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    posted a message on [16x][1.7.2] Wayukian pack (Magma slime & blaze previews on pg. 144) [800k+ downloads]
    Quote from Wayuki

    Thanks for the comments, guys! :biggrin.gif:

    @ThePaleRecluse: I'm personally not fond of Ad.Fly. Although it won't stop me from downloading a pack, I find it a bit annoying to be honest.

    Ahhh. Well, I understand. Just letting you know you deserve some kind of income for this pack. It's great. ^^;

    Can't wait to see your take on the screenshot items. I suppose I can wait until the release, but my world just looks so blasé without this texture pack, and unfortunately, it's situated next to a lovely jungle, so all I see are gray sticks and green blobs when using it. :[
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    posted a message on [16x][1.0] PIXELUDI PACK, Home of the Ender Basilisk!
    Ahah! Long have I waited and wanted, and now the waiting is assuaged with sweet relief from default textures. Armed with my very favorite Stitchpunk skin, and a brand new world to explore, soon I'll be delving deep into the expansive and immersive world I've come to miss from Pixeludi textures. From the Nether to the End, I'm sure I'll be reveling in it all. As I type, the Ad.Fly link is ticking down, and the World of Warcraft ad is telling me how much Chuck Norris loves his hunter class, but I couldn't care less about either, all I'm eager for is more Pixeludi.
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    posted a message on [16x][1.0] PIXELUDI PACK, Home of the Ender Basilisk!
    Quote from Mruqe »
    Damn! I bloody HATE the fact that I wasn't able to keep my promise and post the update during the weekend. But I was to tired after my first week in new job and I simply had to get some sleep. The work is very hectic but also satisfying. I'll do my best to post the update tomorrow, but I make no promises this time.

    As of now, the terrain file is 100% done, but I haven't even touch the new achievement-related graphics.

    It's only 10:40pm here, but I'm so tired that I can hardly keep my eyes open. Good night!

    Well, don't lose too much sleep over it; I think we can wait another few days. Good to hear you got a job, though!
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    posted a message on [32x] [1.5] OVERGROWN [V2.0] (New Poll - Alt. version?)
    Wow. From the screenshots, this looks like some high quality stuff. I'll download and check it out more fully.

    EDIT: Well, being the first post, I feel obligated to give one of my larger reviews, so here goes. In order of what I saw:

    That splash screen is absolutely beautiful, please don't change it. I literally sighed with pleasure when I saw it. Its simple, elegant, and the text is well visible.

    Your menu is clean, and well colored as well. The logo is an unfortunate bit, but that's not your fault. I would recommend making your own though; The new one isn't really the greatest. Sorry Mojang; but you goofed on that one.

    New world, SMPCommands, I start spawning stuff.
    I personally really like your dirt. It's smooth, and the sidegrass is easy on the eyes; its not too glaring, but when closely inspected, its a bit too soft.
    That creeper is terrifying, leave it be. That mouth... Its the first creeper I've seen with an open mouth. It gave my quite a jump. My only suggestion is to make it a little less round.
    The spider is an interesting one; if I may suggest, give it a role to play in this post-apocalyptic land. Why was it created, what created it, why does it have a wire basket as its "abdomen". Is it kidnapping other creatures for their parts?
    The cow is wonderfully mutated, and I can only hope the armor (When it comes!) is equally as purple.
    That pig zombie... Its absolutely amazing. It gave me the idea that, whatever this apocalypse was, people caused it by going into the nether, and it mutated and killed them. And turned them into pigs. Its stellar.
    Your nuclear lava is excellent, as is your water. The two mixed parts, Cobble and Obsidian, both look great as well; and the cobble being metal plates makes me think the water is so full of iron, high heat and radiation just instantly turns it to solid metal. Granted, it has rivets, but, suspension of reality. :wink.gif:
    Chests and furnaces are fitting, though the chests could use a bit indication that they're chests; they blend a bit with your cobble.
    Smoothstone looks awesome, no complaints there. Mossy Cobble also looks nice, a very rusted look.
    I have a bit of an issue with your cactus, while it is clever, its also very hard to tell its a cactus. I tried to climb one, not realizing at first what it was. Unless, of course, that's your plan; to kill us all with pretend cacti. Heheh.
    Ores are great, very noticeable and distinct. Especially coal, that made me chuckle.
    I like your glowstone, but the netherrack is just a bit too odd looking. If you gave it a more organic texture, perhaps the nether would work as a single, radioactive organism with metal fixtures, but as it is, it looks to me like green tinfoil.
    Your breaking animation is smooth, and it's a nice transition; not too large a jump, but noticeable, even on obsidian.
    Ore blocks are excellent, no complaints there. Gold as caution blocks give them a use as building material, which is nice.
    If you could possible make Brick and Sandstone tile together, that'd be a nice feature, Unless you have future plans for sandstone.
    I'm not a huge fan of the Jack o' Lantern, but the pumpkin is eerie enough to make up for it. If you possibly make the face a bit sharper, it would be more appealing, as well as using a brighter shade for the face; it is giving off light, and the face currently just looks like a dull yellow smeared-on face.
    Wools are great, no suggestions there.
    I really like your glass as Iron Mesh, but if you could possibly widen up the mesh a bit to improve visiblity, or thin the sides of the glass, that would help see out of it.

    Well, I probably missed plenty, but it's late. If there's anything else you'd like an opinion on, feel free to ask.
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    posted a message on [1.4_01] VarietalSaplings (grow pine & birch) *no update*
    Oh my god, I love you. I was just asking for this, and then you come along with it.
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    posted a message on [Request] Mod to fix stuck keys
    It happens with me whenever I click the mouse and move at the same time as well.

    Which causes issues whenever I try my hand at combat, building, moving... Basically everything.
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