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    posted a message on TheMasterCaver's First World

    Just two weeks after the last one I saw yet another zombie in diamond armor, and it dropped its chestplate, which had Protection II and Thorns I, which is only the third piece of diamond armor that I've gotten (I've also gotten a chestplate with Fire Protection I and Thorns I and leggings with Fire Protection I):

    This is the third one that I've seen in two months, which is quite a lot considering that I've seen about 9 total over close to 29 months of daily playing, or more than 3 months between each one; prior to then the average was one every 4 1/2 months (one month is about 105 hours of playtime).

    Also, I've explored around most of what appears to be the western boundary of the spawn continent within the current map (x = -3072 to -1024, z = 1024 to 3072); there is more land to the south but I don't plan to go any further (or as far as the current cave/mineshaft complex extends):

    There may still be more land to the west of my current location (a swamp, not ocean), and there appears to be a desert to the south, near the bottom, but there probably isn't much more. I also still plan to fill in the gap to the north, for which I'll return to the previous base I made, to the north of the Mushroom Island to the west since it is closer than the current one, around which there are more caves extending eastwards which I had not explored at the time since I didn't know how much ocean there was (as I generally stay within a couple hundred blocks of land. I did not explore westwards from the land to the east since I didn't find any caves going further west, the extension to the north also has an unexplored mineshaft at the northern end).

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    posted a message on Chunk glitch -- terrain from a different save?
    Quote from DuhDerp»

    It happens when you create a newer world with the same name as an older world you deleted. When you delete a world, you aren't actually deleting the save data and it's not actually gone forever like it says on-screen. Every single bit of your world data is still there on your computer, there's just no convenient way to access it via the Single Player index of worlds to choose from.

    That is not quite true; when the game deletes a save it is really deleted - the game means it when it says it is gone forever. However, because the client runs on a separate thread form the sever it is possible that the server is still running when you try to delete the world, which will fail because you can't delete a file that is in use; alternatively, the game deletes the region files and the server recreates them when it saves - note that the server thread says it is saving chunks just before the client tries to delete the world, which is still saving as seen by the lines about saving the Nether and End after the client's failed deletion attempt:

    [00:19:42] [Server thread/INFO]: Saving chunks for level 'Flatworld6'/Overworld
    [00:19:42] [Client thread/INFO]: Deleting level Flatworld6
    [00:19:42] [Client thread/INFO]: Attempt 1...
    [00:19:42] [Client thread/WARN]: Couldn't delete file C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\saves\Flatworld6\region\r.-1.0.mca
    [00:19:42] [Client thread/WARN]: Couldn't delete directory C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\saves\Flatworld6\region
    [00:19:42] [Client thread/WARN]: Unsuccessful in deleting contents.
    [00:19:42] [Server thread/INFO]: Saving chunks for level 'Flatworld6'/Nether
    [00:19:42] [Server thread/INFO]: Saving chunks for level 'Flatworld6'/The End

    The fix for this is so obvious I have absolutely no idea why Mojang has not fixed it yet - make the client wait for the internal server to shut down before it can do anything else:

    if (this.theIntegratedServer != null)
        if (loadingScreen != null)
            this.loadingScreen.resetProgresAndWorkingMessage("Shutting down internal server...");
        while (!theIntegratedServer.isServerStopped())
            catch (InterruptedException ie) {}
    this.theIntegratedServer = null;

    With this code (originally take from Forge) I have never been able to reproduce this, or any of the other world corruption issues that this causes (not only does this cause issues with deleting saves, it lets you quit the game while the server is still saving - resulting in world corruption, which, among other things, includes swapping chunks (a chunk is copied form one area and moved elsewhere). I actually think that the OP may have experienced the latter since there is a single chunk by itself, while the deletion bug usually has more chunks (in vanilla the code above simply sets the server object to null immediately after telling it to shut down, which is like pulling the plug on your computer while saving; if you've ever seen a stacktrace starting with " Stream Closed" and referring to files in the game output when quitting a world this is what happened).

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    posted a message on Why has this forum been falling into inactivity?

