About Me

I enjoy programming and modelling. I don't texture often but when I do they either turn out amazing or terrible. There is no in between.

I play various video games, from Ratchet and Clank, to Minecraft, to Smash, to even GTA I play a vast variety of video games.

For a actual full list of Video games here it goes: from favorite to least favorite

Legend of zelda

Fire Emblem





Game Dev Tycoon Games (just generalizing these, there are too many to state on a list, plus a lot are awful)

Mega Man

Super Smash Bros

Star Fox (some games)

Kid Icarus


just anything else nintendo related

Ratchet and Clank

Jak and Daxter

Dungeons & Dragons

the list just keeps going on.... and on.... I am just your typical hard core gamer... it is essentially my life.... even though I am 19 and should be getting a job... key word should....


Video games


Friends and Family


and of course programming

Location Somewhere in the Milky Way

Profile Information

Minecraft theUndeadBear13 Xbox dont have one PSN dont have one Steam theUndeadBear13 Twitch theUndeadBear13 Nintendo what wiiU? Pc atw

Contact Methods

Skype dwain.edwards2