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    posted a message on ★ DrugRun ★ JUST RESET! ★ Drugs ★ Recipes ★ Custom ★ Quality ★ Police ★ Factions ★ McMMO ★ Quests ★ Economy ★ Ranks

    In-game Username: ThePieGamer99
    Timezone & location: GMT, Glasgow, Scotland
    Why do you want to join the Police Force: I would like to join the Police Force as i have a passion for protecting my community from illegal or legal drugs as any form of drugs which in reality effects a lot of peoples families and can even result in great losses inside of families.
    Why should we accept you: I feel you should accept me into the Police Force as i would do a sufficient job being apart of Police Team to protect the citizens of the DrugRun server, I would also dedicated a lot of time working on the server battling the drug problem issue by trying to prosecute dealers within the spawn points, I understand if i do not get accepted at this time but i can promise i will always work to my best ability and put 100% effort and attention into this job opportunity .

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