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    Thanks for playing.

    Then you obviously didn't fly far enough away.
    you obviously havent done a lot of travelling in minecraft. an hour of travel on foot can get you up to 5000 blocks from spawn or more, flying around triples that. It is just that i think that the distance that populated villages spawn needs to be adjusted or there is currently a glitch that prevents them from spawning at all. It wouldnt be the end of the world to me if it never gets adjusted, but it feels like although it isnt really a hindrance on survival, it really is a significant barrier on progression. cant breed cows without wheat, cant grow wheat without villages. I have FOUND small amounts of wheat in dungeons, but not enough to really start breeding cows. if you cant breed cows it becomes very difficult to progress along the tech trees, and while i appreciate the hardcore feel to the mod in general, i would like a bit of a different approach to village generation. Perhaps make populated villages simply very rare instead of based off of the distance from spawn, that way you could have a good world generation and find a village right off the bat, but most of the ones you find will be abandoned. Im not going to pretend to know about how village generation works though, im just stating a concern of mine
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