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    Did you make your skin backward by mistake or do you want to make your skin backward for a challenge? Yes? Then keep on reading! This is a step by step tutorial with pictures on how to reverse it

    The Website

    No, it is not clickbait. Yes, the website is online! WOW! You need to open this website in order for the trick to work. It is actually the old version of Nova Skin. The website should look like this:

    From the website, there is only one tool that interests us: The "Rotate Backwards" tool.

    The "Rotate Backwards" tool

    The tool is found under the three lines, and is the third from the top, as you can see in the picture below.

    You click on it, and it should automatically reverse it. You may then click the 'save' button and put it into your launcher/ Minecraft.net

    The finished skin should look like this, or the other way, depending on how you started.

    Thank you for reading my first thread, and I hope it helps!



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