    I've had an experience which suggests that there are in fact still a lot of people who want to discuss the game - I recently signed up on Reddit due to how slow things had become around here (not that I'm planning on quitting the forums) and yesterday I posted a submission which just shows a couple maps of one of my worlds with a short description (on the image page) and the response is simply overwhelming compared to my experience on these forums (the Reddit post refers to the world in the second forum thread listed, which has had occasional updates regarding what I've done and is far more detailed):

    Consider also there there are nearly 10 times as many registered users on these forums as subscribers to the Minecraft subreddit, which makes the response I got all the more overwhelming - the online Minecraft discussion community is still very much alive and well, just not here (you ought to see how much discussion there has been over the changes to the horse model, and related posts, or even just making the stone slabs in blacksmiths an actual anvil) - they just don't want to use these forums, even though I think they are much better in many ways; I've also had confirmation that former forum users have moved on to Reddit since they said that they remembered me from the forums and one even asked if I signed up because of the Twitch merger (which again cannot be blamed for the long-term decline).

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    posted a message on [1.7-1.9] TheMasterCaver's Mods and Tweaks
    Quote from DarianStephens»

    I suppose, if you've abandoned these mods, there's not much chance for the cave variations from more recent versions of TMCW to be... I guess forward-ported?

    Even if not, the Underground mods here have made caving fun again, even more so than back in 1.6.4! I've been playing with the light version (For the Forge compatibility) with a bunch of friends, and we could spend a couple of hours exploring cave systems, whereas we'd be lucky to get a half-hour-worthy cave before. This will almost certainly be a permanent addition to my 1.7.10.jar, though I have to admit it's tempting to go back to 1.6.4 temporarily, just for the extra variety provided by your mod. Then again, lack of forge compatibility does bring it down a little, but it would most likely still be fun with just your mod.

    One reason why I haven't updated is because there haven't been many requests for updates, but I could look into updating TMCW Underground to version 4. Due to the much greater complexity only the "light" version is probably practical but would mostly have the same caves and such while the "light" version mainly lacks some of the biome-specific features (many of which are specific to TMCW anyway) and mineshaft changes (aside from their altered spawning) and has the vanilla lava depth/ore distribution (this may be the biggest issue since TMCWv4 shifts lava level down by 7 layers so this means there would be more large caves/ravines breaking the surface unless I reduce their depth range, which was set so they are mostly below sea level).

    ETA: It may be more of a problem to update and keep things simple because caves, mineshafts, and strongholds all depend on each other so I'd have to modify ChunkProviderGenerate, meaning it would not work with any mods using their own chunk provider, which would replace it, since I change the constructors for the cave, mineshaft, and stronghold classes since they are dependent on one another (e.g. whether a mineshaft generates depends on the caves in the area so they do not generate on top of larger/special cave systems or larger single caves and ravines; likewise, mineshafts and caves/ravines are disabled and/or reduced near strongholds).
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    posted a message on How do I find my seed in 1.12.1 please?

    There are several ways, the easiest being the /seed command, which can be used regardless of whether cheats are enabled unless you are on a server (none of the following options will work either unless you have access to the actual server files or they are willing to give it out). You can also select the world in the world menu and click on "recreate", then "more world options" and the seed will appear in the seed box (you do not need to actually create the world; note that if you do it will not include any changes that you've made or world generation changes from a different version). NBTExplorer can also be used to read the seed from the world's level.dat file (listed under RandomSeed") without having to open the game. In all these cases the seed will be a number regardless of what you originally entered (a random seed if you did not enter anything).

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    posted a message on TheMasterCaver's First World

    I've filled up two double chests with gold blocks as well as 16 double chests with iron blocks - that's 62,208 gold and 497,664 iron; I'm on track to mine half a million iron ore within two more play sessions (currently at 499,092. I'd already have more than half a million iron stored, including 64 iron blocks in the floor, if I did not have to make 72 anvils):

    My storage area is getting quite big (though still amazingly small compared to the number of resources it stores, especially if they were placed in the world as blocks), with a total of 242 double chests, most in 11 corridors of 16 each, including three for coal, two for iron, one each for redstone and lapis, one for gold/diamond/emerald/misc blocks, two for moss stone and one for cobwebs:

    I took this screenshot by copying the region file my main base is in to a test world and using MCEdit to delete everything above my storage area; the blocks in the floor correspond to what is in most of the chests, with the short corridor extending down near the middle mostly containing chest loot with item frames marking their contents (the bottom-most four chests contain wool which was crafted with string from cobwebs until I used Silk Touch; the corridor for cobwebs also uses wool to mark its contents):

    Also, I saved renderings from 10 days worth of playing and compiled them into the biggest animation of my progress that I've made so far; this shows everything that I explored since the last cave system I mentioned:

