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The Evil and Supreme,Diamondbrine!!!!!!!Needs to intruduce himself...As the leader of the BlueMagic Team...
We Served a high authority..... So do not ask me to join its only for great builders and artists....

Bluemagic members
Leaders TheEvilAndSupremeDiamondbrine and TheGreatAndPowerfulTrixie(formerly name)
1 Lincsbro
2 Lucario/SmileSlime
3 The Loopster
4 TheToxicGamer

I am in love with a girl named The Bored and Useless Trixie (Tip:GreatandPowerful is also BoredandUseless)

I live in Stockholm,Sweden....

I am doing a map call SM64PE... its coming soon...
My Wiki:
Interests I am a Wither! MWAHAHAHA! My Girlfirend is Bored and Useless Trixie (formerly,maybe) As the son of Herobrine..I must be evil!

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Minecraft D1amondBr1ne