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Note: I like helping people with there questions and problems. If you have either of these, PM me and I will help in anyway I can. (P.S. I do not deal with redstone anything, so if that is your question, ask somone else.)

This is stuff that I have made or like. If anyone wants me to put up a real "About Me" page, please let me know.

Fan Art:

The Journal of Steve Char

(Read it and tell me what you think)


We need help with this mod. If anyone is interested, contact MoaHerder or post an aplication on the thread.



Minecraft Main Page Music

Minecraft Discussion/Glitch's:

What Minecraft Thing Does Your Name Spell?

Half-Step Glitch

General Off-Topic:

What Not to do When You Have Braces

(I was bored)

How did YOU Come Up With Your Forum Name?

Forum Games:

Let's Make A Book Together!

Who Has The Best Signature?
Interests My interests are Minecraft, Star Wars, Civ IV (When I feel strategic) ring making, skin making, texture pack making, dorodango, cooking, baking, singing, song writing etc.

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