    Here is a before and after of what I explored using Unmined (unexplored chunks were trimmed away); the new area I explored is about 700x700 blocks and goes as far south as z = 3296, well off the southern edge of the map and the furthest I've ever gone from the origin in one direction as well straight-line distance from spawn (about 3500 blocks. I've gone further from spawn in one direction when exploring to the east since spawn is at -92, 236, making the distance to the south 328 blocks shorter for the same distance along an axis); as well as updated MCMap renderings of the entire world (scaled to 10% of original size, as seen in the animation above. I've actually been updating these by stitching together smaller areas and I don't think I can even open a full-size rendering):

    Here are some screenshots I took of various caves:

    I went through a mineshaft fast enough that parts of it were still burning from lava by the time I reached them:

    This is a good example of why I modified mineshafts so they do not generate in areas with high cave density (the method I use is not perfect and works best for larger cave systems (overall) and cave systems with a few larger single-chunk cave systems as opposed to multiple smaller ones):

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    posted a message on How Minecraft becomes a bad game with PVP?

    I don't do either of the two things mentioned in this thread (PvP and building, the latter aside from what is necessary in Survival) - there is no real goal to playing Minecraft or any one right way to play it, which is why it is so popular even more than 8 years after it first came out. If people like watching PvP and YouTubers get more views on these videos then of course they'll make more PvP videos, and this is why such channels are much more popular than, say, redstone-oriented channels, or modded Survival is more popular than vanilla Survival (as much as I enjoy caving in-game watching a video of someone else do it is boring; conversely, I actually do watch some of those "bad" videos, though I much prefer it when they are not on a big server but with a close group of YouTubers and do more than just PvP).

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    posted a message on I have played the same version of Minecraft for four years
    Quote from ShelLuser»

    First I'll share the cave structure from my most recently generated world (1.12). I dunno about you but that stuff looks huge, look at all those tunnels intertwining and such... If you're not careful you could be getting into an almost endless cave system...

    This is why I prefer using a mapping utility that gives you a clear view of a wide area like Unmined - the gold standard for comparing cave generation between versions, and yeah, even the caves in 1.7+ can appear to be large when you are actually exploring them - indeed, I find that caves appear to be much smaller when flying through them in Creative, as this comment on a huge (modded) cave that I explored shows:
    Quote from TheMasterCaver»

    I think I've underestimated just how vast a giant cave region is; I've never actually explored one before and caves seem a lot smaller when flying through them in Creative, although it looks like I am getting to the end; mobs are becoming more concentrated and I've explored what appears to be the entire perimeter, with a huge chamber near the center left to explore.

    Do also realize that 1.6 has a much larger variation in cave density than 1.7+ - if you look closely some areas in 1.6 can actually have fewer caves than 1.7 - even over a 16 chunk radius - with a variation of nearly 10:1 - compared to only half that for 1.7+:

    A comparison of another seed, "7020998152397947523" in 1.6 and 1.7+ (claimed to have huge cave systems in 1.7):



    And that's why I do not rely on personal observations.

    Even better, I made a utility that searches a seed for the densest cave systems; here is a comparison using the seed "10" over a 128 chunk radius around the origin (about what I've explored in my first world when excluding chunks around the edge of the world) - the areas found in 1.6 are about twice as dense:

    Seed is 10

    Cave size is 40 and cave chance is 15
    Center of area to search is 0, 0
    Area to search is from -2048, -2048 to 2048, 2048
    Radius to calculate air volume over is 4 chunks
    Altitude range is 11 to 62

    Generating caves (may take a while)... 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100%
    Calculating air volume...
    Creating list of densest regions found...
    Removing redundant entries...
    Sorting list...

