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    Current Mod Version: 1.2

    What the Mod Is and Does:

    This mod is the glowstone tools made my glowstone dust and sticks. The tools WILL glow, hence the name "glowstone" I will make them better than iron, but a little worse than diamond.

    What Still Needs To Be Done:

    Add Dynamic Light
    Finish Coding

    Future Versions:

    Glowstone Torches?
    Glowstone Utilities?

    Any Game Changes At All?

    Not any that have been reported so far

    Requirements To Run Mod?

    Theres no requirements at all! This mod goes from winrar to java without worrying about modloader etc.

    Heres all the Items:


    Change Log

    V1.2 - Added GlowStick And Skinned To Match Tools
    V1.1 - Re-Skinned Tools
    V1.0 - Created Mod added images still working on values

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    Someone should make the mod "Nyan Cat" and make it a mob :0
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