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    posted a message on What Are Mipmap Levels and Anisotropic Filtering?
    Quote from Subaca

    What do these settings do? Also, what effect do the different levels of each setting have? Please don't give me a definition; I need to know what they do in Minecraft 1.7.2. Thanks.
    Well after turning mipmapping off, my minecraft actually started working with no lag, and i turned my render distance and anstrophic filtering to full and it still worked without lag. It was a bit weird because when i turned the render distance to 16, minecraft told me that I had 35 fps, when I had render distance sat to 2 it told i had 24fps. Is this normal? It dosent seem normal to me, because I know how graphics in games work. Low settings fast game. high setting usualy in my case= LAG
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