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    I try to seduce the cake

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    Added clams and pearls, along with images for them.

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    As the title implies, this is yet another ocean suggestion, this will have things that have been suggested before, but also things that haven’t, along with new twists to old suggestions.

    I’ll start with the small stuff, then slowly get to the more interesting things.

    New types of fish

    Minecraft currently has 4 species of fish, and that’s fine! But why not add more?

    Goldfish are very rare, and can be eaten, giving Water Breathing for 5 minutes. Or used to fully heal or instantly tame a cat.

    Fish bones aren’t exactly a new species, they’re just...fish bones, and not really for the player. They can be either turned into bone meal, or used to tame both wolves and ocelots.

    Fish mobs

    You saw this one coming from the title, I know you did. But fish mobs are a long time coming, they’d be purely ambient like bats, so they don’t drop anything, would be too overpowered if they did considering how common they’d be. They come in the same variations as the fish items, and will swim away from other mobs.


    While the Minecraft sea needs more life, so does the seaside, these birds would spawn not only in oceans but also beaches. They have 6 health points and drop 1-2 feathers, 0-1 fish and 1-3 xp.

    They’re attracted by fish, and will attack any they see swimming near them.

    Gulls would not only be great for visual ambience, but their sounds would also add a lot.

    Seaweed and coral

    Seaweed would basically be the underwater version of tallgrass, pretty much the same thing, even with a two-block high version.

    Corals on the other hand, are brand new colorful blocks that come in all 16 colors, each with a slightly different pattern, and they’d naturally generate in various shapes.

    Clams and pearls

    Clams would spawn naturally in the ocean floor, they're blocks, and you can break em. Once broken, they have a chance of dropping either nothing, experience, or fishing loot, including a new item, the pearl, which can be used to craft a merely decorative/building block.

    Aquatic arrows

    Alright so, this isn’t a new suggestion, but it’s still a good one. Basically, ever since 1.8 arrows are slowed down underwater, making them pretty useless there, so why not have an arrow made out of prismarine that works perfectly underwater?

    Just like spectral arrows, it can’t be tipped with potions, for balancing and consistency purposes.

    Sea mines

    Yet another thing made out of prismarine, these mines can not only be crafted, but also found naturally in deep oceans, however, I’d recommend you stay away from them, because simply just touching them can make them explode, along with hitting them, shooting them, nearby explosions and any contact in general.

    When placed underwater they will stay where they were placed, if it’s above ground they’re affected by gravity.

    Squid improvements

    Squid are pretty boring, so here’s a few things that could make them slightly less boring.

    First of all, baby squids, they’re in pocket edition so it only makes sense they’d be in PC too. Another thing that is PE exclusive is them shooting ink particles when hit, and, once again, should be in the java edition.

    They should also try to get back on water if stranded, even if it’s very slowly.

    Squids could also have varied skin colors, instead of just blue, more color would just make the oceans nicer in general.

    They would also be less common, since we’d have fish to fill up the blue.

    Pirate ships (images soon)

    Pirate ships are a new structure, with two variations, the regular one and the sunken one. The sunken ship isn’t anything interesting, just...a sunken ship. They might have some chests with fishing loot.

    Regular ships on the other hand, spawn in the ocean surface, the most interesting thing about them is the loot, it will have fishing loot, gold ingot, nuggets and tools, along with a small chance of prismarine shards and crystals. And also…. pirate pigmen. Yup, you heard that right.

    “But what’s the connection!? Why pirate pigmen? Why not regular humans or villagers??”

    Well, I wanted to be original, regular humans don’t seem too fitting, we already have many villagers variations and there’s even more planned in the future. So I went with pigmen because they’re known for liking gold, just like pirates!

    Pigmen (images soon)

    Same health points and damage as zombie pigmen, spawn in the pirate ships holding golden swords. They’re neutral, meaning they’d only attack you if you attack them, or if you open any of the chests around ‘em. They’d drop gold ingots, and have a smaller chance of dropping their sword, or a new item, called spyglass. When right clicked, they’d be able to zoom in, and are basically optifine’s zoom feature.

    Parrots may also spawn around the ship.

    Sirens (images soon)

    Last but not least, sirens, since I’ve added two new sea related weapons, might as well add a challenge.

    They would uncommonly spawn in deep oceans, and have an interesting way of attacking, when they spot you, they will sing, and literally attract you, like, they will pull you into them and start damaging you once you’re close, dealing half a heart per half second.

    20 health points, when killed they have a chance of dropping a new item called Siren’s Pearl, which can be brewed into a Potion of Attraction.

    When drunk, it actually attracts items around you, level I attracting items up to 5 blocks away, level II, 10 blocks.

    Anyways, that’s it for now, please tell me what you think of it. I might add more to it if I come up with anything.

    Update 1: Aquatic Arrows now crafted with prismarine crystal instead of shards, sirens are no longer limited to ocean monuments

    Update 2: Added clams and pearls

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    I'd just like to suggest that, a better name for this would be vase.

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    To add to the other replies, the forcefield is really helpful for mapmakers, so removing it wouldn't be a good idea.

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    I'd really like this, bricks aren't very useable so something with their texture but available in the 16 colors would be nice.

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    posted a message on Force pirate language if MC copy isn't genuine

    This is fantastic, no joke. I want to see this added, this is one of the best things posted recently here. It's small but genius.

    I support this, I really do.

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    Yeah sure thing why not.

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    Llamas are the greatest thing since crafted bread.

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    Quote from Mastermined»

    Isn't Nitwit a community term though, because he doesn't have any trades? Pretty sure the Mojang staff don't actually call them Nitwits, or were planning to name them Nitwits.

    Actually, it's an official term. In the snapshot they were added, when you could look into their trading GUI they were called "Nitwit".
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    This is a pretty clever idea, using reverse thinking to guide players, but...it feels a little out of place to me, like, there's no other dialogue in Minecraft, or indication that they speak English, or can even speak at all.

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    Will happen. Their current plan is for all of the versions to have the same features.

    The recipe menu is probably not happening though, ruins the point of recipes.

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    Banned because your avatar caught my attention

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    Only after looking at it a bunch of times I noticed the eevees.

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