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    How to make cars from scratch

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    Hey guys... My first time on the literature page.. But yeah.. I got a great story in mind and I don't wan't to lose it but yeah here... (If I copied this then.. yeah it's cool)

    Never mind a boy made this :P (No offense to all the boy writers out there :D )

    Please correct me if I have grammar mistakes or spelling... My official language isn't English

    Chapter 1: Spawning
    I was doing great... Top in my class... Best in everything in my school.. Everything you always wanted... For my gift, my parents bought me the Minecraft video game.. I was so excited!!... What did I do then. I grabbed the game, invited my brother, we both ran to my room, opened my laptop, placed the Minecraft CD (yeah it's a CD)
    on the disk reader.. and BOOM! Everything changed!.. My first ten minutes in the game was wondrous... Tried to make my first house out of dirt but it kept me safe for the first night. Ate blocky porkchops for cubed pigs... Oh the wonder! I was at my top of my bed at that time. When I looked at the time... it was quarter to 11 in the evening. I realized I better go to sleep.. So what did I do. I went to my blocky bedroom.. Stood there for half a minute and logged out Minecraft then my desktop... Then I went to sleep.. Praying that the next day... Another Minecraft Day

    Chapter 2: The Error
    The next day... Breakfast was great!.. A little bacon and eggs for me. Went to school happy and proud to share my Minecraft experiences... When I came back to my happy home.. I quickly went to my room.. Started up my desktop and I came face to face with an ERROR! screen... I didn't know what to do. So I just laid back, relaxed and turned the power down. When I started it again.. It still flashed the same screen.. The ERROR! screen...
    I can imagine my first 10 minutes... The things I built.. gone... everything in and out of Minecraft... at the edge of the ledge towards DELETION... I was desperate at those times... After the news.. My grades lowered down a lot... My friends started backstabbing me... No wonder I was so addicted to that game I began talking about it.... I only played for one day.. they call me addicted... I don't care... Until the next day..

    Chapter 3: The Adventure
    My laptop... came back to life... only different... desktop was normal... everything deleted EXCEPT Minecraft... I was shocked of what happened... The only things in my desktop are the Minecraft icon, The Computer AND two .txt files that said "Play Minecraft first". So I played it.. and the opening screen changed.. Normally it would show MOJANG with orange and white color.. Now it showed WINDOWS with the Windows color scheme... It opened.. The background was different. Everything digital... The only thing in the menu screen was a big DEBUG button that flashed constantly... I clicked it and it directed me to a world screen with only one world.. "_C0D3_"... I clicked it one time and it directed me to a folder... Not a game... I scratched my head in confusion.. "Why did it direct me to a folder?" I said. But I noticed... The Minecraft taskbar was there... I clicked it to get back... and it opened the hotbar ingame.. I was shocked on how this happened... But when I noticed the folder was Minecraft itself but black and white with no grayscale things or color... I began to sense something... Why would it do this.. until I noticed a sign near a yellow block which might supposed to be the folder... "SCHOOL STUFF" I quickly went inside the folder.. Only directing me to the End.. but it looks different... All white.. No mobs visible except for a strange hermit near a pillar... Who was dressed in black so he can be noticable.. I quickly went into his direction.. only to find out...

    Chapter 4: Unknown Entity
    He disappeared... Turns out, he was a failed mode of a Shulker. Of course he was hostile as every hostile mob in the game. But this one acted differently... He went closer and closer every-time he teleported. It was a little creepy but when it got closer... It soon died. After that.. It took me back outside of the "SCHOOL STUFF" folder. And another folder appeared to the right of it. It was a folder called "DATA'... When I saw it.. It hit me in the head that the world I'm playing... It's my folders in my desktop... Then music played at the background... It sounded off, like it's not from Minecraft... It was something like a war-tune type of sound. When I got closer to the folder.. It grew louder and louder then BOOM!... The folder exploded. And an dragon-entity appeared... Considering I didn't know what was the Enderdragon doing in my folder screen... I got closer... Only to find out that it wasn't a dragon after all!... It was something more sinister...

