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    posted a message on POKéMON COBALT AND AMETHYST (PROMO MAP) - Catching Arceus // A VANILLA POKéMON Experience

    Hello Phoenix! I don't have many screen shots but I will give you as many as I can and keep my info brief :D

    Age: 14

    IGN: TheWolfBlade

    Minecrafter since: August of 2011

    Occupation: Writer/ Youtuber/ Minecraft Builder

    Super dedicated to you and pokemon CA <3

    On a scale of how much It would mean to me, I would say a 160 out of 5.

    Searge, Aang456, 8BitMonkey, and Recabily have all given me input that I'm good at minecraft and building. Ask them for proof.

    Screen Shots linked below , I keep glitching and can't upload any of my good ones

    Please accept this phoenix, it would mean the world to me -TheWolfBlade

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    posted a message on 1.7 /tellraw Help needed!

    I need help, I keep trying to type /tellraw @a {text:"In the brightest
    day, and the darkest night,",color:"green"}, but the command won't work,
    any ideas how I can get it to?

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