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    posted a message on The Realm of Saphriel | Serious Roleplay | Over 70 Plugins | Frequent Events | Medieval Fantasy | Great Staff | 1.12.1

    i wish the server didnt have to change to 18+, unless it was always that... because i had just considered applying and reading the lore again. sad to say, i guess ill look elsewhere. hard to find 16+ or so servers around here tbh

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    posted a message on 1101 Sever! Textopia Modded Sever! Whitelisted, 8 Players Max Comment For App

    why do you want the ban history of our accounts? if someone here applies who does hack and such, they will say they have never been banned, or a trouble maker will say the same. just wanted to say this as advice. sure this may cause a problem with me saying this, but ya know, just wanted to tell you, its also called privacy.

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    posted a message on █ Roleplay Prime █ || Serious Roleplay Made Simple || || 1.14.4 ||

    Out of character:

    IGN: SwagSuperEagle

    What’s the most important rule?: To me the most important rule is basically the no metagaming and powergaming rule, along with godmodding. But I guess Common sense and trust works as well.

    In character:
    If not born there, what brings them to the wild lands of Bide?: To have a new start at life, after all, his past was revolving around constant fear. Skraith is hoping that where he goes next, isn't as scary as the damn lumberjacks.

    Backstory (optional): Skraith's tale is a sad one. Skraith was born in a humble nest in a tall, very tall redwood tree. He grew up with joy, and happiness, until one day when he was about 8 years into his life, A group of lumberjacks went and cut down his tree. His family had to evacuate the tree by climbing down it, and had to do it very slowly. They did infact make it down in time before the tree fell, but the lumberjacks saw Skraith and his family escaping deeper into the forest that they killed his family and cooked them up for a feast.

    They had kept Skraith hostage for quite some time as they were planning on what to do with him. When he was about 11, Skraith overheard one the men saying that they were also going to cook him up the next day. He knew exactly what he had to do. He had to escape to somewhere far away. So that night when everyone was asleep he opened the cage he was in by using his feet/talons to pick-lock the cage's lock. After he was out of the cage, he slowly got up and took an axe and chopped up the entire lumberjack group.

    He then escaped into the forest thinking he would find a better life. But before he left, he took his family's precious bow, it had the magical power of firing fast, for the trade of lower damage. Over the course of 9 years he had found someplace new, the land of Bide. He insists to show kindness to everyone after everything that has happened to him. He may not be a fighter but he is determined to help others out.

    If any, list and explain combative abilities: Ranger and sorta can use magic that specializes in water. He usually uses it to help things grow, but if need be, he will try to shoot a pressurized jet of water at his enemy, though it is lacking a lot of strength, most of it mainly can just leave a bruise. His main fighting style is with a bow, and he usually tries to hide in plain sight.

    If any, list and explain non-combative abilities: (Lock-picking, well educated in certain kinds of technology/magic, tracking skills. etc): Skraith is someone who likes to grow crops and such, while also using his water magic to well water the plants around him. Another thing Skraith is decent at, is using a forge to create weapons and tools, though he cannot make armor.

    RP Test:

    When writing, RP as all the characters involved including character emotes and talking. Since you’re roleplaying as all characters, think and act as you would in-game which means there should be no hint of powergaming in your application like automatically hitting someone.

    Use this format (this is the format we use on the server):

    Doctor Smith: *He rolls out of the way and grips his injured arm tightly* Watch out!

    Cody: *Narrowly dodging the falling rocks, he lights up another stick of dynamite* I’ve been a prospector for years. I know what I’m doing! *shakes his fist angrily at Smith*

    Vanessa: The ruins are mine, and this cave will be your tomb *She smirks as her tattooed hands begin to glow azure blue*

    Prompt One: While riding your horse under the unforgiving sun, you come across an overly protective miner camping outside a cave entrance. He starts throwing rocks at you, barking at you to leave. At this instance, a person can be faintly seen coming out of the cave entrance.

    *Skraith would be passing by the mine, on his horse which he named Sabrina, until a rock goes zipping past the back of his head.

    Miner: "What do you think your doing? Trying to steal my crown jewels I bet!"

    *Skraith would feel offended at being accused of trying to steal, though he kept a straight face. He would pull out his bow, and just stand there with bravery. Skraith didn't load an arrow at all, he merely stood there before beginning to say something.

    Skraith: "You think I'd steal some expensive jewels and then get caught with my novice stealth skills? Nah, I be just passing through, getting to the town ahead... You best be going back into the mine from which you came from. But if you continue throwing rocks at me, well my good 'o' bow Gustow here will be putting an arrow in ye knee..."

    *The miner would be taken aback by the threat, but would understand the self-defense coming from the bird.