    Chapter 5: The Virus
    A red deformed figure surprised me... face to face.. It looked at me liked I was it's next prey. Then I heard falling mobs.. They sounded like villagers, so I think I'm safe for now... In my screen after a few seconds... Hundreds of villagers surrounded the creature... Only they weren't any ordinary villagers. They were yellow-robed, magic wielding and named villagers... They were powerful... As soon as I hovered at the villagers... Labeled "McAfee Anti-Virus". They started going crazy.. Destroying everything they see as a threat... Then the world ended... Minecraft crashed with me scratching my head in confusion... As I saw the .txt file change "READ NOW!"... Well I did what any other person did... I read it... Here's what it read

    "O Minecraft Player... You still have far to go until you get Princess CORE back... She will be waiting for you for 3 days until she either corrupts herself or RECYCLE BIN deletes her forever... You can still get her back.. But find out how to deal with it... Or she - 2182n!)@[email protected](b!*[email protected]&n1f)!&0%!("

    The rest were codes... I didn't understand it... What did it mean?
    But there were many more spaces... a note said to stop until I defeated another boss

    Chapter 6: Princess CORE
    And the biggest question is "Who is Princess CORE?" and "Do I have to defeat RECYCLE BIN?"... I didn't know... I opened Minecraft again only this time... It wasn't the same... It was corrupted. MINECRAFT now said TROJAN...
    Now I was scared to press PLAY... But when I hovered over it.. I was transported to another folder... It was called MC MODS. I saw every mod I downloaded... When every mod I saw stood out from its folder... I interacted with them. Except for one folder called "DELETED MODS". There I put the scary or outdated mods... Slender, Weeping Angels... every outdated mod. The biggest mystery is... A .ZIP file shouldn't have scars... There another war-themed music played again... I realized that it was TROJAN...

    Chapter 7: TROJAN
    BOOM! TROJAN came out of the Mutant Horses mod.... He was a wooden horse with a few flashing green blocks... Out of his nostrils... Binary particles came out... To signal that it was really dangerous... It defeated every "McAfee Anti-Virus". I was left with nothing... Then I found something. A window popped up... There was a broken dispenser with no key and a single sign that said "FIND ME"... What would happen to me!

    Chapter 8: .exe the Prophecy
    OUCH!... TROJAN shoved me out of the way... Hurting me 8 hearts... I didn't know what would I do?... In my mind. I looked back at the first folder... The white lands with the failed Shulker model... I was at the edge... Until I saw something drop from the sky. A map item renamed to "Prophecy". I hovered over it using the hotbar... It displayed nothing but a white page with some text below that said "BRIGHTNESS"... I realized the brightness needs to be lowered but trying to press "Esc" brings up a minigame that you need to memorize a sequence about your own desktop... A really hard minigame but my laptop depends on it

    Chapter 9: Sequencing Desktops
    So I opened "Esc" mode and tried to complete the sequence... It involves me going to other computers.. Even in my sister's.. But that will be pretty hard... Because she never lets me use it... But at this one time when she is gone... Later when she leaves. I'll get on with it... The time she left... I opened her desktop. Which was rather easy because she doesn't keep a password in her desktop. Anyways... A .txt file appeared in her desktop... I clicked it and it showed me the answer... It involves me copy pasting it into my USB and into my laptop... But wait!.. a USB CAN contain those "McAfee Anti-Viruses".. All I need is more time but I HAVE no time!...

    Chapter 10: BRIGHTNESS
    Well I logged back on my laptop and found out that the sequencing part repeated again... The same pattern but flipped.. Now I need to flip the whole .txt file again... Once again success was on my side and the menu opened but it was different.... It was badly made and distorted... But I clicked the former options menu... Found that the only slider there labeled "BRIGHTNESS" was in 50%... Well I turned it up by 100% and got back to the game... Then I equipped the map and found something really awesome!.. The prophecy.. It read..

    For once.. A brave coder was found in this wretched world... He fought WORM, TROJAN but he'll expect others fighting his life and reputation... If your reading this.. This is you!... Have a brave time... My child..

