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    andrewistall, you have been accepted and added to the whitelist. Please register for our forums and bookmark them here if you have not done so already. Ask a mod to change your username to your RP name once you log in. Cheers!
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    Nice shape, needs more material variation though.
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    Quote from Spidersforblood

    Minecraft Username: SpidersForBlood

    How old are you?: 22

    Are you a good architect?: I believe so. I have hosted several of my own servers that focused heavily on creating large structures in survival mode, working alongside several of my real-life friends. We have constructed massive lairs inside mountains, underwater, and even in the nether.

    Any role-playing experience? (RPGs are NOT role-playing): Participated in many text-based roleplaying games when I was younger in chat rooms on AIM (this was around 2000-2001). Played in a handful of Dungeons & Dragons campaigns, both as characters and a few times as DM.

    Have you read the General Rules above?: Cream pie says, "yes."

    Do you agree to register on the server's forum if you are accepted?: I certainly do.

    Why should we accept you? What do you offer to the community? (Don't just give me a generic response of "I want to help" or "I want to join an awesome server." I'm looking for real answers here.): I've always been interested in medieval environments and lore. I spent several weeks last spring in Scotland for this very reason, and I will be returning there this summer. If I am accepted, I will bring a dynamic character into this server and offer rich, dynamic conversations (I've always been more of a talker rather than a fighter). Using my education background in philosophy and speech communication, I believe I will help to improve the overall atmosphere of this server.

    What class would you like to be?: Explorer

    Accepted. Two nice apps in a row, cool.
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