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    Hello! I am new to modding, but I had a wonderful idea just a few days ago. What if there was a Cookie Run mod for Minecraft? And then I started working! So far I'm working on Whipped Cream Cookie to kick things off, but here are some of the mechanics id like to add for CookieCraft:

    Jelly Dimension Cookies (obviously!) as utilities, fighters, and entertainment/decor More food items and crops Affection system with cookies that bring them increased abilities New ores like magic powder ores and rare jelly ores New blocks

    A special kind of furnace for baking cookies

    I'm really excited for this project, but I'm just one person! I'd like to have some people helping me. Of course I'd probably do most of it, but anything you can do like a quick texture helps me loads ^u^ If you're interested in following development, we have a discord!

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    I'm trying to help my friend with his issue, so here we go. He wants to play on 1.12 but every time he tries he just gets this (and the crash report won't load)

    The game crashed whilst initializing game
    Error: java.lang.VerifyError: Bad return type

    I've gone through everything I know to try and help him and I hate using forums but this is my last shot.

    He's using Windows 7, by the way.

    (also sorry if this is terrible im really new to this)

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    posted a message on KAGIC v1.9 [MC 1.11] – STEVEN UNIVERSE MOD [30000+ DLs]

    i love this mod but on 1.10.2 i can't get a gem staff, it just won't show up. maybe the gems stole it because they want to rebel against my almighty authority over them, maybe they've developed sentience after months and months of being abused by players

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