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    posted a message on Turn your jukebox into a walkman, and take your favorite discs with you wherever you are!

    Personally I dont find use in this since I just turn to youtube anyways to listen to what I want to listen to, but considering youtube isn't apart of the game I'll give my full opinion on the use in game at hand.

    To get this point down pat, I do think this idea should include all music in game and not just record discs.

    I don't listen to the in game music to begin with, and this seems like an item that would just be there to take up an extra spot with not much of an internal use that I cant already do externally as mentioned by listening to youtube. But say, what if the case is I don't have any internet to externally listen to youtube so if I want to actually enjoy any music I need to do it internally in game? Well if the case were that I had no other choice to listen to the music in game, I probably still wouldnt. STILL, to me it seems like an item that takes up precious inventory space that I could be using for something else.
    I don't have an issue with having a lovely feature that allows us to play music on the go in game, but it seems a but clunky and unnecessary as an item.

    I much rather would like to have this feature as a HUD object somewhere in the top left corner of the window (or configurable for location), that way you'd have a convenient music player in your inventory screen. This would allow for maybe a list of ALL songs in game, including the ones that do not have a record disk so you can select what ever in game music you want to listen to.

    I'd say the idea overall of making the in game music more accessible is a cool and wonderful idea, but the implementation of making it more accessible is what I don't like as much.
    If I were to suggest anything as well, I certainly feel regardless of how the music player is implemented, there should be hot keys for music and sound controls.

    Hotkeys that if it were to be implemented should be added:
    - volume change < | >
    - skip, previous
    - pause
    - play

    It would also need the basics of a toggle shuffle and a repeat button.

    If this idea was touched up more to make it a bit more useful, I'd give it a 100% support, but I really can only give it about a 68% support.
    If this were added, who knows. . . It might just allow me to like the in game music a bit more since I usually have it turned off due to its randomness and for it being annoying for having lack of control. I'd totally disable in game music and just use this in stead as a replacement for how the in game music works currently.

    The idea of gating flexible music control behind a crafted item is also off putting to me because there are some features that should just be granted and accessible from the get go, and music control is one of them. It is a lot easier to just deal with it and turn off the music than to bother yourself to get a walkman. I personally dont see myself feeling like "oh I really need to get to a point where I can craft this item so I can use this feature because I want this feature REALLY badly". Gating a basic feature behind a crafted item that requires time and resources is just VERY off putting to me.

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    posted a message on Artisan's Tabs v1.3.0.0 - Organize the Creative Menu the way you want to
    Quote from fisher521»

    You could use more pictures.

    Yeah, I plan on adding pictures due Monday. I simply got busy, but wanted to release the mod. Updates for newer versions of Minecraft are due to come Monday as well. I've already got the 1.11 version ready for release.

    I'm sort of doing things a bit systematically just because the way my real life schedule falls, but thanks for the suggestion. A whole new section to this post is due to come displaying off the mod's capabilities.

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    posted a message on Artisan's Tabs v1.3.0.0 - Organize the Creative Menu the way you want to

    Downloads for the mod can be found here.

    Artisan's Tabs, a mod designed to give the Creative menu of Minecraft extra functionality by allowing users to add and remove Creative tabs as they wish to. Don't particularly like the way the Creative menu is organized? Reorganize it yourself by creating custom creative tabs with your own personalized look and feel.

    Aside from reorganizing the Creative menu the way you wish, this mod could also be utilized to create creative tabs with blocks and items for a particular build palette you may be using for a particular build. No longer must you have your inventory filled up with blocks, or have the blocks sprawled out on the ground for later use. Simply just create a creative tab with those blocks and items and access them when ever you want at any time and any place. This allows for universal presets as well so you may hop from a single player world to a server and have access to the same build palette as long as you have access to the creative menu.

    Tab Packs:

    The mod allows the user to edit their creative menu via resource packs. It utilizes JSON files packaged with in a resource pack in order to tell Minecraft to display the user created creative tab in the Creative menu. These specific resources/resource packs are something I like to call a Tab Pack because it is a bundled package of hot-swappable creative tabs that can be accessed via the resource pack menu. Tab Packs can be apart of existing resource packs that change the textures of in game blocks, items, mobs, etc. but can also be loaded as individual resources simply by zipping up the necessary files.

