three proper maps under my belt, Memories of Darker Days, Monarch of Madness and Mystery of the Pumpkin Castle. Among my future projets, there's the Mapmaker and the Prince of Paranoia, both of which will come out... whenever they're done.

But I digress. I'm a pretty decent builder, a good writer and someone who's equally good at brainstorming. I have worked with both comedic themes and dramatic ones in the past, so I can do both relatively well. My weaknesses include (but are not limited to): redstone, exploiting game mechanics, creating from scratch in a regular world (I need a base of sorts), artistic design of banners, signatures and logos, water and drinking water. Therefore, I'm not a jack of all trades. I've got my strengths and my weaknesses, so if you think you can help me improve in any category I lack training in, please say so! You can't waste my time: that's my job.

Anyways, send me a personal message if you feel like discussing! I'm usually not open to project groups due to my awful Internet connection, but if you need tips and tricks that can be given through text, no problem there! If I turn your offer down, don't feel bad! I'm the one feeling bad because my personal schedule is what forces me to decline most propositions of collaborations!

That, or I'm just really bad at everything and for that, I'm sincerely sorry.
Interests Gaming, writing, map-making, acting, languages and lots of other things. Feel free to ask me about my interests if you so desire!

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