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    posted a message on โ›ฐ๏ธ Shuttlecraft ๐Ÿ‚ | Vanilla 1.16.5 Whitelisted SMP | Dynmap ๐Ÿ—บ๏ธ Diamond Economy ๐Ÿ’Ž Active Community ๐Ÿ˜

    Minecraft Username: IconikB

    Discord Username: Iconik#8893

    Country/Timezone: United States, PST

    Tell us a bit about yourself (build/play style etc.): My main way I play Minecraft is at my own pace and kind of grindy. I enjoy the early grind of resources to not have to worry about it later on. Build style is typically Medieval, Elven, or modern. Just looking to find a community to fit into and enjoy playing some Minecraft with!

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    posted a message on [Private SMP] Looking for players for private multiplayer server



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    posted a message on [old]

    Preferred name:

    Age (aren't too strict about this, but we are building a mature community):


    Discord tag:


    Minecraft username:


    Country or timezone:

    United States, PST

    Tell us a bit about yourself. What is your favorite building style? Why do you like SMP servers?
    I mainly play Minecraft in my off time and SMP servers fit right into my style of play. I enjoy just playing some vanilla or even semi vanilla Minecraft with a community of people. I typically tend to build in either a medieval or modern style. Typically spend a lot of time grinding out resources so I don't have to worry about them later on.

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    Looking to start streaming more and this looks like a solid opportunity to do so. Been playing for roughly 8 years now and always enjoy communities like this and admire both Hermitcraft and Legacy SMP.

    Twitch: IconikB

    Discord: Iconik#8893

    IGN: IconikB

    Age: 22

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    posted a message on The Realm of Thyer // 1.16.3 Vanilla NEW SERVER // Whitelist // SMP // Discord // 18+ // Group Events & Group Builds & Trading!

    In Game Name: IconikB

    Age: 22

    Country: United States

    Are you familiar with Discord?: Yes

    What is your Discord ID?: Iconik#8893

    What is your favourite/preferred base/building style?: No specific style, if there is multiple seasons on an SMP, it will be completely different every time.

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    posted a message on ๐Ÿ”ฑ Velheim SMP ๐Ÿ”ฑ | 1.16.3 Vanilla | Whitelisted | 18+ | Community Events


    Velheim is a new whitelisted survival server that aims towards the older and mature community within Minecraft. The server and community are meant to be a way to get away from everyday life. This is a casual and laid back environment where we take it back down to the simplicity of just playing Minecraft with friends. As this will be a relaxed community, there is no stress on playtime. I make it a point that there will be no removal for inactivity within the server or community.

    If this sounds like something you may be interested in joining, continue reading!

    The server will feature the use of datapacks to tweak vanilla to a more enjoyable experience.

    • Armor statues
    • AFK display
    • Multiplayer sleep
    • Custom nether portals
    • Anti mob grief (Creeper, Enderman, and Ghasts)
    • Double shulker shells
    • Dragon drops elytra
    • More mob heads
    • Player head drops

    Community Events

    I plan on holding weekly or bi-weekly community events in which the community can choose to participate in an event within the server or outside of the server playing other games. In game events may include: PVP tournaments, boat racing, hide and seek, and so on. Outside events may include: Among us, Fall Guys, Cards Against Humanity, and many more! These are obviously going to be optional and will be something to do to interact with others in the community and just have some fun!


    • 18+
    • Must be able to use Discord


    Discord (add the #0000):
    Favorite part of Minecraft:
    Screenshot of builds (optional):
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    posted a message on Craft-22 - Whitelist Applications Open! (Hermitcraft Like)


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    posted a message on [18+] [Vanilla] [1.15.2] Honeycomb Hamlet - A whitelisted survival server

    Name/IGN: Scuzzy_

    Age: 21

    Discord Tag: Iconik#8893

    Number of years playing Minecraft: It's been roughly over 7 years I think?

    Big goals for this server: Some of my goals would be to make some new friends and create an awesome community.

    What's your biggest strength in Minecraft: I would say building but also the determination for the grind. I enjoy just mining for hours, its a peaceful time.

    What's your biggest weakness in Minecraft: I would say redstone, not a big redstone person. If I do anything redstone I have to look stuff up.

    What do you do aside from gaming: Work and photography

    Anything else you'd like to share: Not right now, can always learn more about me just talking through Discord!

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    posted a message on ๐ŸŸ AquaNation [ SMP ] [ White-listed ] [ 1.15.2 ] [ 18+ ] [ Friendly Community ] [ Powerful Hardware ] [ 24/7 Online ]

    Real Name: Brad
    IGN (In-Game Name): Scuzzy_
    Age (18+): 21
    Discord: Iconik#8893
    What is your timezone?: Mountain Standard
    How often can you join in, do you have time for community events and general gameplay?: I will be playing at least 4 hours a day or more, I will have time for community events and such as well so there is no issue there.
    Why would you be a great fit in our community?: I have always been a laid back person who gets along with everyone. I will fit right in with everyone and just enjoy playing some MC with some new friends.
    What are your passions outside of MC?: I do spend time playing some other game as well. I work full time in Aerospace and just enjoy a lot of different little hobbies.
    Do you have any hobbies? (if so, anything you would like to share?): My main hobbies include building computers along with just starting out with some photography.
    Do you have a microphone/can you join in community calls and events?: Yeah I do.

