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    posted a message on Shipwrecks! Make Oceans and Beaches more Interesting!

    I'm back! And I'm rewriting the mod from scratch! Sorry for the gap in updates the past couple months, started a new job in June and have been working like crazy.

    The Reason for the Rewrite

    Back in 2013, I decided to create this mod to add more content to the oceans (and beaches) of minecraft. At the time, ocean monuments weren't in the game so oceans were pretty much useless.

    However, the code behind it was janky. It was the first coding project I had ever undertaken and I had no design in mind when I started. I just figured out how to add a block to world generation and went from there. Which became more and more of a problem as I went along. I grew increasingly frustrated with my own work and didn't have the time to actually fix the underlying problems with the code. Two weeks ago, I decided to plan out what I wanted and needed from the mod and start fresh.

    Current Progress

    These are the current things that I have working:

    • Shipwrecks are now generated from a JSON file instead of hardcoded in. This will allow determined people to add their own structures that the mod can generate (it's time consuming to create one of these files though).
    • Instead of having a different set of coordinates for every ship orientation (i.e. North, South, East, and West facing ships), the rotation is done through code. It handles most blocks with faces currently but I haven't added stuctures larger than a block (e.g. doors and beds).
    • Biome checking is done slightly differently. Instead of checking for specific biome names, the mod just checks to see if the word "ocean" or "beach" appears in the biome name. This means it should work with mods that add custom biomes (though I haven't tested it yet). Hopefully they don't add a lava ocean biome... This one will require more testing before I will leave it in though.
    • The rowboat and sailboat spawn correctly.
    • Config files are working. Wrecks spawn using a list of names corresponding to the json files and you can adjust the spawn weights to your liking (including disabling them with a value of 0 and having a chance for no wreck to spawn in a spot).
    • Added code so chests have loot and the "tier" of chest loot can be specified as a value in the Json file.
    • Sloop spawning correctly.
    • I completely forgot that 1.8 introduced changes to blocks (particularly with properties). I've spent a bit of time reworking the generation code and json to support different properties.
    • I skipped over the Schooner and did the Waverunner! The largest ship is complete.
    • Schooner is now complete as well!
    • I adjusted the world generation a bit to reduce the chance of causing extra chunks to load. Helps for the smaller wrecks but the larger ones are going to cause an extra chunk or two to load.
    • Got wrecks spawning correctly above and below the surface.
    • The diving suit is back with some changes! Instead of the helmet giving nightvision and the full set preventing your breath from decreasing, the full set gives waterbreathing so you have limited visibility underwater without nightvision potions. In addition, wearing less than the full set will give you a random chance of gaining some breath so your breath will decrease at a slower rate overall (the more pieces you have on the greater the chance). The suit still slows you down out of the water.

    Planned Features

    These are the features I'm still working on:

      • Creating the JSON files for the other wrecks:
        • Sailboat Sideways
        • Sloop
        • Schooner
        • Waverunner
        • Stone Spire
        • Longboat

    • Adding fields in JSON files so blocks can spawn in a random range from the center of the spawn.
    • Writing the wreck generation code so the min/max spawn distances actually work correctly. I was doing something stupid before.
    • Adding the Piranhas again.
    • Adding the diving suit again.
    • Adding the ability to spawn doors and beds
    • Look into the config files more (need to make sure it is possible to add fields for new wrecks without needing to hardcode that in. I assume it is but I will have to code my own solution if it isn't).
    • Add fields to JSON files for loot generation tiers for chests.
    • (Long term) create a tool to convert .schematic files to the correct format.
    • Create a template/how to on adding new structure JSON files.

    Final Thoughts

    So, there is quite a bit of work I still need to do before I am going to release it. I'm also going to have to test the performance. With wrecks in every chunk, the server starts to lag quite a bit.

    Sorry I've been MIA for the past year and a half. I quit my job as a paramedic, got a degree in CS, and got married since I last worked on the mod. I should be able to keep this mod up to date this time around and, if I don't, it will also be open source this time around. I will update this post as I finish features and will create a new post when everything is finally complete

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    posted a message on Shipwrecks! Make Oceans and Beaches more Interesting!

