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    Sounds promising, I'd certainly join this, if it came to be!

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    Username: TheNinthOne

    Interests: Writing, roleplaying, breathing

    Roleplays: ...

    Preferred Genres/Themes: I don't really care about what a roleplay is about, as much as I care about how well it's run, how active it is, and how unique or interesting the plot/concept is. I am, though, generally more interested in sci-fi and fantasy roleplays, and I don't think I'd ever join a majorly romance-based roleplay.

    Preferred Post-Lengths: I don't care how long others' posts are, as long as I have something to reply to. As for my posts, I think I usually have about two to five sentences in my average post.

    Preferred Activity Levels: For roleplays that I join, I appreciate if at least one person posts at least every other day (otherwise I tend to lose interest very quickly)

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    Name: Icarus Fverilin
    Age: 30

    Role: Medical officer

    Appearance: Icarus is a rather tall man, with short, neatly kept black hair, pale skin, and pale, icy blue eyes. He has a chiseled face that may be classified as oblong, with a firm, rather square jawline. His features are quite sharp and defined, and are decently proportionate with the rest of his face. Aboard the Ulysses XVI, Icarus wears the standard uniform of a medical officer, though he often wears a black trench coat as well.

    History: Icarus Fverilin, born to a fairly wealthy and privileged family, never expected to end up in space. Oddly enough, Icarus hates space, making his presence aboard the Ulysses XVI quite strange. As a young boy, Icarus aspired to become a skilled doctor or surgeon, his hopes set high. He pursued his passion with the help of his family’s wealth, becoming quite successful in medical school and soon graduating. However, several years into his career, Icarus was found guilty of the theft of confidential information and other important data, despite his insistence that he had been framed, which was never confirmed nor found to be apocryphal. Immediately forced from his job, and with a serious criminal record, Icarus found himself with nowhere left to turn but to the position as a medical officer amongst the fleets of the Empire of Humanity. Icarus had always hated the idea of being in space, surrounded by nothing but emptiness and confined to a small, flimsy metal box packed with others who he would be forced suffer under for months on end, but had no other options. Of course, Icarus regretted his decision from the moment he made it, but, as aforementioned, it was his only hope.

    Other: I have much more history to add, but that will be revealed in many flashbacks during the actual roleplay. I have a feeling I'd completely ruin it if I tried to put it into application-form.

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    Oh, could I claim the doctor? I've got a character that would work rather well for this, as a doctor.

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    I would certainly be interested in this roleplay!

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    I would certainly be interested in joining this roleplay!

    If anyone would like to make some characters who happen to know each other (post amnesia) before the roleplay starts, to boost activity and roleplaying opportunities, PM me!

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    ((OOC thread here))

    Planet 10778 was, by the standards of the companies, the miracle planet. It had all they needed; medicine, resources, and opportunities for discovery were in an abundance across the planet. At first, of course, all were overjoyed. Soon, however, the flawed humans that made up the companies began to display their faults. After a week of dispute over the rightful owners of the planet's resources, groups from the three companies gathered on the surface of the planet, engaged in a massive verbal showdown.

    From somewhere amidst the crowd, a quiet voice muttered something only those close to them could hear.

    "Oh, what's the point? We all know where this is going."

    A flash accompanied the resounding noise of a blaster being fired. Near the middle of the crowd, a major instigator of the argument collapsed. All was silent for a moment. Then, chaos broke out.

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    @Zyngard - Accepted! I'm going to put up the IC thread right now, feel free to post as soon as you're ready.

    My characters:

    Name: Sylvia Lochrane

    Gender: Female

    Age: 31

    Affiliation: The Serin Front/Serin

    Appearance: Sylvia has wavy, dark hair that reaches to just past her shoulders. This hair frames her face well, emphasising her small yet strong, defined features. Sylvia’s eyes are a rather vibrant, deep shade of blue. She is slightly taller than the average woman of her age, quite fit, and has a fairly muscular build.

    History: While she is in no way disrespectfully opinionated, Sylvia does have quite strong beliefs, and will not hesitate to point out any problems she sees with a plan. Sylvia is immensely loyal to those who she trusts and the organizations that she believes in. Although she may seem quite serious in times of need, specifically when she is solving problems and confronting situations, Sylvia is usually the first to attempt to lighten the mood when times are dark, and is quite a casual, calm person when there is no immediate danger.