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    posted a message on [1.15.2] Gamer's SMP - Vanilla Whitelist Survival Server

    Username: Scuzzy_
    Age: 21
    Do you play on SMPs a lot? Yeah, pretty much the only type of Minecraft server I enjoy playing now.
    Have you ever been banned from a server? If so, what for? N/A
    How interested are you with playing and building together with others in a survival world? I enjoy working with others on projects but also enjoy working on some self projects.
    How well are you able to handle conflict (scale of 1-6, 6 being the best)? I would say 6, I am a very patient person and I have gotten along with anyone I have ever met.
    How much time do you think you'll spend on the server? Roughy around 4 hours a day I would say.
    What do you enjoy most about Minecraft? Building, Redstone, or something else? I enjoy building for the most part, a touch of redstone and just the overall grind for resources I like a lot. I'll spend hours and hours just mining honestly.
    Any fun things I should know about you? As of right now no, easily get to know me more just hanging out in voice channels on Discord.

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    posted a message on [SMP] [Nether Enough Server] [Hermitcraft-Like] [Mature] [Whitelisted] [Pure Vanilla 1.15.2] [Datapacks] [Launching Saturday!]

    IGN: Scuzzy_[/b]

    First Name: Bradley[/b]

    Age (Ideally 16+ but maturity is considered): 21[/b]

    Why Do You Want To Join The Server?: Looking to get back into Minecraft recently and have always enjoyed playing SMP servers with a community of people. I feel that this server will end up being a strong community and make a lot of good memories. I have always been fond of Hermitcraft and would enjoy being apart of something similar.[/b]

    What Is Something You Are Good At In Minecraft (eg: Building, Redstone, etc): I feel I am a pretty solid builder and really enjoy it. Along with that I really enjoy grinding out resources for some reason. I will spend countless hours just gathering to make my end game more enjoyable and just being able to build with everyone.[/b]

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    posted a message on [1.12.2] [SMP-Live-Like] ๐ŸŒŽ World of Novus ๐ŸŒŽ [Modded] [110 Mods] [Easy2Run Pack] [Whitelisted] [Mature] [Streaming Community]

    How long have you played Minecraft? Roughly 8 years now
    What is your Minecraft username? Scuzzy_
    How old are you? 21
    Do you stream or record content? Not currently but used to stream a fair share of games in the past and this would be a good time to get back into it!
    Do you have Discord? Iconik#8893
    Why do you want to join our server? Been wanting to get back into Minecraft recently and have always wanted to be apart of a fun modded community as there aren't too many out there. I wanted to jump on the opportunity as soon as possible.
    If you want to tell me a bit about yourself:

    I currently work full time and live on my own with my puppy. I enjoy playing a range of games from Minecraft to Rocket League all the way to Escape from Tarkov. I like watching a couple different sports including football and soccer. I am a pretty open person so you will get to know me just chatting in voice.

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    posted a message on [CLOSED] ๐Ÿบ Ebrius SMP ๐Ÿบ | 18+ | 1.15.2 | Vanilla | Whitelist | Discord | Weekly Events | Community Focused |

    IGN/Username: Scuzzy_

    What should we call you?: Scuzzy/Brad works!

    Age: 21

    Country + Timezone: United States, PST

    Tell us a bit about yourself: Currently 21 years of age and working full time doing material testing for the construction industry! I play all sorts of video games when I am not working such as Destiny 2, Escape From Tarkov, Minecraft, Rocket League, etc. I have been playing Minecraft specifically for roughly over 7 years now. I am a big person in the mining department, I like to do a lot of mining runs for the sake of relaxing downtime. I do a little bit of redstone here and there but nothing too crazy.

    How active will you be?: I can usually be on playing anywhere from 10-25 hours a week, it can be spread every day or every other day with longer periods of time playing.

    Have you ever been banned from a private server?: N/A

    What do you think you can bring to the server?: I feel I can bring another active member of the community to the table, playing and interacting with one another. This isn't limited to Minecraft itself, I am always up for playing other games as a community.

    Any other questions or comments?: Looking forward to hearing back and joining the community! I'm drunk btw

    Show us some of your past builds or contraptions (images/videos) (Optional): N/A recently built a new pc and don't have any of my old screenshots.

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    posted a message on ๐ŸŸFishCraft๐ŸŸ Vanilla SMP 21+ [Whitelist] 1.16.4 - Dynmap - Datapacks

    1. Age: 21
    2. Minecraft Username: Scuzzy_

    3. Discord username: Iconik#8893

    4. Country/Timezone: United States, MST

    5. Why are you interested in joining this server?: I am recently getting back into Minecraft after not playing for roughly 6-8 months and am looking for a solid SMP server/community to be apart of. I like that the server is aimed towards older/mature players and I'm excited to possibly join!

    6. What other games do you play?: Some other games I am currently playing are: Rocket League, R6S, FiveM, and the Division 2

    7. Screenshots of your builds (optional): Recently built a new PC so I have none of the screenshots of my old builds sadly.

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