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Hey I'm Pixel and I'm 16 years old. I've been playing Minecraft since late 2011 and currently I'm an admin on Aminecraft (a server that has a TON of history and been around since early 2012. IP: I used to own a Whitelist Server in 2014-2015 but sadly that came to an end all to soon (shout out to my family). My currant Minecraft username is ThePixelDestiny but you might also know me by my past 2 names "aman0226" and "amanplaysmc". Hope to see you fighting creepers and Building epic things.



Many many many things interest me and honestly some of them don't even go together hahaha. I'm a huge nerd and I'm into anything from Lord of The Rings to Marvel. I also really like Rap/Hip-Hop (Eminem is still the G.O.A.T. by the way) and dubstep music. I love camping and the outdoors in general. History is probably one of my favorite things to talk about (Mostly 1900-1991) and can talk about it for hours on end. I also LOVE sports! My favorite sports teams are: NFL: Cincinnati Bangles (Please fire Marven Lewis like right now...), NCAA (Football and Basketball): Liberty University Flames (First FBS season: 2018-2019... and calling it now getting a sweet sixteen in 2019-2020), MLB: Toronto Blue Jays (We will be back to the World Series in 2025 calling it now). NBA: I actually don't really like the NBA but if I had to pick the Miami Heat. Premier League: Manchester City (Became a fan in 2014 when I started getting into soccer and they had the really cool eagle logo so NO I'm not a bandwagoner).

Location The Mid-West

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Minecraft ThePixelDestiny Xbox PS4 IS BETTER! PSN coolmann0226 Steam ThePixelDestiny Twitch ThePixelDestiny Nintendo Don't have one *cry*