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    Quote from DuhDerp»

    Any role that the zombie pigmen was able to fill in 1.15 and earlier will be getting filled by the zombie piglin in 1.16 and later. Like a retcon, for all intents and purposes the zombie pigman has never existed in Minecraft.

    Not really a retcon per se, more so a reskin and rename. As far as I am aware, Zombie Piglins behave near exactly to Zombie Pigmen if not exactly. But yes, you are right. Zombie Pigmen basically do not exist in the regard of what story, lore, or implementation to what they were suppose to be.

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    Emeralds should stay solely as a currency. The game's currency IS emerald. Just like real money, it should have no other uses if you ask me.

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    I beg to differ. I like the Java Creative inventory. It is much better than how it was WAY back when it was actually just a list of all of the blocks and items. I think if you start adding subsections into the creative inventory, it would be a lot harder to find individual items or blocks. The best thing I can suggest is adding more categories, but still I think how things are categorized now is pretty good.

    "-There's a bug where when you do Ctrl + I/U/B, it makes a space before the word (this is on the Minecraft Forums, not Minecraft itself). Someone plz fix it."

    I'd report that elsewhere such as here.

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    posted a message on Netherite Related Items Are In Bastion Chests - This is a Terrible Idea - Related Complaints/Suggestions.

    That may sound easy and all, but there is probably a level of difficulty to conquering a bastion. Early game bastion hunting may be more difficult than expected, especially on harder difficulties.

    If anything, I think the late game suffers a bit more with netherite gear spawning within bastions. On the other hand, It does remove some of the tedium from the original method of getting netherite. The balance issue here is how do you make late game items fun, but difficult to get?

    I'd say another approach to this issue would be if there were locked chests with some means of getting a key, then the implementation of netherite gear as loot would be more balanced. Maybe it'd be cool for them to implement another boss, the Pig Kinglin, that resides in the bastions and that is how you obtain access to locked chests.

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    posted a message on Anyone else thought deltas would be different?

    No, I do not really think I expected something different. Mojang seems to have come up with a more fantastical approach towards a delta. To me, their delta represents more of a dornmant/active volcanic zone rather than some sort of flow of lava. And to me, what you described sounds more like lava tubes instead of lava deltas. At least with the way deltas are right now, they look like formations from volcanic activity within a much wider space. It really does feel like volcanic remains, especially with Mojang's push for ambience.

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    posted a message on The most advanced modded redstone computer, version 0.3.0-alpha. A project I've had in the works for a few months

    This project is really interesting. I hope you are still working on it. To answer you about a lag-less light indicator, I do not know of a mod that does that, but I'm willing to help out/make a mod for you. Just shoot me a message and we can talk about it if you want.

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    Quote from fisher521»

    You could use more pictures.

    Yeah, I plan on adding pictures due Monday. I simply got busy, but wanted to release the mod. Updates for newer versions of Minecraft are due to come Monday as well. I've already got the 1.11 version ready for release.

    I'm sort of doing things a bit systematically just because the way my real life schedule falls, but thanks for the suggestion. A whole new section to this post is due to come displaying off the mod's capabilities.

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    Downloads for the mod can be found here.

    Artisan's Tabs, a mod designed to give the Creative menu of Minecraft extra functionality by allowing users to add and remove Creative tabs as they wish to. Don't particularly like the way the Creative menu is organized? Reorganize it yourself by creating custom creative tabs with your own personalized look and feel.

    Aside from reorganizing the Creative menu the way you wish, this mod could also be utilized to create creative tabs with blocks and items for a particular build palette you may be using for a particular build. No longer must you have your inventory filled up with blocks, or have the blocks sprawled out on the ground for later use. Simply just create a creative tab with those blocks and items and access them when ever you want at any time and any place. This allows for universal presets as well so you may hop from a single player world to a server and have access to the same build palette as long as you have access to the creative menu.

    Tab Packs:

    The mod allows the user to edit their creative menu via resource packs. It utilizes JSON files packaged with in a resource pack in order to tell Minecraft to display the user created creative tab in the Creative menu. These specific resources/resource packs are something I like to call a Tab Pack because it is a bundled package of hot-swappable creative tabs that can be accessed via the resource pack menu. Tab Packs can be apart of existing resource packs that change the textures of in game blocks, items, mobs, etc. but can also be loaded as individual resources simply by zipping up the necessary files.

    More about how to create Tab Packs can be found here at the mod's official wiki.

    The mod also provides a set of useful commands that make making Tab Packs easier, as well as providing an in game configurator to visually construct Tab Packs (COMING SOON). Currently tabs can be made with a set of commands provided by the mod. Use /inbt help in game to find more. Check the wiki as well in order to get a detailed explanation of how to use the mod.

    Tab Pack Feature and Functionality:

    As stated, Tab Packs provide the resources needed for the mod to load in customized creative tabs to be displayed in the creative menu. What can you do with Tab Packs though?