    Top 73 regions found by air volume between layers 11-62:
    Air volume of 156879 (20.68%) at 168, -1464
    Air volume of 150486 (19.83%) at 1400, -152
    Air volume of 129874 (17.12%) at -2024, 1080
    Air volume of 128752 (16.97%) at -1992, -2040
    Air volume of 127848 (16.85%) at 1912, 2008
    Air volume of 127628 (16.82%) at -648, -1896
    Air volume of 126539 (16.68%) at 1944, 152
    Air volume of 123678 (16.30%) at -568, 824
    Air volume of 122967 (16.21%) at -328, 1688
    Air volume of 121322 (15.99%) at -504, 8
    Air volume of 117464 (15.48%) at 1144, 920
    Air volume of 117275 (15.46%) at 1384, -1464
    Air volume of 117147 (15.44%) at -952, 1224
    Air volume of 115989 (15.29%) at -136, 1528
    Air volume of 115697 (15.25%) at 88, 488
    Air volume of 114676 (15.11%) at -1896, 1128
    Air volume of 114079 (15.03%) at 1080, -920
    Air volume of 112133 (14.78%) at -488, 552
    Air volume of 111607 (14.71%) at -8, -296
    Air volume of 110404 (14.55%) at -1032, -472
    Air volume of 110285 (14.53%) at 808, -808
    Air volume of 109687 (14.46%) at 136, -184
    Air volume of 109257 (14.40%) at 1992, 1048
    Air volume of 109234 (14.40%) at -1848, -1352
    Air volume of 108856 (14.35%) at -648, 312
    Air volume of 108413 (14.29%) at -136, 24
    Air volume of 108047 (14.24%) at -696, -616
    Air volume of 106545 (14.04%) at -24, -1368
    Air volume of 106388 (14.02%) at -1288, 504
    Air volume of 106121 (13.99%) at 2040, 776
    Air volume of 105984 (13.97%) at 488, -1768
    Air volume of 105634 (13.92%) at -760, 1448
    Air volume of 105007 (13.84%) at -504, 1368
    Air volume of 103982 (13.70%) at 184, -968
    Air volume of 102679 (13.53%) at -1576, 1736
    Air volume of 102652 (13.53%) at 1016, 968
    Air volume of 102081 (13.45%) at -1336, -696
    Air volume of 102070 (13.45%) at 184, -648
    Air volume of 101533 (13.38%) at -1720, 88
    Air volume of 101262 (13.35%) at -1160, 1480
    Air volume of 100596 (13.26%) at -888, 1704
    Air volume of 99708 (13.14%) at 2040, -1480
    Air volume of 99662 (13.13%) at 72, 1368
    Air volume of 99231 (13.08%) at 1272, -88
    Air volume of 98145 (12.93%) at -1496, -824
    Air volume of 97833 (12.89%) at 1240, -696
    Air volume of 96292 (12.69%) at 984, -680
    Air volume of 95889 (12.64%) at -776, 1128
    Air volume of 95860 (12.63%) at 360, -56
    Air volume of 95657 (12.61%) at -472, 1112
    Air volume of 95414 (12.57%) at -488, -1976
    Air volume of 95374 (12.57%) at -1592, 2040
    Air volume of 95329 (12.56%) at 1592, 904
    Air volume of 94619 (12.47%) at 216, -296
    Air volume of 94567 (12.46%) at 744, -1544
    Air volume of 94399 (12.44%) at 376, -1400
    Air volume of 93521 (12.33%) at -1368, 1528
    Air volume of 93487 (12.32%) at -1080, 904
    Air volume of 93055 (12.26%) at -1272, -344
    Air volume of 93031 (12.26%) at 824, 1816
    Air volume of 92305 (12.16%) at 1752, -552
    Air volume of 92105 (12.14%) at 312, -680
    Air volume of 92081 (12.14%) at -328, -1240
    Air volume of 92016 (12.13%) at -552, 216
    Air volume of 91871 (12.11%) at 872, -392
    Air volume of 91727 (12.09%) at -264, 1240
    Air volume of 91662 (12.08%) at -1080, 1304
    Air volume of 91624 (12.08%) at 2040, -232
    Air volume of 91560 (12.07%) at 136, 360
    Air volume of 90659 (11.95%) at -312, 136
    Air volume of 90402 (11.91%) at -1352, 2040
    Air volume of 89961 (11.86%) at 1176, 648
    Air volume of 89714 (11.82%) at 632, 504

    Seed is 10
    Cave size is 15 and cave chance is 7
    Center of area to search is 0, 0
    Area to search is from -2048, -2048 to 2048, 2048
    Radius to calculate air volume over is 4 chunks
    Altitude range is 11 to 62

    Generating caves (may take a while)... 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100%
    Calculating air volume...
    Creating list of densest regions found...
    Removing redundant entries...
    Sorting list...