    Miner: "Guess you are right, I should probably stop throwing rocks at everyone who passes by, could get me killed if I don't stop. Well thanks for the advice I guess... Just please don't put an arrow in my knee..."

    Skraith: I wouldn't think of putting one in that place, unless I had to... but have a good one comrade."

    *The miner would then head back inside the mine after he waved goodbye at the birdfolk.


    Prompt Two: As you set up camp for the night, you come across a Fjorn which is a creature I just made up and you're totally allowed to do as well. Make up what the creature is and handle it your way.

    *It was dark outside as Skraith was setting up a campfire and a pot filled with mushroom stew, when he heard a branch break. Looking up from his soon to be meal, he saw nothing but darkness.

    *The Fjorn would be circling Skraith's campsite until it froze after it stepped on a branch and broke it. It would think that stealth was out of the hunt it was trying to do.

    *Skraith would look around him and see that nothing was there, and then he looked back at his stew. Then he heard a howl which sounded like the squealing of a pig, mixed with the screeching of a cockatiel. When he looked back up he saw the beast... It had a pigs head, with some parrot feathers sticking up at the top of the head. The body was a feathered scaled body, like that of a dinosaur called yutyrannus. The legs were just plain old gazelle hooves. But the thing that made Skraith worry was the tail of the beast. It looked to be that of another person, only thing was that the person was a rotting corpse. As Skraith looked up into deep black sockets of the eyes, he saw the Fjorn's glowing eyes staring threateningly back at him.

    Skraith: "Sorry but I am not on the menu for today, please come back later..."

    *And with that Skraith ran for his life, leaving his meal for another creature to eat. Though the Fjorn was terrifying, all it wanted was to have some of the mushroom stew that Skraith was making as it was a herbivore, and while it didn't get to make another friend, it got a full course meal...

    Hope that is good enough, the Fjorn beast was a rip of a short story creature I made during one of my classes. I did try to be as descriptive with the prompts as I could, but it all comes down to you if I join or not.

    Edit: Forgot my IGN lol

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    posted a message on Tales of Alera [Hardcore Roleplay] [Looking for players & staff]

    Seems to have sparked my interest. I shall check thy forum out, as well as thou lore. Perhaps I may apply as well!

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    posted a message on Secure Kingdoms | Whitelisted Vanilla SMP | 1.15 | Long Lasting | Fun Community |

    IGN: TheSacredEagle

    Name (First name or nickname): Michael/Mike

    Age: 16

    Timezone/Country: EST in the USA

    Do you have/use Discord?:I use discord on a daily basis, so yes I do have and use it.

    Will you follow the rules?: Of course I will follow the rules! :D

    Why do you want to join this server?: I am mainly looking for a nice community to call "home" and I am looking to expand the player base here by 1!

    Do you have a YouTube or Twitch channel?: Well yes, but actually no. I say this because I don't really use them, and I do not know how to upload videos, though I do have OBS, I just don't know how to upload stuff is the thing.

    What sort of player are you? (Builder/Minner/PVPer/etc): I like to build and yet I love to fish and farm, I am not a miner type of person, but if I need resources, I will mine. I lack skills in pvp so I usually tend to avoid servers that are based on PVP and griefing, but this server seems like a good server that will fit with me.

    How long have you been playing Minecraft?: About 7 years give or take, started playing right after my birthday in May 2012, so about since the April 1.2.5 update came out, and not long after jungles came out as well.

    Do you have any other multiplayer games?: I have multiple online multiplayer games, I could list them, but that would make for a long application.

    Anything else you would like to add: Not much, other than I love animals, and strangely I do want to mention that: I. LIKE. LLAMAS! (mainly IRL Llamas, minecraft ones just look sorta ugly.)

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    posted a message on ☼ Naturellescraft Survival Roleplaying ☼
    Minecraft Username: TheSacredEagle
    Do you understand this is a roleplaying server and you are expected to participate?: You have my word that I understand the rules! You will also find me Roleplaying ingame as well. I hope to just be an average citizen, while also have a job as a baker. This is all I am aiming for, I only tell you more information, only because, why not?!

    I shall also join the discord, and catch up on current stuff, so I shall be there if you want to talk to me.
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    posted a message on Join my island realm, Build a paradise.

    am interested, ign: TheSacredEagle
    if its on bedrock, then GT is: TheBeeKnight

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    posted a message on 🌲 Arcadia Online 🌲 | 1.13.2 - Whitelisted Survival Server - Friendly Community - Plugins - McMMO - Discord - Mature
    Minecraft Username: TheSacredEagle
    Age: 16
    What would you bring to the table?: I am just a simple player who just wants to learn new things and build stuff, I would love to make new friends here and try to socialize in anyway (as I am not really a talker, yet I want to learn how to "talk.") Also I would love to see new creations and basically have fun in a community that will accept me for who I am.
    Discord: Swag Supervisor#3690 (pls add me first, because I am nervous to join without being invited. Basically a permission thing.)
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    posted a message on Mianite Roleplay Server (Whitelisted)

    discord here is Swag Supervisor#3690, that is if you are open still.

