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    posted a message on I can't join my server?
    Are both servers running on the same network? They might be trying to communicate on the same port.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Mouse Lag
    Quote from IHazFries

    I have the issue on a mac, it does not matter the fps, its the mouse!! I have 200 fps but when I lookaround nothing else lags but my camera view! So don't post pointless stuff? I've been searching for hours how to fix this but no one knows! And im sick of people being dumb and going 'derp derp what mouse are you using'

    Whoa, whoa. He's trying to help. This isn't even your thread, so don't dismiss it as pointless. It may be relevant to the OP.

    Also, for you is it a delay or is the camera just moving really, really slowly and smoothly? If it's just slow and smoothed out, try pressing Fn-F8.
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    posted a message on Hotbar preferences
    My setup changes depending on the task and is centred around making the most useful things in the first four slots where . My template is this:

    1. Sword
    2. Secondary tool for job (torches, saplings, extra pick, buckets, etc)
    3. Primary tool for job
    4. Food or building blocks (depending on if current task requires me to be able to place blocks quickly from reaction, like when mining).
    5. Food or building blocks (if food in slot 4 this is building blocks and vice versa)
    6. Something almost universally useful if not already in 1st or 2nd slot (think buckets, torches, extra blocks, potions, etc)
    7-9. Extra miscellaneous slots. I don't use these slots much because I have to use the scrollwheel to get to them.
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    posted a message on sounds
    Try waiting a few minutes. Play for a little while, and the sound might come back. Occasionally, the sound for my minecraft would not start and playing normally worked for me.
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    posted a message on is my minecraft 1.3 world broken?
    Well, I don't really think world generation was changed much in the update. The only way to see if there is a problem is to keep playing until you encounter something. Until something goes wrong, don't sweat it.
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    posted a message on Why won't animals spawn in this area?
    Are you just staying really close to that spot? No mobs can spawn within a 20-some block radius of you, unless being manually spawned by a monster spawner.
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    posted a message on OptiFine HD (FPS Boost, Dynamic Lights, Shaders and much more)
    Happy birthday, sp614x! We all appreciate your work and all want to give you a big "Thank you!"
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    posted a message on New Small vanilla Server looking for nice players!
    Hm, instaban. Could you explain rules or something? I'd like to know what is happening with these bans. Do we need to apply? Is the server supposed to only be for your friends? Did I do something wrong when I was walking around?
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    posted a message on 1 Letter edit
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    posted a message on [CTM][Collection] Vechs' SUPER HOSTILE Series
    I think Fileswap is dying. When I try to open the fileswap link, the page loads with a blank screen then eventually just gives up and gives me a white screen. Is there any word on a change of host? I'd like you to try out ge.tt or BayFiles if the problem is not resolved.
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    posted a message on IPB 3.2 Tagging system
    Quote from Fangride

    Is [SHOP] going to be added?

    Does Collection work for that purpose?
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    posted a message on 1.2.2 texture glitch
    Are you using a texture pack? The problems are usually caused by having an outdated one.
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    posted a message on Minecraft crash while trying the fullscreen
    If it crashes, could you give us the error log?
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    posted a message on can't run minecraft
    Remove Java 7. It caused odd connection problems for me; it might be giving you trouble too.
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