    More about how to create Tab Packs can be found here at the mod's official wiki.

    The mod also provides a set of useful commands that make making Tab Packs easier, as well as providing an in game configurator to visually construct Tab Packs (COMING SOON). Currently tabs can be made with a set of commands provided by the mod. Use /inbt help in game to find more. Check the wiki as well in order to get a detailed explanation of how to use the mod.

    Tab Pack Feature and Functionality:

    As stated, Tab Packs provide the resources needed for the mod to load in customized creative tabs to be displayed in the creative menu. What can you do with Tab Packs though?


    • Create multiple creative tabs with one tab pack
    • Create custom creative tabs with custom inventories
    • Custom creative tabs can include modded items
    • Customize creative tabs by assigning custom names to custom tabs
    • Customize creative tabs by giving them an item icon of your choice (this includes modded items)
    • Customize creative tabs by giving them a custom background image
    • Customized creative tabs can include special NBT items as well as modded items
    • Allows for any sort of organization of the tab inventory

    Since Tab Packs come in the form of resource packs, it makes it easy for Tab Pack creators to share custom creative inventories with their friends, and/or with the internet.

    Note: It is highly recommended to check the wiki of the mod to get fully detailed explanations about features of the mod.

    Planned Features/Todo:

    You can find a list of all what is planned for the future of the mod over here.

    Important Links:

    • The official wiki for this mod can be found here.
    • A tutorial for how to make Tab Packs can be found here.
    • Downloads for the mod can be found here.
    • Mod author supported Tab Packs can be found here.
    • Found a bug? Report it here.
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    posted a message on Cloud-Related Gamerules

    I don't find this all that useful, although I do find this to be a nice addition to the game. This suggestions add a little aesthetic to the game that could add a little bit more depth to the environment of Minecraft. The colored clouds might be useful as well, although I don't see myself using it.


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    posted a message on Is 1.13 going to change all the textures to a higher res?
    Quote from RobertFrans»

    Until new updates with new features are coming out. Then you have to texture all those features for yourself in the old style, or accept that the textures of most new features will clash qua style with your old ones.
    Because from the moment the new textures are implemented, every single new feature, from mobs to blocks, will be textured in the new style.

    This is true, but what I can tell is that the style is not changing all that much rather it is just getting a face lift. This might just be me, but this still feels like Minecraft, just like how Faithfulx32 still feels like Minecraft and how Vanilla Tweaks still feels like Minecraft. If you want to retain the textures of 1.12 past then you can go about this via my method, but to be honest Minecraft never really had a singular style in my opinion. From what @xDadiKx1 is suggesting doubles up the work Mojang has by making them work on two separate resource packs for the game. If people want to maintain the "old style", by means they can. People just need to understand that what is Vanilla will always be Vanilla because Mojang made it and no one else has. Things are allowed to change and people should be open minded about it, but Mojang certainly didn't throw these texture changes at us with out a way to retain what the old minecraft felt like. People can also play older versions of the game if they hate the texture changes all that much.
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    posted a message on Is 1.13 going to change all the textures to a higher res?
    Quote from xDadiKx1»

    But to actually be implemented to the game, I don't like downloading new resource packs just to give it back the original feel.

    honestly though, that is REALLY insignificant to something you can simply add yourself by simply extracting the resources already downloaded on your computer from the Minecraft jar. You dont need to download a resource pack anywhere. You just need to select a version of minecraft with the old textures and extract them and make a resource pack out of it.
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    posted a message on Is 1.13 going to change all the textures to a higher res?
    Quote from xDadiKx1»

    I don't like any of those textures.

    Maybe they should add an option to change to the original texture pack or new texture pack

    That already is a thing. It is called using a resource pack of the old textures.
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    posted a message on Iron Nuggets? For What?

    I personally find the iron nugget useful in multiple ways. They are a new item that can be utilized by map makers, servers, and etc as something that could be edited quite easily. For example, map makers and servers could use it as a currency. Servers might use it as an additional item that is re-textured as something else for other uses. As far as vanilla goes, I find it a good addition to not just waste tools.

