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"The furry face that launched a thousand quips nearly never made it to the web. Sato adopted Kabosu from an animal shelter in November, 2008, saving her from certain death. “She was a pedigreed dog from a puppy mill, and when the puppy mill closed down, she was abandoned along with 19 other Shiba Inu's,” the teacher explained. “Some of them were adopted, but the rest of them were killed.” A volunteer at the shelter gave the dog her name, a type of Japanese citrus. “Her face is very round just like kabosu [fruit],” Sato said. “I thought the name was perfect, so I kept it.”

Indie Game Developer

I like Avril Lavigne and F1, I support Nico Rosberg and Fernando Alonso. Sebastian Vettel suck.

No Projects at the moment. You may suggest by pm-ing me

Project Doge, due to Insufficient Java knowledge. (doge.foxdevs-24119)

Project Herobrine, due to Minecraft Copyright Rules. (herobrine.foxdevs-24169)

no D=

Mr. Blue is a friend of mine,
But Mr. Blue is not kind.
Mr. Blue can see you now
Reading words and writing down
Your thoughts, comments, fine critiques,
Mr. Blue makes houses squeak.
He listens to you describe your day,
Each and every word you say.
A madness in his eyes, a fire.
And sickly wet teeth in his mouth of mire.
He can see you drink.
He can see you spew.
He can see you s h i t .
He can see you screw.
But watching is and never was
The dark task of this man of faux pas.
He'll grind your teeth in mortar bowl.
He flay your skin and remove limbs whole.
Unless his verse is passed on by victim
He'll get to you, this is dictum.
And next time sleep comes for you
So also will Mr. Blue.

Updated 21/4
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