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    How does the first person, on his first post, feel about my map?

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    Download the map here!

    I never thought I'd make another map.

    Think of this as a companion piece to Endergame. It's a side story with an extra maze. I created it for a Map Jam competition hosted by another Minecraft map creator named DeuxiemeCarlin. The theme was "empty space" and I had one week to build it. I actually learned some new tricks for this map so check it out!

    This could also be a gateway to my other, much larger maps. If you haven't tried my other maps and enjoyed this one, please consider trying An Amazing Journey 1, 2, and 3.




    This map is still only available for 1.15.2. Do not use 1.16+ for this map. I refuse to update my Minecraft until they fix this bug.

    Let me know what you think!

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    So, over the past few years, I made a bunch of trailer videos for my upcoming adventure map, An Amazing Journey 3: Endergame. Well, I've since released the map already for whoever wants to check it out but I think the trailer videos are works of art on their own. :lol:

    What do you think? Do you recognize the music I used in each video?

    Playlist link: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUPUdOF2371Gtq4CojRcJyCTlYyrpOZYb

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    posted a message on An Amazing Journey 3: Endergame (7+ mazes) [Maze/Adventure Map] UPDATED 1/22/2021

    Download the full map here!

    Download the map with reduced Resource Pack here!

    (In the right sidebar, look for the option to download.)

    1/22/2021 Update!

    Made a few fixes!
    The triathlon puzzle wall now resets properly.
    The missing minecart in the Hedge Maze is no longer missing.
    The wild minecart on the bridge has been removed.

    That whole section of the map in general SHOULD be working now.

    It all started in October 2015, and now it's finally done. My magnus opium is finally available for all to download and play. In this map, you'll find 7 new mazes, inspired by Super Mario 64 for some reason, plus dozens of extra goodies!

    This is the end of a three-part mega project that started in 2012, maybe a little earlier, when I started work on the first An Amazing Journey, a map so old now that its original incarnation was supposed to be played in Survival mode.

    Please note that there's an ongoing story in these maps so if you're interested in story, consider playing through the first two maps.

    Also note that this map is for Minecraft version 1.15.2. I did not update my Minecraft to 1.16+ due to a bug that was introduced in 1.16 that still has not been fixed. Once that bug is fixed, I'll consider updating this map to be compatible with the latest version of Minecraft.

    My previous two maps must be played in 1.12.2. You can find threads on them here and here.

    In the WIP thread for this map, I uploaded pictures of my journey through this map.

    I've worked on these mazes for a long time (not all are shown here).

    Maze 1:

    Maze 2:

    Maze 3:

    Maze 4:

    Maze 5:

    Maze 6:

    Now it's break time.

    Please take a look and let me know if you spot any bugs or broken features! Part of the reason why this project took so long was me going through it multiple times to fix anything that appears broken or not running as it should.

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    Maze #6!

    Well, this place appears to use a... different means of transportation. I was expecting some kind of loud railway system.

    I found myself in a familiar castle here. There was a big table and a fireplace, but not much else.

    This was fun but a bit haphazard. I was hoping to find a wind tunnel to practice skydiving, but these will do. What's with the unfinished maze in the back?


    That's all for today. I think my travels will finally be coming to an end soon!

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    Time for a non-maze update!

    Sorry for the delay but I just finished working on a very-involved section of the map. There's probably going to be another area like this near the very end of this project but hopefully it won't take *counts* almost FOUR months to complete. Each maze alone already takes about a month.

    Anyway, here are some images so you can see what's been taking up my time.

    Well, first, I've been busy at work.

    Then, once work is over, it's time to grab a drink!

    I hope to have images of the next maze up by sometime in October.

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    Maze #5!

    Why would solving a maze be a requirement for clocking in? Whose idea was that?

    Whew, this is one tall maze. 23 floors!

    Good thing I don't need to take ladders or stairs to get to an upper level. There are some devices that just propel you upward!

    Now here I am on a pendulum... wait, did I go inside the clock from my first picture?

    That's all! I hope I can put up pictures from the next maze soon.

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    Sorry for the almost 3-year-long delay but I'm back!

    Here's maze 4, an original maze.

    Here I am in the HEDGE MAZE!

    Oh, geez, it's one of THESE puzzles with the two guards blocking two doors. I bet they're BOTH liars!


    I met a friend with a weird skin complexion!

    If you'd like to see video trailers for my map, check out the following videos:


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    posted a message on An Amazing Journey 2: Redstone Boogaloo (7 mazes) [Maze/Adventure Map]

    An Amazing Journey 2: Redstone Boogaloo has finally been updated!

    Read the first post for details.

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    posted a message on An Amazing Journey: Adventure Edition (7 mazes) [Maze/Adventure Map]

    Five years later and I'm still updating this map.

    In this latest update, the map has now been optimized for Adventure Mode.

    Please read the first post for more details.

    Note: I don't know if I should be bumping this thread or creating a new thread entirely for the update. Contact me if you know for sure.

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    posted a message on Chaining or Conditional Options in Command Blocks Not Working?

    Hi, I wasn't sure if I should post this here or in the Command Blocks board, under Redstone Discussion. I thought I'd post it here because this seems to be some kind of bug.

    In the attached image, the top command block simply has the command /say 1. The bottom command block has /say 2 and the command block on the right has /say 3. When I press the button at the top, the only message that appears in the chat window is "1." That means that none of the other command blocks are being triggered.

    What am I doing wrong?

    Additionally, new command blocks that I place down have the Previous Output window missing. Old command blocks, before the 1.9 update, don't have this issue. It's just the new ones I place down. If I were to switch it to X instead of O, the Previous Output window will suddenly appear. But if I switch it back to O, it disappears entirely again.

    I just don't understand what is going on.

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    Maze number 3!

    So here I am in this latest maze, set on an island. One of two islands, actually.

    The two islands are identical, as can be seen in my picture here on the second island. It's completely identical to the first... except it's one half the size. There's the original's mountain in the background.

    Of course, there's another hidden cave system.

    Finally, at the top of the mountain is a relaxing hot spring.

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    Updated the map with a tiny patch. Don't know how I let this one slip but I was able to catch the problem by watching someone point it out on Youtube.

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    Maze number 2!

    This is a tall, tall maze. I took this picture from a boat.

    Here I am sliding down the mountain's hidden water slide.

    First time I've ever seen an anvil chandelier.

    I always like meeting with the locals.

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    Time for some pictures of my travels to the first full, proper maze of the map.

    Here I am trying to figure my way through this enclosed elevator maze.

    It really started to rain here. The area below filled up with water quick.

    Here I am swimming around downtown.

    Finally, here I am participating in the popular game show, "It's Quiz Time!"

    Oh, also, some giant shadowy figure...

    I probably shouldn't take pictures at night time.

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