    Update 2/22/2017 - I'm back! I'm currently working on a rewrite of the mod.


    Adds ships to the world generation, a new mob (Piranha), and a diving suit. Currently adds rowboats, sailboats (upright and sideways), sloops, schooners, and the Waverunner to oceans and beaches.


    More info on the mod below (and screenshots) but I figure this is what you are here for!

    First get minecraft forge here

    Then get:

    v1.7.0 for Minecraft 1.8 direct


    for Minecraft 1.7.x direct


    for Minecraft 1.6.4 direct


    Random generation for each ship. A config with options for ship material, rarity, and min/max distance between ships.

    The larger the ship the better the loot (rowboats have nothing, they are purely cosmetic).

    The sloop and next ships I plan to add were designed by MCElex. You can check out more of his ships here.

    New to v1.6.0, the Piranha! A hostile mob that will swim in a school. They are quite weak (a diamond sword kills in 1 hit) and dont do much damage on their own. But large shipwrecks can have 20+ piranhas swimming around.

    Also new, the Diving Suit! The helmet adds nightvision and a full suit adds the ability to breath underwater. It will also slow you down on land.


    UprightSideways. Chests and broken masts have a random chance of spawning within 20 blocks in any direction from the boat.
    There are 6 sections of torn sails that each have a 50% chance of spawning. The mast can also be broken. Dispensers in all ships have arrows or fire charges. Check all the chests inside!
    You will always get an iron block and a gold (50%), emerald (30%) or diamond (20%) block.
    The Waverunner!
    The largest ship to date. This ship is extremely rare. Its large enough that you will drown before you can explore the lower decks unless you come prepared. This ship is carrying a large load of valuable ore, as well as some interesting trinkets.

    Other Structures

    Stone Spire. These generate in areas when the ocean is deep enough. In the version for Minecraft 1.8, the spires can also generate with ore and different types of stone as seen in the screenshot.


    The Diving Suit
    Wearing the full suit will allow you to breathe underwater. The helmet will add nightvision, so you can easily see underwater as well. If you are not in water while wearing the suit, you will be slowed down (this includes bobbing on top of the water). Each piece of armor will increase the slowness effect by 1 level. This armor is somewhat expensive to make and it will wear out eventually.






    The Piranha! The fish will spawn and move in schools. They have low health and attack strength, but you may run into a group of 20+ in some shipwrecks. Spawning of these fish is currently tied to the larger 3 shipwrecks.
    Textureand a video of the movement (attack movement is slightly updated since the video, piranhas will spread out more when attacking)

    Mod Spotlights

    These are outdated as I have added more ships and features since they were created.

    Installation Continued

    Move the .zip you downloaded to your .minecraft/mods folder.

    • On windows: Start then type %appdata% and press enter.
    • On Mac: press command+shift+G on the finder and type ~/Library/Application Support/ in the Go to Folder menu that appears.

    The config files are found in minecraft/config. Installation tutorial for Windows thanks to oSPARKSo

    Old Versions:

    v1.7.0 for Minecraft 1.8 direct

    v1.7.0 for Minecraft 1.7.x direct

    v1.7.0 for Minecraft 1.6.4 direct

    v1.6.3 for Minecraft 1.8 direct
    for Minecraft 1.7.x direct
    for Minecraft 1.6.4 direct

    v1.6.2 for Minecraft 1.7.x direct
    v1.6.2 for Minecraft 1.6.4 direct

    v1.6.1 for Minecraft 1.6.4 direct

    v1.5.2 for Minecraft 1.5.2 direct


    Should be compatible with most mods. Any mod that overwrites vanilla Ocean and Beach biome generation is currently incompatible. This mod will not work with Better World Generation 4 or Terrafirmacraft (nothing will crash but no shipwrecks will appear in any of the biomes). It will work with Biomes OPlenty, ATG, and Extrabiomes XL (but only in vanilla biomes, no mod-created biomes will have shipwrecks).


