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    posted a message on What's the silliest mistake you have made while mining?
    I was on my hardcore world and I really needed coal... So I find a cave with a lava pool that had some coal I start making a cobble bridge to get to the coal and while sneaking my antivirus software pops up saying its expiring in 2 weeks I close the software as fast as I could but by the time I got back into Minecraft it was too late...

    Never gonna mine coal over lava again.....
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    posted a message on NEW IDEA AND BLOCK
    what good would toilets do... besides the fact that you could make brown die.... but that's just gross
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    posted a message on The real purpose of the "Far Biome"
    There will probably be something like on xbox where at the edge of a world instead of there being the void it might be something like an ocean. thats what im guessing the "Far biome" will be
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    posted a message on Looking for builders/admins for my bukkit server
    I know my server doesnt have anything yet but thats because i need help
    Building my hub im getting the multiverse plugin to make more
    Worlds in the server(other plugins are disgiuse craft 5.0
    And worldedit, /vanish command im taking any1 who is interested
    In being admin for my server and i will be happy to add things
    You would like too!i hope you can help

    The server ip is : You might have too do this (working on custom ip) so post your mc username
    Below if interested and the server will be up at around 4:00 P.M.
    tommorow (after tomorrow the serer WILL be 24/7I will also be adding in a REALLY easy to use and great hunger games plugin once we get the hub completed
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