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    This is a suggestion. I'm not sure where it's supposed to go so I'm doing it here.

    So after playing this mod for a long bit of its development, I must say I enjoy it. However, it is a little more one sided toward aliens and marines. There are only two predator types (I guess two marine types too but they have more active blocks like the medbay). I suggest there be more predator types. Hear me out, this isn't exactly out there. I'm basing it off of the different tech that they hunt with, eg. plasma caster, combi stick, smart disc. This idea comes from the old rts avp game (Alien vs Predator: Extinction).

    Essentially there would be a few types of base predator that fight with different weapons. A brawler = melee blades, Hunter = plasma caster, spear master = combi stick, disk thrower = smart disc or shuriken. And finally have a boss type named Clan Leader that has two attacks; a close range and a distance, such as blades and plasma caster or some other ranged attack (maybe a net that locks the player in place for a few seconds).

    I know the aliens are cool but the predators deserve some love too. The ones we have are great, just lack the variety of the aliens.

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