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    posted a message on MCPS3 OFFICIAL KNOWN BUGS LIST! (TU14)
    Jungle leaves are the incorrect color in 1.04 on the PS3.
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    posted a message on (Pictures Soon!) MC:PE Vanilla++ Texture Pack
    Hi guys,
    I've been working on this texture pack that I feel has been much needed for a while now. This pack contains the current textures from PC Minecraft. Most newer textures are missing from Pocket Edition, so I decided to change that.

    -New gravel texture
    -New grass texture
    -New texture for all raw and cooked foods

    Original Features (Not From PC)
    -Melons are greener and look like watermelons.
    -Chests now have a brighter texture (Looks less depressing).
    -Netherrack looks a lot creepier.
    -Golden Sword looks brighter (Will look better in coming texture updates)

    Upcoming Features
    -New texture for all types of leaves
    -New sapling textures
    -Better gold textures
    -New Charcoal Texture
    -New Lapis Lazuli Block texture

    (coming soon)

    Download Link
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    posted a message on Is it possible to add NEW Items/Blocks to MCPE
    I'm hoping libstubhook will be possible to port on Android. Sure, Android has other forms of mod tools but nothing as advanced as libstubhook. Not trying to be a "wannabe mod" here, but please do not get into the immature discussion about which operating system is king, because that argument is as about as pointless as arguing about politics. Opinions suck, I know.
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    posted a message on MC:PE Updates Thread [LATEST: Possible Snapshot Release Tomorrow!]
    They give us Multiplayer AND gift us with Griefer Tools! Johan marry me pl0x
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    posted a message on MC:PE Updates Thread [LATEST: Possible Snapshot Release Tomorrow!]
    I'm positive Survival Craft isn't coded in C++ which explains it's broad array of features. I imagine Mojang has availability on such a wide range of devices purely because more devices = more cash flow. However, with some devices getting older and older, they will probably get cut off to allow more features (ex: Caves and larger worlds).

    Quote from PureEp1cness

    I wonder if lava will be more common now??, and if there even will be lava buckets... B)

    There was a suggestion on the subreddit for MCPE about having lava spawn in Nether Reactors. Johan said "Why doesn't it already spawn lava? That would be cool." in reply. So i'd imagine it's not too far of a stretch to be able to get more lava.
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    posted a message on Why Pocket Edition Should Have Google Play Games Service Support (Petition coming soon!)
    Today Google announced their new social media gaming service to the public. This new service is heavily social-gaming based and would be great for Pocket Edition.

    Pros of Having "Google Play Games" Support
    • Google Play Games is multi-platform, which means the API is compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems.
    • The service has native support for Achievements, so it should be easy to implement.
    • It can sync game data to the cloud. You can stop mining on your Nexus 7 and pick up mining again on your itouch.

    Cons of Having "Google Play Games" Support
    • Google+ accounts and Mojang accounts are not the same, however using the same email could be used for syncing your worlds.
    • Achievements cannot be shared

    I'll post more later-- Bad tornadoes in my area right now, gotta take shelter D:
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    posted a message on Lifeboat Network | Frontier, a 150-slot Survival Server |
    For some odd reason the servers still don't recognize me as a donor. This is odd.
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    posted a message on Lifeboat Network | Frontier, a 150-slot Survival Server |
    Yay, first person to donate from the app! Hope you liked the pics I sent you William :D
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    posted a message on MC:PE Updates Thread [LATEST: Possible Snapshot Release Tomorrow!]
    Last Summer Markus (notch) talked about how MCPE doesn't need so many developers. I believe he said something like "Adding more developers would be like throwing too many bakers at a pie, it would be a mess". It's a good analogy. If you think about it, MCPE is a mobile game, it would be "wasting money" to throw a professional dev team at a game of small scale.
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    posted a message on Lifeboat Network | Frontier, a 150-slot Survival Server |
    I'll be able to donate $10 on Tuesday :)
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    posted a message on Has Jeb ruined Minecraft?
    The horses are one of the reasons that I dislike Jens' recent developments. The horses are too complicated for vanilla Minecraft, and the texture just looks... odd.
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    posted a message on My views on Skydoesminecraft and his nazi-esque "army"
    I've been very annoyed recently, and have been staying away from Minecraft. Why? To put it simple-- Skydoesminecraft.

