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    posted a message on add compressed blocks

    A couple storage blocks that I think would be nice to have are rail blocks and cobweb blocks; my own mods add these and rail blocks are crafted with 9 rails while cobweb blocks are crafted with 4 cobwebs. Rail blocks are simply used as storage blocks (they really help when you can collect 1,000+ rails from mineshafts in a single sitting, and are also useful when laying rail) while I made cobweb blocks "sticky"; that is, if you walk on or into one you'll sink in a bit and behave as if in a cobweb but not sink all the way through, they also negate fall damage. Both of these can be turned back into their respective items (both require Silk Touch to harvest and cobweb blocks also break in water; I did not add a reverse crafting recipe to avoid "contaminating" statistics (mainly rails crafted, as uncrafting an e.g. coal block counts as crafting 9 coal):

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    posted a message on The weirdest village you've encountered as of yet?

    This was the last village that I found, and the most messed-up one that I've come across in Survival:

    Just a normal village, right?

    Or maybe not:

    This is the same village after I fixed it up:

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    posted a message on TheMasterCaver's First World

    These are some screenshots of various things I've come across recently, which, among other things, included a couple large cave systems and several mineshafts, including one which had a skeleton dungeon with a cave spider spawner in it:

    I've also explored quite far to the north - nearly to the northern edge of the map at z=-3072; there is another island, a desert, to the northeast of the first island I mentioned before, which is a forest; I'll keep exploring under the ocean as long as I keep encountering islands within a couple hundred blocks of the previous land, or go off the northern edge of the map.

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    posted a message on What does your storage looks like?

    This is a screenshot I took of mine after using MCEdit on a copy of the world to expose it (it is underground below my base), and a close-up:

    It is pretty self-explanatory; the blocks in the floor of each corridor correspond to what is inside the chests (and yes, they are also filled with blocks - you are looking at the equivalent of nearly 3 million resources in total). I use signs to mark each chest as it is filled, or a single sign to mark each full corridor.

    Aside from that I don't have much else since my playstyle is pretty much just caving and I don't collect much else; I have 6 double chests full of enchanted books I found in chests and a few other chests to store things like food, wood, and supplies, and my secondary bases have even less, just a double chest for materials and another to store the resources I collect until I return to my main base (I can carry up to 63 stacks back at a time in my inventory and Ender chest):
    I'm not even sure why I have a chest for potions since I don't use them after the early game (Fire Resistance for the Nether, which I never return to later, and a couple splash potions of Weakness to cure zombie villagers); in my storage room I have several double chests filled with potions of Healing dropped by witches:

    This is a typical secondary base:

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    posted a message on Coal ore can rarely generate as diamond
    Quote from ScotsMiser»

    From TMC's note of 22 coal/vein and the wiki's note of ~142.6 coal ore per chunk leads to ~6.48 veins/chunk.
    It should be noted that the Wiki is extremely outdated for reasons I mentioned in a link in my previous post; I found 185 coal ore per chunk within a 1000 chunk area, just within the lower 64 layers, which average 10 veins of coal (since it generates 20 over 128 layers) for an average of 18.5 ore per vein (slightly less since the previous figures were for intact veins, either way, as I noted the relative abundances are what matters).

    Also, something else to mention is that while caving I find quite a bit more coal than the per-chunk figures suggest, which for 1.6.4 (the Wiki's figures are close to what I've found when analyzing a 1.6.4 world) is about 1.75 times more common than iron below sea level but I find closer to 2.75 times more, likely because coal veins are larger and more likely to be exposed in a cave (caves above sea level are a negligible fraction of all caves; branch-mining should result in the same for a single 1x2 tunnel; multiple parallel tunnels will reduce the ratio as they get close enough together to intersect the same vein more than once). This suggests that the percentage of coal converted to diamond should be reduced by about a third (1.75 / 2.75 = 0.64), although I wouldn't really be so concerned about perfectly replicating the original diamond concentration; if you limit the number of diamond ore blocks to one per coal vein this would help offset this (the chances of 2+ blocks is pretty small).
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    posted a message on Light source is placed but block light level is 0

    What is the y coordinate (F3)? It doesn't happen to be a multiple of 16? Because if it is you are experiencing a vanilla bug; the game thinks the chunk section above the ground is empty because it has no (non-air) blocks so it doesn't bother with the light data within it:

    This can also occur along the sides of walls, which are affected for the same reasons; the solution is to make sure that the adjacent chunk section (16x16x16 blocks) is not empty of blocks.

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    posted a message on I was logged out overnight, how come?

    I've also been experiencing this issue since yesterday; I thought it might have just been a browser glitch (Firefox did recently update) but that doesn't seem likely if others are reporting it and it isn't happening elsewhere; as mentioned above it also happens when writing a post so when I try to post or preview I get a message saying that I'm banned or restricted from posting (which again should be changed to something nicer, I've also gotten this when posting on a thread that gets deleted or locked while writing a post).

