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    I am going to refrain from critiquing your build on the grounds of "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." Good luck with future builds. Try looking around the forums for ideas for a while to improve your basic concept of architecture.
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    It's simple!

    Take away the de-spawn timer on fish!

    OK, so it's not a perfect idea, but I want aquariums!
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    Quote from Sting_Auer

    Minecraft needs to calculate countless voxels in a 3D environment populated with hundreds of entities, as well as track countless tick measurements and other calculations.

    low resolution != low RAM and processor usage. Crysis is very graphically intensive, but not anywhere near as RAM using as Minecraft is.

    So would you disagree on a technical standpoint, that if I can't run Minecraft in Normal or better, I should then take my deaths from invisible Ghasts? Don't let this go off-track. The problem is simple. If you're within range of fire, you should be within range of sight. Period. Otherwise, force people to get new computers and remove the shorter view distances.

    Furthermore, you support my statement that comparing MC and Crysis is irrelevant..

    Quote from volcano_fl

    High-horse? Seriously? Reminds me of the buy vs. pirate thread I've read here lately.

    Yeah, high horse. Could have refrained from your HURR DURR ********. If you have sense ( judging by your grammar I'd assume you have SOME) you can see the problem I've pointed out, and your HURR DURR ******** isn't needed. It's a valid point. There's a reason games have min. spec requirements. I'm obligated to reference MC's, not Crysis's. :rolleyes:
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    This post is a few small gripes that can be quite frustrating..

    1. GHASTS. Is there any reason you have to be on AT LEAST normal view distance to mirror the range of their fireballs? I mean cmon, not everyone has a nice computer. Requiring us to play on NORMAL or FAR render distance just to equal the distance they can SHOOT YOU FROM is a bit silly. IMO, they should only be able to shoot you from inside the TINY view distance range, so you can see where they are.

    2. SPAWN. Wtf happened to the sanctity of spawn? On SMP (multiple servers, all vanilla) I've experienced some serious issues between spawning at my home and the server spawnpoint at different times.. Even on SUCCESSIVE deaths. That's inexcusable.. inb4 anything about broken beds or server mods. Not the case.

    3. JAVA. At least a Ten-fold increase in Java timeouts, read errors, etc.. This could be a problem with... all the servers i've been on.. Or some botched coding. Highly annoying and conspicuous.

    4. MOBS. Major block-collision problems. Climbing issues. Teleportation issues. Hitbox issues.. Before it was just the spiders I had to worry about phasing around.. now it's everything.. HOW DID IT GET THIS MUCH -W-O-R-S-E- since 1.8 !?!?

    Love this game. Love the features, and it's Mojangs decision on the direction they go...

    However, I think they should have spent a bit more time hashing out critical errors and small glitches. Polish what you've got before you pour out a slew of new things.
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