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    A Life of Puzzles
    This map is a puzzle map made by TheRedBanana7 in 1.7.2 that includes interesting redstone based puzzles ranging in difficulty. Your only "hint" on each puzzle being it's title, you must complete fifteen different puzzles to complete the map.

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    Play The Sequel:
    A Life of Puzzles 2

    1: Play on peaceful and adventure mode. (peaceful is important)
    2: Don't break any blocks. (you will place some)
    3: Don't try to cheat the map in any way.
    4: Have fun or else.

    This map can be done with more than one person, but it could be an issue in certain parts. If you have more than one player be careful on test #4.

    This is version 1.7 of the map, but if you see any problems with it post back on the forums and it will be corrected. Users are the ones that make the map better.
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    Get Your Map on YouTube
    Hi there, I'm TheRedBanana7. Normally my youtube channel is for my map trailers and how-to videos, but I decided that I should try something new. As an opportunity to get popularity for your maps, and to grow my own channel, I have decide to play some maps. If you want to check out my channel click this. I know I may not be famous or anything, but I still do have a small following, and if you subscribe it will bring even more attention to your map.
    What Do You Get
    When I play your map you will not only get to see my play it, but I'll give you some tips and tricks that I've learned from making maps. I'll also give you a bit of a review and a score out of ten.
    Why Am I Doing This
    I've been making maps few quite a few months now and I've come to realize that it is hard to get your map noticed and get it the attention it deserves. Because of that, I'm trying to help out some fellow map makers and help them get noticed.
    How Do You Sign Up
    Just comment below with the type of map you have, a brief description, and a link to the forum post. I will NOT play any CTMs or survival maps. Sorry, but they take to long. Also don't expect a video on your map to be out the next day. These things take time. I also don't know how long I will be doing this, or how many maps I will play, but I will do the first few.
    Please, if your map is already very popular, don't ask me to play it. I'm trying to get new people noticed.
    My Channel: TheRedBanana7
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