    v1.7.1, 6/13/2015

    • Fixed a few texture bugs.
    • Removed code that could cause crashes when using multiple mods with custom mobs. Spawn eggs for Piranhas removed as part of the fix.

    v1.7.0, 6/4/2015

    • Fixed a bug that prevented Piranhas from generating more than one time.
    • Improved the generation code to prevent having massive areas without wrecks.
    • Changed the ship rarity from a straight percent chance using nested if statements to a weighted list (basically, cleaned up the code a massive amount).
    • Changed the default ship rarity (50% rowboat, 20% sailboat, 15% stone spires, 10% sloop, 4% schooner, and 1% waverunner).
    • Changed the default min/max distance between ships (min 4, max 8).
    • Added fire arrows and charges to the Waverunner for Minecraft 1.7 and 1.8.
    • Finished the last pages of the Zebrina's Captain's Log. Find out what actually happened to the crew!

    v1.6.3, 11/12/2014

    • Fixed a bug that caused an Entity ID conflict (a better way this time).

    v1.6.2, 4/9/2014

    • Updated the mod to 1.7.2
    • Increased attack speed of Piranhas from every 20 sec to every 3 sec.
    • Increased damage of Piranhas from 1/2 a heart to 1.5 hearts (unarmored).
    • Added an option in the config to disable the Diving Suit.
    • Shipwrecks will now appear in Deep Oceans, Frozen Oceans, and on Cold Beaches.

    v1.6.1, 1/20/2014

    • Fixed a bug that would cause the game to crash when killed by Piranhas.
    • Removed the mob ID conflict.

    v1.6.0, 1/16/2014

    • Added a new ship, the Waverunner! This is the largest ship to date. You will drown if you dont prepare correctly.
    • Added the first hostile mob, a Piranha! These nasty fish swim in schools. A single fish wont do much damage, but in groups they can kill you in a matter of seconds. Luckily 1 hit with a diamond sword, or 2 with a stone or better sword will kill these fish. They can swim faster than you, so be prepared to fight them.
    • Added custom armor, the diving suit! Wearing the helmet will give you nightvision. This armor provides the same protection as iron armor, but is slightly more durable. The armor will also add slowness if worn outside of the water, note that this effect will occur if you are bobbing on top of the water (when you hold space, you clear the top water block completely). Each piece of armor worn will add 1 level of slowness, to a max of slowness 4.
    • Added an option to the config to remove dispensers from ships. As dispensers are tileEntities, they can cause a large amount of lag (especially in large groups).
    • Config files have been renamed. Im using better code to generate the config files. As a result, config files for FTB should now appear in the config folder of the associated modpack.
    • Increased default rarity of shipwrecks.
    • Some minor performance fixes.
    • Full changelog available here.

    Progress on Next Update (most recent update 6/2/2015)

    • I've been working on adding mod support. I've figured out detecting other mods, but I need to work on exactly what I want to do with it (will not be in v1.7 of the mod).
    • Finalized the longboat design and how it looks wrecked against the stone spire. Also included some sea lanterns in the design (will be glowstone for pre-1.8 releases). Now I just need to code the new wrecks.

    I have started uploading some WIP videos here. Currently very basic videos with no sound but they show a bit more than the screenshots do. Keep in mind that these are not the finished aspects! I am still working on improving various parts of the mod!

    Plans for the Future

    • Adding support for other mods.
    • Adding more ships of course.
    • Adding more hostile mobs. Sharks, pirate zombies and pirates? Not sure what is next.
    • Improving on the Diving Suit. The suit will eventually have an energy level that will constantly drain when providing water breathing and nightvision. I also want to keep working on the texture, I hit a wall and decided to release it unfinished to an extent. Once I figure out what to do with it I will finish it. The chest needs the most work, as it is large and boring looking. The suit will also need to be compatible with other energy systems, most likely RF.
    • Adding a scuba suit. This will provide nightvision and waterbreathing like the diving suit does, but it will also increase your swim speed. However, it will not be armored at all.
    • Adding a harpoon gun. essentially a bow that does more damage to fish. Would be useful against any strong underwater mobs I add in the future.
    • Improving underwater movement of mobs. Making them more likely to stay within a certain area, or move towards points of interest like actual animals do. The code I have allows for this, just need to see if minecraft is capable of handling it. Preventing them from running into obstacles would also be nice.
    • Finishing the currently unfinished captains log and creating new ones.