    Below the prophecy was a signature


    I literally scratched hard... "Who is TURNER?"
    After that... Seems like TROJAN was destroying half my window... But who cares.. I rushed to him... then I plugged my USB in my laptop... Then it was all new.. Flying Guardians appeared.. I hovered in one of them.. It labeled "DATA"... Then in a huge pile of codes... TROJAN was defeated.. Piles of Acacia Wood were piled up on the codes... Then I noticed

    Chapter 11: TURNER has been TURNED ON

    Someone talked.. in the chat bar... It said

    TURNER: I've been turned on.. Beware viruses.. I'm coming for every one of you

    Then arguments started in the chat bar... I can't really understand them because they were mostly what they said "CODE SPEAK"... and what's even more surprising is that Turner can speak their language... And at the same time communicate with me!... I responded to the argument

    <Lee>: Who are you?

    Then Turner responded

    TURNER: I'm one of the people that will help you. My child... Be careful of the viruses that invade your computer... I-I I am-

    At that very moment.. Minecraft crashed... And the previous .txt file changed to "READ AGAIN"

    It said...

    Princess CORE is still far enough... RECYCLE BIN is now releasing project MALWARE... A very dangerous type of virus that multiplies when attacked... Be careful my child... As now you know my identity... -Turner

    Turner was helping me defeat RECYCLE BIN... He was one of the Anti-Virus Leaders... That's what I thought...

    Chapter 12: MALWARE

    Again... everything changed... TROJAN was now MALWARE... and now accompanying the click sound was a sinister "YES"..I opened the world "_C0D3_"... I noticed that the world is starting to come back... The folders were now turning to chunks of Minecraft Blocks... Walls were disappearing... But some blocks were left unchanged.. I could barely identify my house to a pile of acacia wood that TROJAN left... I went in.. and found a Written book inside a distorted item frame... It read... "From Turner"... The GUI suddenly opened on a 2 page book... It read

    PG 1

    My child... remember me in your memories...

    when you were standing in that hill looking

    above the stars... And telling me how I look...

    It was wonderful... You were dressed like

    you were part of the starts. And I looked

    like I was part of the tree I was lying down on.

    Then you suddenly lured me into a lovely

    song that we both sang until the brink of dawn

    PG 2

    Oh the good times... I look down to that moment

    when we first met and I saved it in my notepad..

    Just remember me in the name Dralia Turner...

    Hope you remember me in your sweet memories

    I blushed at the message... I realized it was from none other than Dralia Tricia Turner... My girlfriend...

    The twist begins.. It exposes my real life slowly until I defeat RECYCLE BIN and rescue Princess CORE

    Then as I think about the past... MALWARE appears out of nowhere... In a form of a blue Slime... Then it

    started shooting out gray particles that damaged me... Then someone joined...

    TURNER joined the game

    It was her... She walked slowly towards MALWARE... hit it in the shins... and fell 15 hearts below... She immediately left with the message

    TURNER: You can do it.. I believe in you my child

    I was notified that it was her... Then as she left.. She dropped two stuff... A sword and a poppy...

    Chapter 13: The Hill

    Then MALWARE fell in a great roar... as it fell... two more came out of him... Instead of blue.. they were now red... But it didn't matter.. I defeated every state it had... After that I saw a sign appear in a hill with a tree... As I go near the sign.. Minecraft crashed... and the .txt file changed... "READ AGAIN 2"

    It said-

    I'm not gonna call you "My child" again Lee.. I know you and you know me... I'm Dralia... you know.. we had many adventures... But you were limited to outside games... Because before... you didn't have Minecraft... I on the other hand... Had Minecraft when it started... In 2009. When we first met.. i still remembered you being the shy guy in the back of the class but now.. your our achiever... Anyway.. defeat RECYCLE BIN... Good luck Lee...


    I said "Wait... If Dralia knew me from the start.. Why did she remind me about her again.. I didn't forget about her"

    I opened Minecraft again... But this time it was different... It asked me my username and password... I realized it was slowly coming back to normal... I typed it.. With luck it opened me to the Main menu screen.. it was back to normal.. The options button, multiplayer, everything... Except for one final thing... The Minecraft sign now said "SPYWARE".. With quick succesion. I clicked "Single-Player" but it directed me to multiplayer.. In there. Only one IP showed


    I clicked it.. only directing me.. To a server with 5 people






    Dralia then explained what happened...