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    posted a message on Realistic Minecraft Weather

    I dont think you hurt anyone's feelings with this suggestion. We are just giving feed back so you can make better suggestions in the future :) . It is what criticism is for.

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    posted a message on Is 1.13 going to change all the textures to a higher res?

    I've been around with Minecraft for a very long time, almost since when it first came out. Honestly these changes interest me and I respect that they are changing up the textures a bit. People need to start embracing change because change can be good. We still have yet to see a final product, and considering people know Minecraft as it is right now, it is hard to judge the look and feel of the final product since we are so familiar with the old textures. Once all the textures are standardized under one style, I bet there will be a lot more of a cohesive flow with how the world feels in general. We've not been exposed to the whole world looking different due to the changes so we cannot say much about the final product. We may hate individual textures, but have no clue how they blend and feel with the other new textures.

    Personally I think everyone shouldn't jump the gun on this and should only really give their final opinion once we get a final product, but my current feel for these changes are skeptical, but very interested for the change. I feel like I will like these new textures a lot, but that may or may not change when I am/we are able to feel out these textures for ourselves in our own worlds.

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    posted a message on Realistic Minecraft Weather

    Considering people do not like natural disasters in real life due to the destruction they bring, I'm not sure anyone would be for natural disasters in a game that can cause mass destruction as well. Also this section is for Minecraft PC edition, not PE, but that aside this post is very vague and doesn't describe or go into details how these disasters would go about. This isn't so much "realistic" weather since most of these are natural disasters and "realistic" weather is not defined as natural disasters. In order to make "realistic" weather, you shouldn't be suggesting disasters, rather you should be suggesting dynamic weather via atmospheric distrubances, cloud patterns, etc.

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    posted a message on Staff List
    Quote from rabidgoodra27»

    So... Have we found a new Content Admin yet?

    From what I can understand, Citricsquid is essentially the content admin now, but there is a new account by the name of enchantedbooks who is employed by Curse to post front page articles every so often. Enchantedbooks would essentially be Sach's replacement If I have this correct.
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    posted a message on Make sleeping pass time.

    As far as lag goes, I don't think it is that much of an issue. There are a few ways of going about implementing this. You could either just skip calculations, speed up game ticks, or just simulate game changes instead of actually changing everything every tick at a time. There are some good ways of combating lag to this idea, and the idea is realistically able to be implemented. There is no need for a loading screen nor is there reason for complicated calculations. It could simply just be as easy as calculating by a larger factor than doing things ticks at a time. I'm not the one to come up with what way is the ideal way to go around combating lag is though.
    As far as the idea goes, I would agree that this would be a nice way of making sleep better and it would allow to get around some of the more tedious long processes that you'd have to wait for. You have my support.

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    posted a message on Nephews Ghast and Sheep

    Aww, that is wonderful and cute :) the start of an amazing builder. Tell him the MCF thinks it is wonderful ;)

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    posted a message on New potion
    Quote from GHXman»

    Its not. Same wel i can say that 1blaze powder is too op for an strength 2 which does 6 more damage

    Righting a wrong with a wrong doesn't justify anything. This suggestion is still over powered. Not only would this be the first ever potion to not add any new effects minus changing your skin, it would be the first one to use other existing potion effects for the over all effect.
    First off as to why this is over powered:
    One iron block for a potion that gives 6 different effects including the 2 negative effects is super cheap. Considering the cost of actually getting to the nether then risking your life in a hell-scape for blaze rods to brew strength potions, and to brew any potion for the matter of the fact cannot really justify the cost presented of an iron block, nor does the cost of getting blaze rods justify any sort of effect the strength potion gives because it is hard to claim that the difficulty of getting blaze rods out weighs the power of the potion.

    Second off:
    You get way too many effects for just one potion. This is significantly better than a golden apple which already has been nerfed by quite a lot. You are suggesting to add something that costs less than a gold apple, but gives more benefits than negatives. The negative of not being able to swim would probably not even come into effect for the most part because if you are smart about it, you wouldnt even be near water to begin with.

    The cost and the benefits outbalance the power.

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