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    posted a message on Looking for active modded players for newly built modpack!

    The invite link is expired, please renew it, because i wanna join

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    posted a message on [19w11b] [Whitelisted] Minecubed SMP (Hermitcraft/Mindcrack like) - Looking for new members!
    1. IGN (in-game name): TheSacredEagle
    2. Country/Timezone: USA, EST
    3. Age?: 15, about 2 months away from 16
    4. Discord Tag(Username#0000): Swag Supervisor#3690
    5. Why do you want to join Minecubed?: Just looking for a nice community within a snapshot server, decided to get back into the snapshots just to have some fun.
    6. Tell us about yourself so we can get to know you better: I am a person who tries to fit in most of the time when I am very different than most people, I am sometimes shy and yet I love to socialize online. My favorite thing to do in the newest snapshots is take residence in a village and just make it my home. I don't really know what else to explain about myself since usually people get to know me whenever I talk with them.
    7. What other games do you play?: Shellshock Live, going to try and do Dungeons and Dragons, and well it depends on what game I feel like playing.
    8. Screenshots of your builds (not mandatory): My favorite types of builds are damaged and old/ancient abandoned structures or I just love making interior. Also that one castle in the background of one of the pics isn't my work.
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    posted a message on Looking for players to join Modded server [1.12.2]

    amazing server, with really good builds! I loved it, and if the owner gets more people, and more help, we might see something even better!

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    posted a message on A medieval fantasy Minecraft Realm - Survival

    -IGN: TheSacredEagle

    -Where you are from? I'm from the USA, and I am located in Rhode Island, the smallest state in the whole US.

    -what time do you play? I can play almost all day on weekends (unless there is something going on), and once I get home from school on weekdays. I like to play with others as much as I can

    -Reason for applying: I just wanted to play on a realm again, since I haven't for a very long time. I also just want to feel the medieval experience again as I haven't, like I said, for a while now. I love to roleplay, and sometimes make interior inside houses.

    -your building skills from 1 and 10. My building skills are pretty bad, most likely a 4 for houses, and maybe a 6 or 7 for interior? I have awesome ideas when it comes to making things as I have an incredible imagination.

    -Can you speak english and not start conversation with other languages in chat? I can only speak english as it is the only language I know.

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    posted a message on 📣📣📣Satracraft MMORPG Tribal Edition📣📣📣 Looking for staff in many position // Builder // Lore Creator // Gamemaster

    ◈ Name → (What should we call you?) Eagle or Sacred

    ◈ Age → (Can be range of age) 15

    ◈ Gender → (Don't serious) Male

    ◈ Position wanted → (Look in #server-information) The Moderator/Moderator

    ◈ Experienced → (Paragraph) Been staff on about two servers with little to no training what so ever, been looking for a server that has training that I can do. First server I was staff on had no training and wasn't very popular. Second server I was staff on was called Kingdom of Aera and I was a moderator up until I quit for a stupid reason. Had very little training on what to do and how to handle people.

    ◈ Personality → I am an outgoing and nice person who just wants friends and loves to play with other people. I am autistic and I sometimes have a freak out usually over something little, but usually it doesn't last that long, 5 minutes for a computer game at most. I feel as if I am mature and I am better and smarter than most kids at my school. Overall I just want friends and people who care about me around me.

    ◈ Your Good → I am someone who thinks it is my job to moderate people even when it isn't my job to moderate them in the first place. I am also ever so slightly getting better at building.

    ◈ Your Bad → I am not so good at helping others out with plugins or using/coding plugins to begin with.

    ◈ Reason for wanting this position → I want this position so that I can learn how to use plugins and make them do certain things, I also want this role so I can get better training. I just want it so I can moderate people and know what to do with these powers at the appropriate time.

    ◈ Dedicated Time → I can get on the server and help moderate on the weekends, unless I have something going on which I would tell you, and on the weekdays after I get home from school, which again I will tell you if something is planned. My timezone is EST.

    ◈ anything else? --> I do not have anything else to say, other than better training and learning how to use plugins.

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    posted a message on ✨Evolution Vanilla Whitelist SMP {NEW}✨

    IGN: TheSacredEagle

    Discord (Include #xxxx(Must Have)): Swag Supervisor#3690

    Location And Time Zone: USA / EST

    Age: 15

    Do you understand the rules/regulations: Yes

    Anything else: I am just a sophomore who is looking to have fun with other people/players. I am mature and I surprisingly come from RI or Rhode Island. I have a big imagination and I like to make new friends.

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