    Top 72 regions found by air volume between layers 11-62:
    Air volume of 77735 (10.24%) at -1496, -1240
    Air volume of 75346 (9.93%) at -88, -1512
    Air volume of 73076 (9.63%) at -776, -2024
    Air volume of 69661 (9.18%) at -504, -1704
    Air volume of 69186 (9.12%) at 88, 1464
    Air volume of 69117 (9.11%) at 376, 40
    Air volume of 67817 (8.94%) at 1624, 1976
    Air volume of 66371 (8.75%) at 56, 664
    Air volume of 63826 (8.41%) at -2040, -1576
    Air volume of 63367 (8.35%) at 568, 344
    Air volume of 63262 (8.34%) at 1768, -1784
    Air volume of 63255 (8.34%) at 1048, -1688
    Air volume of 63247 (8.34%) at -1992, 72
    Air volume of 61361 (8.09%) at -1160, 1000
    Air volume of 59183 (7.80%) at 1768, 1288
    Air volume of 58319 (7.69%) at -1560, 1640
    Air volume of 57461 (7.57%) at -408, 104
    Air volume of 56817 (7.49%) at -520, -1896
    Air volume of 56817 (7.49%) at 1080, 1256
    Air volume of 55975 (7.38%) at -280, -1992
    Air volume of 55904 (7.37%) at -40, 1064
    Air volume of 55874 (7.36%) at 280, -712
    Air volume of 55666 (7.34%) at -1800, 456
    Air volume of 55493 (7.31%) at -2008, -1336
    Air volume of 54964 (7.24%) at -1784, 232
    Air volume of 54939 (7.24%) at 1752, -168
    Air volume of 54630 (7.20%) at -1912, -728
    Air volume of 54574 (7.19%) at -24, -1944
    Air volume of 54556 (7.19%) at 408, 424
    Air volume of 54531 (7.19%) at 1880, -1608
    Air volume of 54425 (7.17%) at -616, -712
    Air volume of 53979 (7.11%) at 248, 120
    Air volume of 53844 (7.10%) at -72, -712
    Air volume of 53762 (7.09%) at 2008, 1896
    Air volume of 53715 (7.08%) at -88, 1912
    Air volume of 53230 (7.02%) at 1176, 1928
    Air volume of 53149 (7.00%) at -1080, -872
    Air volume of 52621 (6.93%) at -1176, 744
    Air volume of 52457 (6.91%) at 88, -712
    Air volume of 51880 (6.84%) at 168, 360
    Air volume of 51758 (6.82%) at -472, -200
    Air volume of 51394 (6.77%) at -1688, 1224
    Air volume of 51160 (6.74%) at -2040, -2008
    Air volume of 50955 (6.72%) at 200, 1704
    Air volume of 50572 (6.66%) at -648, -1368
    Air volume of 50513 (6.66%) at 1512, -1816
    Air volume of 50264 (6.62%) at 408, 648
    Air volume of 50117 (6.60%) at 264, 1048
    Air volume of 49774 (6.56%) at -728, 104
    Air volume of 49710 (6.55%) at -1432, -1544
    Air volume of 49674 (6.55%) at 152, -568
    Air volume of 49646 (6.54%) at 1048, -600
    Air volume of 49610 (6.54%) at 520, -824
    Air volume of 49446 (6.52%) at -552, 1304
    Air volume of 49235 (6.49%) at -1400, 568
    Air volume of 49208 (6.49%) at 1384, 584
    Air volume of 49148 (6.48%) at -264, 1064
    Air volume of 49127 (6.47%) at -1528, 1768
    Air volume of 49042 (6.46%) at -1752, -1144
    Air volume of 48958 (6.45%) at 1224, 168
    Air volume of 48935 (6.45%) at 280, 1832
    Air volume of 48839 (6.44%) at 1112, 296
    Air volume of 48806 (6.43%) at 472, -1896
    Air volume of 48733 (6.42%) at -216, -1544
    Air volume of 48525 (6.40%) at -1672, 1832
    Air volume of 48496 (6.39%) at 1128, 1624
    Air volume of 48374 (6.38%) at 296, -1560
    Air volume of 48287 (6.36%) at -1000, -424
    Air volume of 48230 (6.36%) at 1928, 760
    Air volume of 47828 (6.30%) at 360, -328
    Air volume of 47693 (6.29%) at -1816, -1720
    Air volume of 47617 (6.28%) at 1992, 1320

    Also, I just finished exploring this cave system in my first world, which took me only two play sessions to explore - which is far from the densest cave system found in the seed above but still 40% denser than anything found in 1.7:

    Seed is -123775873255737467
    Cave size is 40 and cave chance is 15
    Center of area to search is -2256, 688
    Area to search is from -2320, 624 to -2192, 752
    Radius to calculate air volume over is 4 chunks
    Altitude range is 11 to 62

    Generating caves (may take a while)... 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100%
    Calculating air volume...
    Creating list of densest regions found...
    Removing redundant entries...
    Sorting list...