    Sylvia was first born to a middle-class family in the empire of Serin. She had a rather normal upbringing, and was soon on the path to a successful life. Sylvia was quite involved with politics as a child, and even considered it as a career, before deciding on a more materialistic occupation. After completing her education, Sylvia was quick to join The Serin Front, and was soon recruited to the mission that would take her to the farthest reaches of the universe, and eventually, Planet 10778. While she served as one of the main pilots aboard the ship for most of the voyage, Sylvia is also proficient in several other areas of skill, notably engineering.

    Name: Icarus Fverilin

    Gender: Male

    Age: 33

    Affiliation: The Ertos Legion/Kreos

    Appearance: Icarus is a rather tall man, with pale skin, close cropped black hair, and pale, icy blue eyes. Icarus has quite defined features, and carries himself in a rather dignified way, which adds to his rather official presentation.

    History: Icarus Fverilin, born to a fairly wealthy and privileged family, never expected to end up in space. Oddly enough, Icarus hates space, making his presence on Planet 10778 quite strange. As a young boy, Icarus aspired to become a skilled doctor or surgeon, his hopes set high. He pursued his passion with the help of his family’s wealth, becoming quite successful in medical school and soon graduating. However, just before Icarus got the chance to apply for a job, he was framed, and wrongly found guilty of a local robbery. It wasn’t a major crime, however the news did reach all local hospitals in the area, ruining Icarus’ chances of getting any sort of job close to home. With nowhere left to go, and without enough qualifications to get a good job away from home where news of the crime had not reached, Icarus had nowhere left to turn but to the Ertos Legion, which had sent out a request for recruits for a mission to the farthest reaches of the universe, to find medicine for the recent outbreak of Whikteria. Icarus had always hated the idea of being in space, surrounded by nothing but emptiness and confined to a small, flimsy metal box filled with others who could quite possibly turn out to be annoying, but had no other options. The moment Icarus stepped aboard the ship, he regretted his decision, however couldn’t turn back.
    Icarus specializes in the area of medicine, and is quite proficient in it, however his personality certainly leaves quite a bit to be desired. Although at first he may seem like a fairly decent man, very crisp and professional, Icarus is rarely polite, and is constantly found making dry, sarcastic comments. He is quite a stubborn man, putting his own needs before those of others and sticking to his points of view first and foremost. Icarus can, quite often, be extremely pessimistic, however during a few rare moments when Icarus is in a good mood, he can show a slightly more light-hearted, optimistic side, and even occasionally share an uncommon laugh with others.
    Icarus’ skills have quite a wide range of usefulness and relevance to being in space. His medical expertise is definitely one of his most useful skills, coming into action quite often. He is also quite hard to anger or frustrate, allowing him to navigate the issues of social interactions while trapped in space quite well. Icarus stays calm and works very well under stress, partly a natural trait, and partly due to years of training in medical school to stay calm under stress during procedures. In contrast, some of his less useful skills are also quite prominent. Icarus is an accomplished linovist (a futuristic instrument similar to the violin), and while this skill can provide a sense of calm to others ot times, it is fairly irrelevant to the trip, and Icarus has grown quite fond of his linovi over the years. Due to this love for his instrument, Icarus insisted on bringing it along for the trip, his stubbornness showing itself when he refused to leave it behind.

    Icarus does have quite a few skills, however, like all human beings, he has his weaknesses as well. Among them are his sometimes aggravating personality and his negativity. Another major flaw of his is his over confidence, coupled with his arrogance. These two together cause Icarus to never doubt himself or his decisions, putting him into extremely dangerous situations at times, just when he thinks he’s won and has let his guard down.

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    @Commandosaur - Accepted! That looks great!

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    In the year 2789, three companies, representing the three main empires of the world, set out into space, in search of valuable resources. In the recent past, Earth had run low on several important substances - namely minerals for energy and medicines for epidemics.

    After years of scouring the universe in their indefinite quest, the companies found their miracle planet: Planet 10778.

    Planet 10778 held everything they needed; minerals, medicinal substances, and even signs of alien life that would be crucial for research and possible first contact with extraterrestrials.

    Each corporation thought they were the first to find these resources, to find Planet 10778. For a week, they disputed over the property of the planet's resources and possible inhabitants. Finally, the first shot rang out. This is where the conflict begins.

    Companies & Empires

    The Ertos Legion / Kreos - Founded by President Orson Ertos in 2772, the Ertos Legion hails from the empire of Kreos, the largest of Earth's empires in terms of population. Kreos is the world leader in medicine and biological research, with highly advanced vaccines and efficient cures for many diseases. Despite Serin's current medical crisis, Kreos refuses to lend help. They are instead focused on a confidential government project; finding and studying strong, possibly alien organisms and creating a drug that will create 'super humans'.

