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    the NCR is a faction in the Fallout universe that has its origins in California. Since then, it has been expanding greatly until it covered most of the East Coast. While Utah isn't a part of the NCR in canon, I think it might just be part of the Legion, and the NCR hates the Legion. A lot. And the BoS is situated in several places as well, so maybe the Utah division is an advance unit of the NCR?
    Supply lines would be a bit tricky though, so the NCR here has its work cut out for them!

    But yeah, to only answer your question, the New California Republic is one of the largest factions in the Fallout Universe known at this time. That is why they are here. The NCR in Utah is most likely an advance unit sent from The Hub, or Nevada, after securing Nevada in the last game, though this universe obviously isn't canon so that might not apply.
    Utah is Legion territory though (I think), so the NCR might have some difficulty.
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