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    Nah m8, just thinking it would be nice, and what I mean't would be to use bits and pieces of theirs.

    But yeah, they should have a talk

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    So, basically, I was wishing for this to come up, but all of the mods like this one are overly-complicated, and hard to get into, so Im just asking:

    Is there any possible damn way that Modders can come with a mod that accurately and neatly has Middle-aged modifications? Like blocks, different stones for making them, forges, more weapons, siege weapons, more armors, a sophisticated and balanced combat system and execution / torture devices?

    It would be big, yes, but it would be so beautiful. Imagine, public lynchings, castle walls, and more for the ultimate experience...

    And the gore, god I wish there was gore.

    People then were hungry, yes? So why not, when said person dies, they drop each limb, organ, in a big heap, or have a set chance of it being healthy.

    Then, you could eat that.

    Cannibalism, that would be amazing...

    Its easy to do, as most of these exist. All we need is large mod owners, such as SoraZodia, (Cannibalism Mod) Emoniph (Witchery), the Dokucraft Community, (Textures), BalkondeurAlpha (Balkon's Weapon Mod), The people which are working on Mine & Blade, Okefenn (Chisel 2) and others to create the best ****ing mod on the planet.

    Like jesus, I would love it

    Oh yeah, forgot to add, others who could greatly help would be the creators of Medieval Warfare and Ancient Warfare, don't know the igns though

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