    The Serin Front / Serin - The Serin Front, representing the empire of Serin, was created by the empire during the great divide in 2746, when the three empires were formed. The empire of Serin holds the largest territory, however is the smallest in terms of populations. Serin is by far the most advanced of the empires technologically, and invested a rather large sum in the mission to Planet 10778. Serin is currently suffering from a rapidly spreading outbreak of Whikteria, a deadly virus contracted from infected food and water supplies. The empire is hoping that the mission to Planet 10778 will find an efficient cure.

    The Shield of Urkrast / Urkrast - The Shield of Urkrast, a defensive unit enlisted to travel into the universe with the other companies, is the representative company of the empire of Urkrast. Urkrast is the military powerhouse of the empires, with its large defensive unit in the Shield of Urkrast, and its even larger active army. However, without the technology and weapons that Serin possesses, Urkrast is still vulnerable when it comes to war, despite the size of its military. Due to this weakness, Urkrast is in search of minerals, ores, and other resources that may help them advance technologically on Planet 10778.


    Ships - The base ship of each empire is relatively the same model, as are the smaller navigational ships for the planet’s surface. It is suspected that blueprints for the models were leaked from empires, and stolen by the others. The base ship is quite large and bulky, with enough space to carry the multitude of passengers and their equipment. Smaller vessels that can cover both the land and the sky are contained within these base ships.

    Manufacturing - Several pieces of equipment that can allow for the production, reproduction, and reparation of equipment are also carried on the ships. This equipment varies from empire to empire, however the same general purposes are widely covered in each empire.

    Mining - There is obviously an abundance of mining equipment aboard each ship, that can be used to dig through a wide variety of rocks and minerals. Drills are disassembled drills are among the most common of this equipment.

    Resources & Alien Life on Planet 10778

    Tarith, Adratyl, Forose & Coering - Some of the most common ores found on Planet 10778, listed from strongest to weakest from left to right.

    Arais, Torarais, Fularais - A liquideous substance and it’s rare variations found in the deep caverns of Planet 10778. These substances, when mixed with other minerals, could theoretically be used as a cure or vaccine for various diseases.

    Lukar - Precious crystalline stones that can be melted down to a sap in extreme temperatures. When melted, an oily substance called Lukrin separates and can be harvested.

    Lukrin - An oily substance that can be extracted from melted Lukar crystals. Lukrin can be used as energy to power a wide array of machines.

    Orsals - Squirrel-sized sentient beings found in the caverns of Planet 10778. Orsals are cold-blooded invertebrates with tough exoskeletons that vary in colour between dark blue, dark brown, and dark grey. These arachnid beings have a barbed tail and eight legs, four on either side of their body. A three-pronged crest protrudes from the head of each of these beings, centered on the top of their heads immediately above the middle of their three eyes. Their other eyes rest on the sides of their heads, allowing these creatures a wide range of vision. Orsals are androgynous creatures, having no distinctive gender differences. They live in small colonies of four to eight, and are omnivorous.

    Details of Planet 10778

    Atmosphere - Planet 10778 has an atmosphere toxic to humans, requiring them to wear full body suits at all times, with oxygen reserves. The gravity of the planet is slightly lower than that of Earth.

    Climate / Environment - Slightly farther from its sun than Earth is from it’s sun, Planet 10778 has a slightly colder climate than Earth. Flora is quite scarce on the planet, with the surface being very rocky and dry. The only liquid on the planet is found underground. The only flora is found around pools of this liquid, although even then it is quite rare.

    Beneath the Surface - Beneath the planet’s surface, several distinct layers of substance can be found. The first layer is dominated by earthy, rocky ground, just below the planet’s surface. Caverns expand through this level, down to the almost entirely rock layer below it. From there, the underground becomes much colder, giving way to a barren layer of the planet at which begins the point where no plant life can be found. Lukar crystals begin to appear on this layer. Any liquid found on this level is most certainly frozen. This layer leads to the final, unknown layer, near the planet’s core. What lies within this layer is yet to be discovered.


    All roleplaying should be done in the IC thread (to be created). Roleplaying will begin immediately after the first shot is fired, with the conflict breaking out. It is recommended that all characters participate in this original conflict. From there, the companies should retreat to their ships, settled on the planet’s surface. Overtime, mining and research outposts will be set up, and the companies will abandon the surface to travel deeper into the planet. Ambushes of company outposts will hopefully happen frequently, to keep the roleplay progressing. You may initiate small skirmishes at will, however consult the owner before any major invasions.

