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    posted a message on Mod Spotlight - Useful Seeds Mod!
    This mod seems to be really unbalanced.

    I'm all for seeds doing more than piling up in chests, but a lot of these recipes make little to no sense to me. For example, slime balls don't need a recipe. They can easily be acquired naturally from slimes; so much so that they can easily pile up in chests almost as much as seeds do. Other recipes - like vines, lily-pads, or grass - are ludicrous considering that shears and bonemeal are capable of getting you these items.
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    posted a message on Mod Spotlight: Tale of Kingdoms
    I was disappointed to see that you don't get to watch the buildings being made :(
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    posted a message on Official 1.0 release bug thread.
    Quote from Rawsome83

    Bug name: (Overlooked?) Non-stackable food.
    Details: More of a suggestion rather than bug, but it looks like it's been overlooked since the stackable food feature was introduced.
    There is one foodstuff that don't stack: Mushroom Stew. Any reason why this doesn't stack? It's pretty annoying when all food is stackable, but that one foodstuff isn't.

    That was the case in 1.8 as well - I don't think it's a bug (after all, it provides a lot of hunger).
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    posted a message on Is Notch sponsered by Verizon now?
    Welcome to the internet, kids
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    posted a message on Official 1.0 release bug thread.
    Quote from Birdmanul

    Bug name: Redstone wire connection bug
    Details: Redstone does not detect when redstone powered items are adjacent while it does detect repeaters.
    System: AMD 64 x2 dual core 2.6 ghz, 4 gb ram, nvidia 9600gt, windows 7

    Redstone, for as a long as I remember, worked this way with literally EVERYTHING. A few updates ago, though, Jens changed the rules to make an exception for repeaters that causes redstone to snap to the back (a single piece turns into a straight piece pointing into the repeater, for instance).

    If this were a bug, then why would Jens make a specific exception instead of changing everything?
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    posted a message on I can has shroom blox?
    It seems really odd to me that none of the giant mushroom blocks are in the Creative inventory, especially considering they're actually blocks and not items.

    Who else wants these added to Creative by the next update?
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    posted a message on Peublo Bonito of Chaco Canyon: a Reconstruction [WIP]
    **Because I've been asked more than once, I'll be releasing the save once the build is complete, so once the [WIP] is gone, you'll know!**

    A few months back I began planning this project. At first this consisted of looking up photos of the existing ruins, because I had no knowledge of any reconstructions whatsoever. Once I found artist renderings, however, I instantly became interested in putting it into Minecraft.

    Using a diagram of the ruins and Paint.net, I organized the layout of the ruins to correspond to blocks (thank you, pixel grid <3) by alternating between two different colors. I divided this work into two parts: the perimeter walls (in purple and teal), and everything else (in blue and green).

    Of course, as I built more and more of the ruins, I changed little things here and there to better reflect the artistic rendition and to smooth out portions that were difficult to transfer from the diagram into block form (I was basically winging it to begin with, after all).

    UPDATE 1

    In doing some skimming through my research books (of which I need to get more, which shouldn't be a problem), I've come to realize I may have been a bit hasty with construction. It seems somewhat of an overhaul may be in order, to an extent.

    For one, I'm going to need to re-design the kivas (pictures below of my first attempt) with the new information I've gotten, and will continue to refine things as my research progresses. The test I did used the layout of the largest Great Kiva in the site, and it turned out quite nicely, considering the fact that I made it an 18x18 circle rather than a 21x21 circle as it is in my build. I think the actual size will be able to accommodate the new design quite well!

    Another possible re-design will be the orientation of the buildings. I'll need to check it again before doing so, of course (don't want to tear things down without reason), but it's a possibility at this point.
    Looks like I got it right already! *PHEW*

    Other than that, further research will clue me in to how the rooms and buildings are constructed, used, etc. as well as their contents. If need be, I may have to increase the size of the building by a small percentage to accommodate various issues that may arise in my research.

    UPDATE 2

    I used a layout chart to make a few terraced rooms to see how everything fit together. The chart I used was for Hopi pueblos, and I'll be comparing it to the Anasazi style to make the necessary changes, but I wanted a place to start from. As you'll see in the pictures below, I didn't add much to the rooms - just ladders between floors and a couple furnaces with chimneys. I would have put in the sleeping mats and storage chests, but this is just a preliminary version.

    The more I work on this, the more I want to be able to stack different kinds of slabs :tongue.gif: Not to mention having more types of slabs and stairs!


    The work I've done in the previous update has forced me to revise the flooring throughout the complex. Namely, every part of the floor that is not in a doorway will be replaced with sandstone slabs in order to both create the effect of stepping through the doorways (as they seem to be in the ruins) and to make the rooms have less of a cramped feeling to them (that half of a block can have a very strong effect). Also, provided I'll be able to use them in the future, sandstone stairs will be used in doorways that are offset in order to retain the stepping effect. If so, all the sand blocks on the bottom floor may have to be replaced with sandstone. Maybe it'll look good normally, but I don't know yet xD

    Here's the progress so far:


    Initial stage (2/1/11-2/14/11):


    Kiva stage (2/15/11-2/19/11):


    Right after sandstone half-blocks were added (I was so happy xD) (2/22/11):

    **exceedingly long break**


    Further construction (7/26/11-7/27/11):


    Structural lattices completed (7/27/11-7/28/11):


    Skeletal reconfiguration and roofing

    East wing (7/28/11-8/3/11):

    West wing (7/29/11-8/4/11):

    South wing (7/29/11-8/3/11):

    North wing (7/29/11-7/30/11):


    Farmland (8/1/11-9/15/11):

    Refurbished farmland and added produce (9/15/11):

    Interior walling and flooring (8/2/11-):

    New Kiva design test (8/9/11)

    Before sandstone casing (ignore the stair texture - it's a placeholder for the material that would have been used at the site):

    After sandstone casing:

    Terraced pueblo test (8/10/11):
    One room wide, three rooms deep:

    Ground floor entrance:

    Angled windows allowing light and cool air to flow in (built in the first room of each level):

    Cooking furnace on second floor (front room):

    Chimney and third floor entrance:

    Cooking furnace on third floor:

    Current state (as of 9/15/11)

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    posted a message on Introducing The Jumpscalator - An Easy Escalator For The Redstone Shy!
    After seeing the utility of glass panes, they could make this little invention of yours even better!

    Simply place them above both the plates and pistons so that they center the player between the two as is required, but without player error :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on Best Minecraft Video Giveaway!
    I'd love to know why people like the Bashcraft video - it's just a dunce character being annoying for a few minutes. The only humorous thing in it to me is a visual here and there.
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    posted a message on Best Minecraft Video Giveaway!
    My vote goes to FyreUK - they never disappoint :biggrin.gif: The Last Minecraft deserves love, too

    Bashcraft deserves nothing. It's unfunny and annoying.
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