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    Minecraft has a mod for nearly every game in existence except for my all time favorite dark souls.

    I started this project in June 2014 but abandoned it due to school, and now that i have 2 months free time on my hands ive decided to start it up again

    The features i have planned for this mod are as follows


    The abyss: mobs you will encounter here will be the four kings and (maybe) Manus


    I will do my best to convert all the dark souls weapons into the game, the upgrade system as well

    Estus flasks


    Humanity, I'm still looking for away to cause the hollow debuff will most likely a status effect that causes health loss, blindness and dementia

    Soapstones, they will just summon an npc

    and more (covenant items etc...)

    Bosses and mobs:

    self explanatory


    This is the only part I'm struggling with, should the iconic buildings and what not from dark souls be kept in a different dimension or should they be in the real world. Suggestions welcome.


    Bloodstains and all that jazz.

    If there's anything i have forgotten please leave it as a comment

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    Hey mate

    Good to see there was still interest in this after i abandoned this, and yes the project will be starting again now due to me having 1.5 months for holidays so you'll be seeing updates for this mod on this account as i forgot the information of the account i posted the mod on

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