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    posted a message on [WIP] [Updated 2015/7/28] ThePhysician2000's furniture mod: Comming soon!

    Although this reply is somewhat late, due to me not hovering around here like I used to, I figured I might as well say it.

    In reality, I stopped updating this mod for three reasons: Life, Plagiarism, and Convenience.

    On the convenience side of things, I basically had no idea what I was doing. Essentially, I was looking at other people's code to see how they did something, like inventories, and making my own spin on that. There aren't too many tutorials that go in-depth about the more complex Minecraft things -I remember how it took me months to figure out how to properly rotate a block- and I really hated being forced to look at the source code just to do simple things. Since I was still in school, I didn't have much spare time to take Java lessons; and in all honesty, I hate the language anyways. And no, I'm not a C++ advocate. I also hate C++.

    Then there was plagiarism. I don't know if it was honestly him/her stealing my ideas or not, but a certain someone who's mod is more popular than mine kept adding features to his mod that I was going to add to mine. That got real old real fast after he added a fish tank.

    And then life. About two years before I graduated, I realized that I was wasting my time playing Minecraft instead of more productive things. I had been playing on my favorite server, "Happy Valley", and I was basically the only one there 90% of the time, until one day I remembered what my father said about people he knew wasting their lives on games. I then decided I needed to change, and I swapped over to watching anime as my main hobby. I figured I was better off with something I get tired of more easily than focusing on the more-addictive sandbox game.

    And that's pretty much it. I honestly don't think I'll be updating this mod until such a time as I have nothing more productive to do. You may see a 1.24 version, but don't hold your breath.

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    posted a message on Misquoting
    Quote from PepsiCola350»

    Screw your opinion! Don't be so childish! Water ballons! Really! >:(

    Oi, oi, who's childish? What you have said doesn't make you seem any more like an adult.
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    posted a message on The Elements Mod [1.7.10][1.8][FORGE]
    Quote from ZEkA10000»

    Lol :rolleyes:

    Ehh? I don't get it.

    Also, wow, two years since this mod was last updated? I think that breaks my record.
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    posted a message on Locate command in 1.11.2 is bogus
    Quote from Cryptopian»

    I've noticed something similar with portals. As a test I stacked three portals on top of each other with the middle one at the same y in the nether as the y in the overworld, and it took me to the one that had the same y. Then I broke the one in the middle and moved it 50 blocks away. The overworld portal still linked me to the one with the closest y even though the x and z of the other two were closer to what should have been the target location.

    I discovered that accidentally when I ended up with a portal loop. Portal A in the overworld sent me to portal B in the nether., but portal B in the nether sent me to portal C in the overworld, and portal C in the overworld sent me to portal D in the nether, and portal D in the nether sent me back to portal A in the overworld!

    So, in other words, it's in how the game processes the location of structures in general, and this has nothing to do with the actual command itself.
    Also, that is very weird. Not quite sure how that happened.

    Quote from TheMasterCaver»

    That shouldn't be happening if they calculated the distance correctly; that is x * x + y * y + z * z, where xyz is the difference between the player and structure coordinates; the effect of y will be insignificant for all but very short distances (usually less than 64; the deepest mineshaft I've seen had its center room at y=5; assuming you are not flying at y=1000 or something).

    Unless... they have y in blocks while x and z are in chunks and/or they are not correctly converting to/from chunk/block coordinates (chunk coordinates are the more likely measure to use since structures generate aligned to chunks, not blocks). The command doesn't even give you the exact y coordinate in many cases since that requires actually generating the structure (as opposed to calling a simple canSpawnHere() method, which only accepts chunk x/z coordinates).

    I think the formula could be simplified to [ |x1 - x2| + |y1 - y2| + |z1 - z2| ] where '1' is the structure's location and '2' is the player's.
    That chunk co'ords thing could very well be the source of the problem, and also be something that Mojang could easily overlook.

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    posted a message on 1.12 news and updates (source: Twitter @jeb_)

    I like the new colors, but I don't see reason to get rid of the old ones. I'd prefer if they had both, using twice the dye for these new 'vibrant' textures.

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    posted a message on Locate command in 1.11.2 is bogus
    Quote from Cryptopian»

    That's a good thought. I went back into the creative mode copy and checked it out.

    Starting at 87 99 375 (petty close to the world spawn point) I get the following:

    /locate Mineshaft reports 2056 (y?) 1160 the actual closest mineshaft point to that location was 1989 42 1181

    I moved a couple dozen blocks and tried locate again.
    This time it reported: 1160 (y?) 2056 and the actual closest mineshaft point was 1206 19 2071

    The closest mineshaft in reality to the starting point of 87 375 is at 354 34 280 which depthwise is between the other two.