    Chapters 14 - 19 will be out sometime this Monday :D

    [P.S None of the is canon... Some mods and servers aren't real :) ]
    [P.P.S Lee isn't me... I'm not the person in the story]
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    How to play drums seriously

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    "Some darn conversation" by [DATA EXPUNGED]

    You move through my body like an ocean
    Didn't take you long to get to my heart
    I stood on your porch in the commotion
    Of the bustling city and it's busy heart
    Well i sat in your room and played my six string
    Laid back and stared up at your ceiling
    Well your hair looked so good over my shoulder
    Now we're getting older, time has no hold on me
    But she's got
    She's got control over me


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    Pokemon: Torterra Green: Part 1

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    My lasagna is safe!... No one ate it!!.. Oops I gotta get another one :P

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    Supernatural: S Sylv30n's Adventures in Pokemon Ghost Black

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    Quote from christ_stark2»

    Hey a guess so, :

    0.14.0 redstone update 2

    0.15.0 The end, All emple (whats an emple?)

    0.16.0 End City

    0.17.0 Chased Pc, Console already

    Yeah I don't think so... 0.14.0 MIGHT come with the End... Then it won't be called 0.14.0 anymore... instead it will be called 1.0 (unless the End doesn't come here)
    Then 1.1 (0.15.0 or if the End is released in this update.. 1.0) will be the End if it doesn't come on the 0.14.0
    1.2... (0.16.0) End City... seriously?(No offense.. :) ) It might come with the End
    1.3... (0.17.0) I don't think it chased PC... The PC version might have gone more advanced (In short the time this update is released MCPC will be on 1.12 or 1.13 I don't know).. The things you said that it might chased (e.g Stained Glass, Structure Blocks, etc).. might come out in the previous updates... But! Great prediction.. I'll give it a 7.5/10 :)
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    Yeah... about that...

    So it seems we won't be waiting long enough...
    3 days from now to 1 week.... Cya later I'm riding the hype train to 0.14.0 :D
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    Ummmm...... The mask.. EVIL

    The face.. Good

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    Hey... This is a copy of "What do you want to see in 0.13.0" by Emmet2001... But for 0.14.0 wishers

    So... guys what do you want?

    My Expectations


    - Prismarine Blocks

    - Red Sandstone (All Forms)

    - Stained Glass

    - The remaining redstone blocks

    - Slime Block

    - Jukebox


    - Carrot on Stick

    - Horse Armor

    - Leads

    - Item Frames

    - The 12 Discs

    - Name Tags

    - Armor Stand

    - The 5 other minecarts (excluding the Command Block one)

    - Book and Quill and Written Book


    - Horse

    - Witch

    - Killer Bunny

    - Guardians

    - Endermites


    - Wither


    - Updated Creative Inventory

    - Updated ChestGUI for creative mode

    - Updated CraftingTableGUI, FurnaceGUI, etc for creative.

    - Less Lag

    - More Bugs

    So... is this very early made?

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    Oh guys... please.... If you posted this for 0.13.0... It's almost out. I can create a thread for 0.14.0... "What do you want to see in 0.14.0"...

    (no offense guys...)

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    Quote from JusmanthePug»

    Well we don't know if the update is called 1.0.0 or 0.14.0 yet do we :)

    It won't be called 1.0.0 in 0.14.0... nor in anyhow... it might stop on 0.15.0.... and turn to 1.0.... I don't know it yet
    Correct me if i'm wrong..

    I recently found evidence of 0.14.0 features... The link.. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CTseNEOWEAArFFt.png:large

    UPDATE: So it seems (I think) that MCPE 0.13.0 is already submitted to the App Store... We might need to wait for it.... a little while

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    posted a message on What Do You Want To See In MCPE 0.13.0

    This update has the least builds... considering build 5 is the last.... Were getting pretty close iOS, Win10 and Fire OS users!.... Now all we need is a 0.14.0 thread (main and opinions)... :D

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    Quote from JusmanthePug»


    ...Yes... It is the last one... If we find bugs.. then its 0.13.1 it is..

    Anyways... since 0.13.0 is almost done... Can we make the 0.14 page Yuugen0127...?. Maybe this December or someday... :)
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