    All characters will be wearing the suits of their company, which double as armour, whenever outside of an outpost or their ship. Each company also equips their workers with standard blasters, in the event of an attack from another company. Only those of The Serin Front might have a superior weapon or superior armour. All members of the companies are trained in every role: Research, mining, combat/security, medicine, and any other positions that may be needed.


    • Abide by the general roleplaying rules of the forum.
    • Fully censor any profanity, if its use cannot be avoided.
    • Put the word ‘night’ somewhere in your application so I know you read the rules.
    • All members may have up to six characters, with a maximum of two affiliated with each company. Please avoid creating a second character in a company if you do not already have at least one in each company.
    • All characters must belong to a company, and may not leave the planet’s atmosphere.
    • If you really read all the rules, you’ll know to put ‘time’ instead of ‘night’ in your application.
    • Use grammar, spelling, and other conventions to the best of your ability.
    • Consult the owner before introducing any new alien races, or exploring the final, unknown, underground layer of Planet 10778.
    • I reserve the right to deny applications that I find to be unfit for this roleplay.
    • The appearance section of your application doesn’t need to be too long, however try to make the personality and history section at least a paragraph.
    • If you actually read all of the rules, you’d know to put the word ‘politics’ in your application instead of ‘night’ or ‘time’. You’d also know that you only have to put it in your first application.
    • Members must post at least once every week, unless they have notified the owner of their planned absence beforehand.




    Age (24+):

    Affiliation (Company/Empire):



    IC thread here.

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    "Skye..." Skye offered their name in a distant, vague tone, staring at their surroundings in confusion. They failed to even attempt to provide an immediate answer for any of Ashley's other questions, likely only adding more to her list with their vagueness.

    And possibly about my gender... Skye added to their thoughts with slight dread.

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    Skye was silent as they surveyed their surroundings, declining to acknowledge the others until after they had determined all they could about where they were and what had happened. Skye slowly turned away from the others, taking in the sight before them, before snapping their gaze quickly back to Canyen and Ashley as they became aware of something they had seen quite recently. Skye's gaze immediately landed on the markings on the others' arms. However, when they looked down at their own arm, they saw no foreign marking of any sort.

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    Skye awoke on the ground.

    Did I fall? Hit my head? Their thoughts a mess, Skye slowly climbed to their feet, wondering how they got to this strange place from the forest where they had been before.

    What's up with the houses? And why is it so quiet? Skye pondered. That was when they noticed their motionless surroundings, all except for Canyen.

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    Thank you! When will the IC thread be opening?

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    Name: Skye Fraser

    Age: 19

    Appearance: Skye has short, wavy black hair and golden hazel-green eyes. They dress for comfort and personal expression, ignoring popular fashion culture on a regular basis. Skye stands at a fairly average height, around 5'5, and presents androgynously.

    Personality: Skye is a very intelligent, calm, and collected individual, and has a daring confidence that few possess. Over their lifetime, they have become more open, however have still maintained some of their reservation from others.

    Bio/Backstory: During the first stage of Skye's life, from the ages of nonexistence to nine, childhood was normal. The three years that followed, however, were different. Between the ages of ten and twelve, Skye's life fell apart. They became distant from their family, and confused about who they were. They didn't fit in with their friends, no matter how similar to their friends they seemed to be. They were generally misunderstood. Finally, Skye realised that internally, they weren't a girl. After exploring their identity for several months, they came out to their family as agender. Although this was supposed to have been the great mending of their relationship with their parents, Skye remained fairly distant for several months, as a period of doubt overtook them. They no longer knew who they were once more, and eventually found that they could only wait for a moment of clarity. Finally, that moment of clarity came, like a miracle, and Skye was able to truly embrace their non-binary identity. From there, Skye's bond with their parents strengthened exponentially, as they now understood themself, and others understood them more.

    Seven years later, at the age of nineteen, Skye encountered the time freeze, as did the rest of the world. However, Skye's continued motion with a lack of abilities was a mistake. It may have been that magic attempted to invade them, however was exterminated or forced out by their body. Possibly, Skye was never meant to remain moving in the first place, and was somehow missed or unaffected by the time stop. Either way, Skye remained powerless through the time freeze, yet still, somehow, moving. At the time of the freeze, Skye was hiking into the remote wilderness with a group of friends.

    Inventory: One backpack containing: A battery-operated flashlight, mobile phone, Chromebook laptop, binoculars, two books, a red apple, bottled water, and a rechargeable device battery pack.
    Power Set: None

    Gender: Agender

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