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    So I'm having an issue where my hand and any item I hold will be semi-transparent. I've only come across this issue while being near an Apiary, so I assume it's a forestry bug but I haven't found any solution online whatsoever.

    Can someone perhaps help me figure this out?

    I will list my mods if needed.

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    posted a message on Flora Sky - Pure Vanilla Server

    Your nickname: 29
    How old are you: 16
    Any form of contact(steam, skype, tox, ...?): Skype, will provide in-game/in pm if wanted
    Do you have microphone(we have a mumble server): Yes, don't use it often though.
    What is your timezone (server is located in Europe): (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)
    How often will you play: ~4-6 a day, depending on if I am busy or not
    Can you send us screenshots of your builds(not like we looking for only pro designers, we just like to not have multiple dirt... you know what, on our server): I do not since I have just recently gotten into MC again after the server I played on for months had closed down (I forgot the IP so I don't know for sure) but I do try my best.

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    posted a message on *New Vanilla SMP Server!* No official name. Whitelisted!

    IGN: xx9 (Pronounced 29)

    Age: 16
    Skype: Will provide in PM or in-game if wanted.
    Timezone: EST
    Top three Minecraft Skills: OK with redstone, mining, having fun.
    What can you bring to the server: I am a respectful, friendly player willing to help out anyone on things like their projects (building, etc).
    How long have you played Minecraft: ~3-4 years, somewhere around there.
    Have you been banned: Not to my knowledge, if I have it would be from years ago when I first bought the game.
    Would you like to tell me some other stuff: If the low post count worries you/influences your decision, please take note of this: I created this account to match my new in-game username as I had forgotten the email/password used to login to my other account.

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    posted a message on [3Yrs Old] Just-Vanilla || Community Based || Mature || Just Pure Vanilla || 24/7 | Weekly +Weekend Contests || Discord |

    Minecraft IGN: xx9 (Pronounced 29)

    Age: 16

    Why do you want to join this server?:

    Haven't played MC on server in a while, and the last one I was on lasted quite some time (until I forgot the IP and it eventually closed). Stumbled across this thread and noticed it was only made a few days ago (meaning a fresh start!) and I would love to be a new addition to the server, as it's exactly how I enjoy playing minecraft: In a mature community where every one respects on another.

    Have you read & agree on the Rules?: Yes, I have.

    If the 0 (now 1) post count worries you, it's because I made a new forum account after having forgotten the password to my other one (plus this one goes with my new username).

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