    Top 1 regions found by air volume between layers 11-62:
    Air volume of 109110 (14.38%) at -2248, 712

    Some screenshots I made with MCEdit:

    An analysis of a 154x235x63 area centered on the cave system; when including ravines and the entire cave system, which was larger than a 4 chunk radius, there were 154,401 air blocks. I also used around 1469 torches to light it up (including the ravines and a small part of a mineshaft) and there are nearly 11 chunks worth of obsidian (equivalent to a single lava lake 60 blocks in diameter):

    Of interest, this is an analysis of the same area but in 1.7; two separate areas each with about a third of the density were found:

    Seed is -123775873255737467
    Cave size is 15 and cave chance is 7
    Center of area to search is -2256, 688
    Area to search is from -2320, 624 to -2192, 752
    Radius to calculate air volume over is 4 chunks
    Altitude range is 11 to 62

    Generating caves (may take a while)... 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100%
    Calculating air volume...
    Creating list of densest regions found...
    Removing redundant entries...
    Sorting list...

    Top 2 regions found by air volume between layers 11-62:
    Air volume of 37970 (5.00%) at -2216, 632
    Air volume of 33644 (4.43%) at -2296, 744

    (the numbers for cave size and chance are taken from the source code for 1.6 and 1.7; you can find it in the MapGenCaves class in the method "recursiveGenerate" (MCP name in 1.6.4), first two lines. These control the size range and frequency of cave systems)

    Your impression that there are more ravines in 1.7 is also just flat-out wrong - they have the exact same frequency in both versions and are even in the same locations (at the starting point, which is at one end), their curvature only differs because the RNG sequence was altered when they changed a value from 128 to 256 (despite the fact that ravines will never generate above y=127; their vertical distribution, as well as that of caves, was not changed).

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    posted a message on Allocated memory hitting 100%
    Quote from Clockpie»

    Minecraft can reach 1GB ram easily, especially on large words. Try getting 2GB ram.

    World size has no effect on memory usage; I have a world which would require over 6 GB of RAM (nearly twice the amount my computer has in total; 3.2 GB usable out of 4 GB on a 32 bit OS) if it were all loaded at once but the game only uses 200-300 MB out of 512 MB allocated, which is not even fully used either - because only chunks within render distance are loaded (plus the spawn chunks). Age also has no effect; I've spent thousands of hours in the world and even the 500+ tile entities at my main base (in the spawn chunks, so they are always loaded), including chests with millions of resources, have not been an issue.

    That aside, a sudden increase in memory usage may point to world corruption; even when I've played around with Superflat presets and created a world made out of mob spawners, the game only lagged severely without maxing out 1 GB of RAM. Of course, mods may change things and it sounds like you are playing modded since vanilla dungeons certainly would not cause any problems (and even here it is because many mods and/or Forge are badly coded; despite all the new features vanilla memory usage has never been increased since early release if not earlier, Mojang sets it to 1 GB for a good reason as too much can slow down performance - and that test was done starting at 512 MB, which already showed a decrease when increased to 1 GB).

    Also, what is your render distance, which does play a large role in memory usage since it affects how many chunks are loaded at once. Though vanilla limits it to 16 unless you allocate more than 1 GB so it shouldn't be an issue - unless Optifine still lets you bypass this limit.
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    posted a message on removal of the 'ite' blocks

    I'm surprised that nobody has mentioned that you can use Customized to disable their generation since the OP just seems to not like how they appear in the world. If you do still want to be able to find them you could set their max height to a low value, such as 8 (count should also be reduced to 2-3, making them more concentrated but not so much that they mostly overwrite themselves with the variant that generates last), then they will only generate below y=8, below the level of most caves (mineshafts can go deeper but they are rare), and even without any naturally generating you can still craft them.

    Also, you can remove them from an existing world by using MCEdit to replace all stone blocks (make sure all subtypes is checked) with stone:0; to prevent them from generating in new chunks you can edit level.dat to change the world type to Customized and add the appropriate preset to generatorOptions (it is worth noting that even if you downgrade (not recommended!) they would not disappear and simply turn into stone since the actual block ID still exists; they even reappear again if you upgrade as metadata is not updated unless the block is changed).

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