    Curiously, standing at 1240 62 2099, almost directly over that mineshaft, typing /locate Mineshaft does find the mineshaft under my feet.

    So I was kinda right; it looks like it's looking for the closest on the Y axis, not highest, then looking at the X and Z axises. It could be considered a bug, I guess, since the Y axis doesn't really affect travel.
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    posted a message on 1.11.2 Anvil Changes...
    Quote from mrbrianweldon»

    Mojang have never ever worked like that. They make changes all the time that people hate and they do not change back. A recent example being nerfing mending on infinity bows.

    I don't quite understand exactly WHY they did that. Guess what? I have a bone and arrow farm!
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    posted a message on 1.11.2 Anvil Changes...

    It's probably Mojang doing something silly.

    "Oh, hey look! You can rename a stack of items for the same cost as a single item! It even includes the Anvil's durability changing the same! NERF!"

    Never mind the fact that all it does is cost us more Iron. :P We DO have Iron farms, y'know. LOL

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    posted a message on Locate command in 1.11.2 is bogus

    I'm guessing it's doing it by layer (E.G. the highest mineshaft gets detected first). What were the Y-co'ords for them?

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    posted a message on [WIP] [Updated 2015/7/28] ThePhysician2000's furniture mod: Comming soon!

    Little bit of status report:

    Things so far have been good. Post 1.8 actually made some things easy, such as rotation.

    As for inventories, I have no clue whether or not I can get them working. Basically, I am working off of pure deduction, as I can no longer find ANY info beyond the basics, blocks, items, etc., as any 'advanced modding' is pre-1.8, which is basically becoming irrelevant to me. I think I can succeed, but don't hold your breath.

    Note: Some current blocks will NOT be compatible with the new ones, as the TileEntities are changing. I may also be moving this over to the completed mods, as inventories are the ONLY thing holding me back.

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    posted a message on [WIP] [Updated 2015/7/28] ThePhysician2000's furniture mod: Comming soon!

    When you create a new texture for something, and realize there is a "little" problem:

    (For those who do not get the joke, good ol' flamestone is FAR too vivid for this.)

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    posted a message on [WIP] [Updated 2015/7/28] ThePhysician2000's furniture mod: Comming soon!
    Quote from LadySadee»

    Any chance this'll get updated to 1.10? It looks great!

    Maybe. It's well overdue for an update.
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    posted a message on Trapdoor item elevator (1.9+)

    So, a while ago I built a trapdoor Item elevator. Today I accidentally washed almost all the redstone away. When I look for the tutorial for this design, I couldn't find it anymore. Can anyone please direct me to the tutorial for this?

    It's setup looks something like this:

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    posted a message on Visual/Resourcepack - Removal of level(s) above experience bar?

    Why do you want to remove the levels number? To my knowledge, such a thing has never been done before.

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    posted a message on Bad Mobs - Rid your world of unwanted pests!
    Quote from User_21246229»
    I posted this on curse too I just don't know which gets checked more...

    Ok, I need help. So as mentioned in the description this mod IS
    multiplayer friendly but i can not for the life of me get this mode to
    work on my server. Up until a couple of minutes ago I WAS getting the
    "fatally missing blocks" error but i ended up reinstalling everything
    and blah blah and now I no longer get that error. Unfortunately this is
    worse cause now I have no lead on what the issue is! In multiplayer when
    I add any of the monsters/mobs to the banned list the creature
    disappears... but i just mean it's invisible. I can still hear the
    monster and if I change game mode to survival I get attacked by the
    monster, but i can't see it and can't fight it as well. I know it's
    there because I have even locked it in a room with bad mobs not on, then
    turned it on, can hear and be attacked by it, then I turned bad mobs
    off again and there it is in the room. I honestly have looked so hard
    for an answer but idk what to do. Oh I almost forgot, YES I did turn on
    server mode. I've tried with killmode and server mode off, both on, one
    on and the other off vice versa, and all bad mobs does is turn it
    invisible. I literally only want this mode to turn off creepers cause I
    don't mind to other monsters. Also my client and server forge versions
    are the same and all the mods I have are the same versions in both
    client and server. As I said I reinstalled everything a minute ago and
    that was what fixed the fatal error i was getting. Please please help
    idk what to do about this. The mod works on single player perfectly just
    not multiplayer. And also there is no error or crash or anything so I
    dont have a log to share that would be of any help.

    One last thing i forgot to mention: I'm using 1.7.10 because all the
    mods I want for my server only have that version in common so hopefully
    this is still fixable...

    Are you using it on the server itself, or in your mods folder?
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