    Why I'm Annoyed
    When I started playing Minecraft, I was instantly pushed around and harassed on servers because I didn't know what Butter meant, and I wasn't aware of why I should hate squids. I looked up "Butter" on Youtube and found the Butter Mod video from SkydoesMinecraft. I didn't get it. The obnoxious bouts of screaming and yelling, riddled with immaturity, was an immediate red flag. I went back to the homepage and never watched his videos again. Now that I am more fond of Minecraft, I also am more distanced from it. I cannot join a server without hearing things like:
    I'm very angered by this.

    Why I strongly dislike SkydoesMinecraft's "fans"
    It's no question that the Youtuber's fans are very annoying. However, if you think about it, his fans have more similarities to the Nazi army than they do to the One Direction Fandom of Hormones. Nazi's are known to say things like "HAIL HITLER" and "NIEN", and surprisingly, "SkyArmy Recruits" also have annoyingly terrifying catchphrases like "BUDDER" and "SKYDOESMINECRAFT RULES". Plus, the forums are plagued with "SKYARMYRECRUIT(insert random number here)" as well as Youtube. It's safe to say that this "fanbase" is turning into/already is the Nazi army of the Minecraft Community. Also, did I mention that they discriminate Squid-Likers and Non-Sky fans? Hmmm, the striking similarity is appalling.

    Analyzing the dysfunctional Army of Children
    To be honest, yelling out butter and other Sky-related things in real life will most likely get you mugged, whether it's the streets, school, or prison simply for the annoyance of the terms. Most of Sky's fans are young boys (girls, rarely) who are looking for a role model and someone to look up to. Unfortunately, Sky is "role model material" in their eyes. I guess his immaturity is truly baffling the kids, and turning atheists into Sky-Believers (because the fandom is basically a religion). In the most honest words, Parents should monitor what their children watch on Youtube and not to allow them on it unless they are the age of 13 and over.

    Where Sky Makes The Mistakes
    Any smart person wouldn't use profanity or cuss in videos that 95% of the viewers are children. That's where Sky makes the big mistake. Dropping F-bombs and other words is surely not kid friendly material and will only influence what kids say in real life. Sure Sky seems like a friendly guy, but he needs to smarten up and realize the effect his actions will take on kids.

    Why TheBajanCanadian is truly ruined for me
    I've been watching semi-popular Youtuber "TheBajanCanadian" since his collab channel ASF became popular. When he switched over to Minecraft I liked him even more. However, he has been collaborating with Sky a lot lately and now Bajan's comments are slowly **but surely** being populated with Skydoesminecraft-esque usernames and terms. Because of this overpopulation, I am being annoyed with Bajan, and can't even play on his servers without seeing Sky Worshipers. It needs to stop.

    I've shared my thoughts, and before anything else...Skydoesminecraft worshipers, get at me. I'm not going to request them not to hate me, because they can do what they want. Simply put, I could care less what they think.
    I've written this article to prove valid points and increase awareness of the unfortunate plague. Sky is a nice guy, but his fans really ruin things for me.
    Now that i've shared my final thoughts, I'd like to know what you all think:

    What is your opinion on Sky and have you had enough?
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    posted a message on Further – An improved default texture for your #MCPE !
    Could you change the leaves texture to look like PC leaves as well as updating the standard leather armor texture?
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    posted a message on Lifeboat Network | Frontier, a 150-slot Survival Server |

    When I was walking, it teleported me back and "stopped" the server (shutting it down). I think my internet had a brain fart and the server thought I was Speed-Hacking.

    It's not just you, I think it's happening for everyone else.
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    posted a message on Lifeboat Network | Frontier, a 150-slot Survival Server |
    I can donate within the hour* mr.WilliamTDR :)
    I'll be able to donate between $10-15, as I still need to negotiate with my parents. I really like the servers (besides the hacking, of course), and want them to continue.
    For when I send the email and include my IP Address, which one do I include (Gateway, DNS, Regular IP, or all three)?

    P.s: For some reason the servers stop halfway through. I was on a good streak D: Also, there's a hacker named Skythekidrs that has been using flyhacks a lot in the past, and has been using the freecrafting mod for a while. Please ban him.

    *There's been a little bit of a complication. I can donate next Tuesday when I receive my allowance.
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