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    posted a message on Genetics Reborn, a complete re-make of Advanced Genetics!

    This is an unofficial re-make of the Advanced Genetics mod from 1.7.10 by TeamDNA. This was made from scratch and no code was taken from the original mod.


    Have you ever wanted to become superhuman? Be able to edit your genes to your liking? Well now you can! Genetics Reborn adds the ability to take genes from animals and mobs in the world and infuse them into your own DNA.

    Not only can you give yourself genes, but you can also give them to animals/mobs in the world also! Want a horse that is immune to fire and always has speed II? Well now it is possible!

    Wiki can be found at my GitHub. It explains everything you need to know about using the mod!(Including modpack info) I also have a Discord, joinable with this link.

    Recipes can be found using JEI.

    Known Modpacks with this mod

    Please report any bugs you come across here. Any problems reported should be fixed within 1-2 days.

    Have any suggestions for genes to add?- Leave them at the link given above for bugs marked with [Suggestion] before the title, leave a message on discord, or just message me here on MinecraftForums! Genes from other mods Entities are welcome!

    ALL genes can be disabled through the config, it won't stop players from getting the genes into their blood, but it will make the genes do absolutely nothing for them.

    This mod does not include power producers, and uses RF, so you will want a mod that generates RF such as Ender IO, Extra Utilities, Extreme Reactors, etc. etc.

    Download Here


    Block texture artist- NanoHeart

    Some Ideas/Suggestions- mcpecommander

    pst... I now have a discord, link to join is https://discord.gg/CctRSCk

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    posted a message on [SOLVED] Add String as NBT to itemstack by crafting.

    You can get the NBTTagCompound by using ItemStack#getTagCompound. If you want it to be applied to any pick in the game you will need to use an event. I think the ItemTooltipEvent event should work, although I've never tried it myself.

    Setting NBT values is really easy, all you have to do is ItemStack#getTagCompound()#setString(key, value). There is also a setBoolean along with a few others. The key is a String, which is used in methods like getString(key) and getBoolean(key).

    You do need to make sure the ItemStack#getTagCompound() doesn't return a null, or you will cause a crash if you try and set a string to it.

    For more information about NBT just try googling "Minecraft forge how to use NBT on items". It hasn't change much if at all from how it was in 1.7.10, so whatever you find should work.

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    posted a message on Discord Channel for Developers

    Very cool server, friendly and helpful community!

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    posted a message on Kitchen Sink, an extra utilities type mod!

    In short, this mod is going to be everything I can find under my kitchen sink. This mod just adds a bunch of useful items/blocks to improve your Minecraft life.

    Some of the things it adds are

    1. A quarry to mine a big area with silk touch, and leave empty space or fill it all with stone
    2. Item magnets that work through walls and lava.
    3. A trash can to void items you don't want
    4. A super awesome pickaxe that insta-mines everything
    5. Weapons that could destroy the gods of Minecraft
    6. May more items, and much more still to come!

    As of version 1.14 Baubles is no longer REQUIRED, it can still be used though. Versions before 1.14 will need Baubles for 1.10.2, link Here.

    Now over 3k downloads! Surprised to see so much support for this mod!

    Recipes-Use JEI for all recipes

    Go check out my new wiki here! It has info about all items/blocks in my mod.

    All suggestions can be left in my Github issues section, just make sure to label them with [Suggestion]. On that note leave all bug reports at that same link!

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    posted a message on Mo' Creatures - v12.0.0 for Minecraft 1.12.1!! Now Opensource!!
    Quote from Robijnvogel»

    Can't you find that in the mcmod.info file?

    You're right, my bad, I don't know why I didn't think to open the jar in winrar.

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    posted a message on How do I update my mod to 1.10?
    Quote from UpcraftLP»

    setup a 1.10 workspace and drop the 1.7 sources into it. Then fix all errors and you're done (yeah, it sounds way easier than it is).

    That's not fully true. You will have to make a JSON file for each block and item, since 1.7.10 has the setTexture thing, but 1.10 doesn't. You will just have to fix all the errors and then google how to set block/item textures for 1.10.
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    posted a message on I haven't got the JSON file for tools, and I dont know where to find it

    You can find it in the same github as the item texture

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    posted a message on I haven't got the JSON file for tools, and I dont know where to find it
    Quote from Star_Shade»

    I just want a custom sword to look like a sword, but I can't find any 1.11 JSON files to use as a template. Where are they in vanilla code? (or where are they online?! xD)

    You should be able to just look in the vanilla assets...
    Either way here is the link to my swords model JSON. I haven't used it in 1.11 but I didn't hear anything about any changes to the JSON files so it should work.
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    posted a message on Intangible (0.0.25 Alpha)

    I feel so bad for this mod, it looks AMAZING, but it was made for an MC version that almost everyone skipped over ,_,

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    posted a message on How can i bind nbt tags on a ItemStack for crafting recipes?
    Quote from XxRexRaptorxX»

    I´m relatively new at modding...can u show me a example or something like that

    Here is a link to all my crafting classes(CustomLevelToolXP is probably the most simple one out of them all), the CraftingManger class is the main one. You will want to use a line like this below to register the recipe class

    GameRegistry.addRecipe(new ClassName());

    How I do it probably isn't the best way but the gist of it is I loop through the inventory of the crafting table to find out if the items I need are there, and if they are, then return true, if they are not return false.

    Make sure you check for empty spaces too, cause if you don't someone could put random items in those empty spots and the recipe would still work.

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