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    I've always wanted this. But then you have to create a whole host of Compatibility mods or resource packs so armors from other mods would work properly with this. I've had this same issue with the Mo' Bends and emoticon mods. They added better animations for walking, swimming and combat. But damn near every armor your wore looked messed up. Like torn up textures.

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    This just dawned on me the other day. But why hasn't experience orbs been used as the primary source of magic in Minecraft?. I mean they're used for enchanting. So why not create a whole new magic mod based around experience orbs for fuel?. There could be a whole research advancement system.

    Mod ideas

    Ambient Nodes: Just like Thaumcraft nodes. Every chunk would have a certain level of ambient XP based on what's is generated in that chunk. Certain rare items Every randomly generated block in a certain chunk has a set value that attributes to it's ambient XP. This value can also be used to prospect valuable chunks. High levels of ambient XP can mean there could be diamonds, emeralds, gold exc.

    Divining Meter: It's simply a meter that tells you the level of ambient XP in the chunk you're standing in.

    Orb Condenser: In this mod new types of XP Orbs are added to balance this mod so it's not abused to stockpile XP. So this machine is used to convert these new orbs into the XP orbs needed to create the items and spells that are in this mod. It has GUI that allows for automation allowing you to change input, output. But requires some kind of redstone power for it to convert anything.

    Unattuned Orbs: These are basic Tier 0 orbs that most of the machines in this mod produce. They have to be placed in the Orb Converter in varying amounts to create the other orbs. Green Orbs are special and can only be broken down into Unattuned Orbs.

    Yellow Orbs: Tier 1 Orbs used in Beginner crafting and spell work.

    Orange Orbs: Tier 2 Orbs used in Intermediate crafting and spell work.

    Red Orbs: Tier 3 Orbs used in Advanced crafting and spell work.

    This is just the start of my ideas. I think it could be used to create an XP based energy system. And that energy can be put through a energy converter to work with other mods.

    EDIT: I had put some other ideas on here. But for some reason they were deleted after I posted this. So I'm not gonna put them back in because it was quite a lot. And would take forever to do so.

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    Me and a friend are thinking about hosting our own personal server from one of his computers. But this computer doesn't have a graphics card because it was taken out and put in a different computer. If the computer is just being used for a server does it need to have a graphics card?.

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    I'm using Recurrent Complex with Custom NPCs for 1.12.2 to make some randomly generated structures on my map. The structure I'm making is like a floating chunk of land with a building on it and an NPC inside. And every time the NPC dies he respawn under the floating structure. How do I make it so it respawn inside the structure instead of under it?.

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