    • Create multiple creative tabs with one tab pack
    • Create custom creative tabs with custom inventories
    • Custom creative tabs can include modded items
    • Customize creative tabs by assigning custom names to custom tabs
    • Customize creative tabs by giving them an item icon of your choice (this includes modded items)
    • Customize creative tabs by giving them a custom background image
    • Customized creative tabs can include special NBT items as well as modded items
    • Allows for any sort of organization of the tab inventory

    Since Tab Packs come in the form of resource packs, it makes it easy for Tab Pack creators to share custom creative inventories with their friends, and/or with the internet.

    Note: It is highly recommended to check the wiki of the mod to get fully detailed explanations about features of the mod.

    Planned Features/Todo:

    You can find a list of all what is planned for the future of the mod over here.

    Important Links:

    • The official wiki for this mod can be found here.
    • A tutorial for how to make Tab Packs can be found here.
    • Downloads for the mod can be found here.
    • Mod author supported Tab Packs can be found here.
    • Found a bug? Report it here.
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    posted a message on Cloud-Related Gamerules

    I don't find this all that useful, although I do find this to be a nice addition to the game. This suggestions add a little aesthetic to the game that could add a little bit more depth to the environment of Minecraft. The colored clouds might be useful as well, although I don't see myself using it.


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    posted a message on Iron Nuggets? For What?

    I personally find the iron nugget useful in multiple ways. They are a new item that can be utilized by map makers, servers, and etc as something that could be edited quite easily. For example, map makers and servers could use it as a currency. Servers might use it as an additional item that is re-textured as something else for other uses. As far as vanilla goes, I find it a good addition to not just waste tools.

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    posted a message on Realistic Minecraft Weather

    I dont think you hurt anyone's feelings with this suggestion. We are just giving feed back so you can make better suggestions in the future :) . It is what criticism is for.

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    posted a message on Realistic Minecraft Weather

    Considering people do not like natural disasters in real life due to the destruction they bring, I'm not sure anyone would be for natural disasters in a game that can cause mass destruction as well. Also this section is for Minecraft PC edition, not PE, but that aside this post is very vague and doesn't describe or go into details how these disasters would go about. This isn't so much "realistic" weather since most of these are natural disasters and "realistic" weather is not defined as natural disasters. In order to make "realistic" weather, you shouldn't be suggesting disasters, rather you should be suggesting dynamic weather via atmospheric distrubances, cloud patterns, etc.

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    posted a message on Make sleeping pass time.

    As far as lag goes, I don't think it is that much of an issue. There are a few ways of going about implementing this. You could either just skip calculations, speed up game ticks, or just simulate game changes instead of actually changing everything every tick at a time. There are some good ways of combating lag to this idea, and the idea is realistically able to be implemented. There is no need for a loading screen nor is there reason for complicated calculations. It could simply just be as easy as calculating by a larger factor than doing things ticks at a time. I'm not the one to come up with what way is the ideal way to go around combating lag is though.
    As far as the idea goes, I would agree that this would be a nice way of making sleep better and it would allow to get around some of the more tedious long processes that you'd have to wait for. You have my support.

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    Aww, that is wonderful and cute :) the start of an amazing builder. Tell him the MCF thinks it is wonderful ;)

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    posted a message on Advance Crafting Table
    Quote from Gamelord»

    "But What For New Blocks, Which would be more complex, like banner shapes?" is fairly specific.

    I don't see the point of that argument. That isn't really specific at all actually because we can already do banner shapes with our current crafting table and I don't see it as that much of a hassle. Maybe he meant more banner shapes? Who knows? By speculation, maybe he means "new" banner shapes, but he never mentions anything about new banner shapes. This just seems like it would make banner shapes and patterns a lot more difficult to do and make banners more resource intensive. As I said before, our crafting system is already complex enough yet the OP wants to make it even more complex.

    That's irrelevant.

    No, not really. It was a rebuttal to your claim that the majority of the permutations would be 'irregular', which in some sense, I did agree with you, but in another sense I stated that there is enough 'regular' recipes for us to not run out of 'regular' recipes any time soon. All in all, I think this is a valid claim to not support this suggestion considering I rather not have that amount of possible crafting recipes increase. It just makes everything way to hard to manage in which crafting will just because very tedious trying to arrange a massive grid.

    Hold on. You open with "besides the point of running out of recipes" - so what are these "reasons I've already mentioned" you speak of? You mentioned not one other reason.

    Have you been reading my replies? I've been providing multiple reasons for not supporting this suggestion in all of my posts as of right now. I don't think I need to list them out for you for you to see. I may have stuck to a primary reason to not support this suggestion, but I have backed up my reasoning with other examples.

    Tiered crafting doesn't work for more complex banner patterns, which was the specific example the OP gave.

    I do not consider that to be a "specific example", or rather it is not a strong enough point for me to want to support this suggestion. We can already make banner shapes in our current 3x3 crafting grid and it is already complicated enough to remember all of the crafting patterns for all of the banner patterns. If the OP wants more complex crafting recipes by expanding the grid, he is making it WAY too complex than it needs to be. I, myself, always have to look at the wiki to remember the crafting recipes for the banner patterns. Oh. . . and banner patterns was the ONLY example the OP gave. That isn't enough supporting detail to his claim for me to want to support this. If I saw some actual use for this and it actually appealed to me, then yes, I'd support it.

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