    Want to add it to a mod pack/make a video/talk about it?

    Currently, this is the only place I have officially released this mod. As long as you dont redistribute the mod, claim credit for the mod, or link directly to the downloads (please link to this page) I will be happy.

    You can also use it in modpacks (just give me credit please).

    You may not use this mod on a server if you lock any parts of this mod, any other mod, or vanilla minecraft behind a paywall.


    MCElex for the better ship designs!

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    posted a message on Shipwrecks! Make Oceans and Beaches more Interesting!
    Quote from Zygus42»
    Thanks for that.

    Should have been more specific in my earlier post. I reduced the min distance down to 3 and the max to 10. Same result - a ship per 1000 blocks - maybe. Also removed the rowboat as it was hard to see for testing.

    Just did another test with min = 1 and max = 2, and now I'm getting quite a few ships - maybe half as many as in your example picture. So I guess it's just a matter of tweaking those 2 numbers.

    Odd that the default numbers are not working properly for me. Maybe some other mod is throwing it out.

    To be honest, there are a couple bugs that I need to fix, I just don't have much time to work on it these days. I'm pretty sure there is a bug somewhere where the distance between shipwrecks is concerned (e.g. a min of 2 and max of 4 has tons of ships while a min of 3 and max of 5 has almost no ships). To be honest, I started the mod with no clear idea on what I really wanted to do so it could use a pretty hefty clean up. I was a very inexperienced coder at that point as well.

    I also haven't modified the default numbers for a while. I started the mod back when oceans were gigantic and haven't changed the defaults since they became smaller which makes shipwrecks incredibly rare.

    Edit: I think I have fixed the spawning issues.
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    posted a message on Shipwrecks! Make Oceans and Beaches more Interesting!
    It sounds like something has bugged on that world specifically then. But there is essentially no way that I will be able to figure out exactly what that is. Though, you definitely should update your Java version (and uninstall any old versions of Java you might have). You should try creating your own thread in the Modded Client Support Forum; they should be better at diagnosing/figuring out what might be the problem than I am.
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    posted a message on Shipwrecks! Make Oceans and Beaches more Interesting!
    Quote from Raduloket»
    I love the look of this mod. Can anyone clarify if it works with 1.7.10, or is 1.7.2 the highest compatible version of Minecraft? If I use an existing save, will the content generate in chunks I haven't visited yet?

    Thanks! It works with 1.7.10 (I have tested it). And wrecks will not generate in any chunks already visited.
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    posted a message on Shipwrecks! Make Oceans and Beaches more Interesting!
    Quote from Spookyhappyfun»
    One of my favorite things about 1.8 is the new Ocean Monument. It's Mojang's first step toward actual underwater content (that I hope they continue working on in 1.9).

    Have you had any thoughts about incorporating any of the new ocean blocks or items into your ship designs? Maybe a smuggling ship that's filled with prismarine shards or crystals. Possibly ass a Sea Lantern on the prow of the largest ship. Or maybe there's a way to make guardians spawn around some of the shipwrecks that contain treasure.

    I look forward to see what you might be adding to your 1.8 update!

    I haven't actually been planning on things to add with 1.8 yet since it's probably going to take a long time for forge to update. I have been working on a new some new structures though so I might have my first update that actually adds content by the time 1.8 is out! I definitely will use the new blocks in my build when I get access to them though.
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    posted a message on Shipwrecks! Make Oceans and Beaches more Interesting!
    Quote from monolithv

    just somethng i noticed, i tried using this with kodemasters pirates mod and it seams that none of the shipwreck generations come up.

    Just tested the two mods together and they definitely work. My mod has a fairly low chance of shipwrecks spawning (I reduced the rarity of the ships for the screenshot I linked), so you may have not found any yet. Some are more difficult to see than others as well.
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