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    posted a message on Need a YouTuber to help grow a server
    Hello there! I am the owner of a **fairly** new Minecraft Network. It is called "More PvP", and we have been up for going on 4 months now. We are somewhat small right now and want to expand. We have about 80 - 120 regulars that join once every 2 days, and we have about 8 staff. We have had 36 donors, and made well enough to upkeep the server. We have many servers, including just basic vanilla SMP, factions with obsidian destroyer and guns, we have an EXTREMELY addictive KitPvP that once you start, it takes you at least 50 hours of playtime to get tired. We also are opening up a few more servers, namely at the moment, Castle Fight, which is like nazi zombies, with guns, classes, different maps, etc...[/p]

    Anyway, I think you should defiantly check us out, our Server IP is play.morepvp.com and our main website maintained by me is shop.morepvp.com[/p]

    Again, we are professionals here and we know what we are doing. I am a fairly good developer, but I have one of the most talented developers I know at my finger tips when he isn't on a consulting job (which is about 30 - 50 % of the time). Together, we can crank out servers and plugins that are THE BEST you've seen.[/p]

    Here is our main banner (In case you are wondering): play.morepvp.com[/p]

    Anyway, I'd really appreciate it if you just email me back and talk about helping us out! You'd get a very cool colored and bold '[YouTube]' name in chat, as well as /kit youtube along with other perks. I assure you, you wont regret it.[/p]

    Any other questions you can skype me at [email protected], or email me at [email protected][/p]

    So thanks for considering,[/p]
    Cade Brown (A.K.A. Sm0oth_kriminal)[/p]
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    posted a message on Premium Animated Banners starting at $5! ZFX templates

    Well, where to start... I came to him for a simple banner to advertise with, and halfway through, he got SICK. I worried it would take a lot longer. It did not at all, he worked diligently to finish as soon as possible.

    5/5 I will come to him for all my advertising needs!

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    posted a message on Looking for a Bukkit Plugin Dev.

    Is there any pay envolved? Is it per plugin, or just a full time developer?

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    posted a message on [PAID] [NETWORK] MorePVP network looking for Banner makers, And YT
    Hi there, I am Sm0oth_kriminal, owner of MorePVP. I come to the MC forums today to request help from other people. I need someone to design a server banner (for advertisements), and possibly some YouTubers to help us get our player base up.

    First off, when you help us out, you aren't just making a banner, you are representing our server. Many servers out there are just copies with different owners. Not us, we have custom development (I myself am a developer, but we do have more) and we are in the process of making a custom Survival Games server. We just need a little Kick to our player base to maintain more players. To get the ball running. We are a new server, just over 1 month old, and we are doing well (as far as I can tell) hitting average 7 and peaking and 14~15 each day. We just want to get bigger. We have clean and slick builds, in all of our servers and GREAT community that is loyal, and helpful. You will enjoy us, I guarantee it.

    So if you think you can represent us, maybe think again we need people as unique and smart as the idea behind the server to represent us and our ideas.

    IP: play.morepvp.com

    Website: morepvp.com

    My skype: [email protected]

    So, I hope to see some smart and interesting people here!

    SIDENOTE: Also shooting a promo, if anyone thinks they can help with that.
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    posted a message on Sign shop Stops working when you click too fast
    have the condition (i.e. player has 500$) hooked up to an AND gate (look it up :) ) then leading to the reward
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    posted a message on Per-warp Permission Not Working
    I am having the SAME PROBLEM

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    posted a message on Creeper Apocalypse?
    That would SUCK SO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    posted a message on cadespvpserver!
    Server IP - Copy to Minecraft Client to Play:

    This is cades first server, with advanced PVP a, shops, kits, ranks, bounties, PVE, and economy. PVp features a medium arena, and hills(smallish) we have donator ranks that are default(0$), VIP(10$, and SuperVIP(30$) you can buy these using buycraft(/buy ingame). there are also staff ranks, notstaff(0 extra permissions) Moderator(cool prefix and kick/ban) Admin (basically every permission, plus an AWESOME prefix) you apply for these ranks at my email,[email protected]

    Plugins installed on server: whatisit, buycraft, warpportals, multiverse, Prisongangs, essentials, lotteryplus, worldedit/guard

    "best in the world"
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    posted a message on Cade's PVP server

    description: This is a server i hooked up, with donation ranks, lotteries, PVP, gambling, Factions, kits, parkour, economy, ...

    Join to see what's up, stay for the fun!
    our server features 3 donation ranks: none, VIP, and SuperVIP each with their own kits/permissions
    I am not in it for the money, i really just wanted a cool place that isn't so large that there is no help available unless you pay $$$. It is not pay to win, merely gives you a head start. And it keeps the server bills payed. And it helps me validate spending time making this server great. So thank you

    -Sm0oth_kriminal(A.K.A. Cade)
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    posted a message on Selling Lottery Tickets in Admin Shop?
    Hi there! i currently have a bukkit server(not online, still testing) and i want to implement lottery tickets(plugin: Simple Item Lottery 2) and wanted to see how i would implement them into an admin sign(essentials)

    I am admin, with '*' permissions, so i just want a solution quick

    Thanks in advance,

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    posted a message on Is there a wa to make a computer?
    Be more specific, in terms of modern day computer, the answer would be not really(it would be impractical and we simply could not run programs that use colors, and advanced logic and things like webpages(even if they are locally created on your world on a database)) . But for simple data-storing computer, you could do it using R-S latches and TFlip-Flop(ON or OFF state). If you are sincerely interested in doing this, here is a basic list of memory circuits


    Hope this helped!
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    posted a message on I need help with a simple problem...
    I need some way to disable PVP in my lobby area of the map. This must be in vanilla, and im sure someone wan help me.

    thanks in advance
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    posted a message on need help with contraction
    oh, i will try tonight and give a tut and explain it
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    posted a message on Press the correct buttons, in the correct order, only pressing each button once, within 10 seconds or you die!
    the video download shows it. It is also on my youtube, which is in my signature
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    posted a message on need help with contraction
    and about counters... what do you want the output to be?
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