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    This is my custom map for vanilla minecraft.

    Built and evrything by me.

    This map has many features.
    buyable Weapons and doors just like in the CoD Zombies.

    All versions of the map

    *_/ NOTE \_*
    Here's a little propersistion.
    These section can built by you. the comunity.
    Will be there own maps. for now!!!

    Space Station

    White House

    Caved in Underground base

    Jungle Temple

    Underwater City

    Dark forest




    Have fun and kill ZombieZ
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    as the name of the post suggests this is an island that is a jungle biome. it's kinda cool! it has a huge ravine just off shore with a abondon mineshaft in it with a second ravine comin off as well. the seed is: -2008

    thats all the screen shots that i toke.
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