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    This spinning bug is driving me crazy there is literally no way for me to fix it please help me

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    Age: 14

    Location: TX,USA

    Build Ideas: Anything redstone and smaill builds

    I Love Generik and Bdubs and Etho
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    posted a message on **Recruiters and Staff needed for Ubercraft! Apply now!**
    1. In-game Name: TheMinerBossPC

    2. Real-life Name: Jason Bohm

    3. Age: 14

    4. Location: Texas

    5. How long have you been playing Minecraft?: I have Been playing since Dec. 31st ,2012

    6. About you: I have been Admin and Mod on Multiple servers with 50 - 90 people on a day. The servers all ran out of money due to no donations.I also owned 2 servers that had 20-40 people on a day but I stopped due to lack of funds and griefing.

    7. Position applying for: Mod, Admin

    8. Why you want to be in said position: I want to help out a new server and provide additional help if needed. I am fairly familiar
    with the commands and responsibility.

    9. What you can provide to UberCraft: I can provide help and additional support as I know most plugins and commands. I am also familiar with server config files.

    10. Your experience in said position: I was Admin and Mod on multiple servers with 50-90 people as well as I owned two faction servers.

    11. Your willingness to help others when there is a problem (1-10) : 10(if they are not willing to cooperate a 8)

    12. Your willingness to complete daily tasks if assigned to you (1-10): and easy 10 I love working and helping out people and servers.

    13. Your Skype name (please write none if not available) live:jasonboehm01

    14. Your preferred form of contact so we can get in touch with you.Skype/ email ([email protected])

    15. Any other pertinent information you believe we should know. (This is where you add anything you want to convince us that you belong on the Ubercraft team).I love Jazz and i practice the trumpet every day (after homework of Course) and i will be avalible from 5:30pm Us Central time to 9:30pm (on weekends from 1:30pm to 10:00pm or sometimes 1:00 am)

    I haven't been banned from any servers in the past as i am mature and i follow rules.
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