    Also, I don't need to actually log back in; in other words, I only have to click on "sign in" in the upper right, then click the "log in with Twitch" button and I'm logged back in without having to enter anything (obviously, this is still annoying due to being sent back to the front page).

    ETA: It just happened as I tried to post this:

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    posted a message on TheMasterCaver's First World

    It has been a while since I last posted but I've finished exploring the map to the southwest after filling in a gap between the Mushroom Island and land to the east, which was filled with mineshafts, including a complex of 6 intersecting mineshafts; surprisingly, there were no interconnections between this region and most of the surrounding area, except to the south, where I reached it from:

    A large part of the map is still not filled in but I don't plan to explore all the areas under the ocean at this time, and I have two more maps to explore before running out of land within 3x3 maps (3072 blocks) around spawn.

    I've since gone back to the north map, much of which was last explored around the time 1.6 came out, and am currently exploring around land near the northwestern corner; I've already marked at least one point which goes further west, onto the next map to the west, which I have not made yet (there are several other points I previously marked to the south as well, including a region which has not been explored yet), and plan to explore the area under the ocean between the land to the south and an island to the northeast of my current location (only a bit is visible; if I come across islands in the ocean I'll explore around them as well, extending the area I explore away from the mainland):

    Already, I've come across the densest cave system that I've found since the last one I mentioned (much of the caves around the mineshafts were rather sparse and scattered, not unlike caves in 1.7+, which is one of the things that makes pre-1.7 cave generation better - it is more varied):

    Also, I've been keeping track of the number of mineshafts I find and rails I collect so I can get a good estimate of the average number of rails per mineshaft; since I started counting I've explored 64 mineshafts and mined 17,592 rails for an average of 275 per mineshaft. I previously found about 300 per mineshaft by analyzing 30 mineshafts in MCEdit but that was in a Superflat world without decoration, thus no springs that can wash rails away, and they did not intersect each other, and doesn't account for areas I miss (which is not much).

    Also, I've been spending more time on updating TMCW to version 5 (I've already added dozens of new features, including some that will be added in 1.13; the last feature I added was magma blocks, which generate in Volcanic Wasteland instead of the Nether since I spend hardly any time there; I've never made any changes to either the Nether or End) and when I finish it I'll take a break from this world again to play on a modded world as I did for 6 months a year ago (back then I completely stopped playing Minecraft for a few weeks to exclusively update TMCW but I have not done that yet this time; aside from "breaks" like this, which are not really breaks, I've never had any real breaks from the game since I started playing).

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    posted a message on What does the 666 seed do and is there actualy a seed you should be afraid of?
    Quote from Herb_»

    I think all world (seeds) are quite literally identical, if expanded infinitely.

    There is interesting math here, but if we choose any seed and assume an infinite size, then all seeds contain an exact copy of any finite portion of any other seed?

    Wibbly wobbly timey-wimey.

    This is especially true when you consider than the random number generators used by the game only have so many states; in fact, most world generation (besides the biome map) uses Java's Random, which only uses 48 out of 64 bits of a given seed for 2^48 possible states - which is only enough to guarantee that all chunks are unique across just 20 worlds - and that's just within the world border! Not only that, since the game uses a 64 bit seed this means that for any given seed there are 65,535 other seeds that contain some of the exact same features, even ones that are biome-dependent if the biome in a spot happens to be the same:

    Even the 64 bit RNG that the game uses for the biome map is only enough to guarantee 1,311,768 unique worlds. However, this does not mean that there are many worlds which match since the chunks with the same "chunk seeds" do not have the same patterns.

    Also, there are a couple (well, 131,072) seeds which produce worlds which are a bit different from any others, thanks to a bug within the game; that is, the "chunk seed" for a chunk when generating caves, ravines, and mineshafts is calculated by multiplying the chunk coordinates by two numbers which are derived from the world seed - and either (but not both) of them can be 0, which means that the respective coordinate has no effect on the chunk seed, so it is always the same along that axis (this actually also affects other structures to an extent but they use an additional seed to determine their locations which is not affected, so they will only generate identically if they happen to be along the same x or z coordinate. The generation of other features (ores, trees, etc) makes the multipliers always odd numbers so they can never be zero, but this means there are only 2^47 unique patterns):

    Otherwise, a seed like "666" has no special meaning to the game; it would have to be programmed to recognize such a seed for it to do something different (of course, aside from bugs as mentioned above) but the only seed that is treated differently is 0, and only when you enter it into the seed box on world creation as it is used as a flag value to use a random seed when creating a new world (you can enter a string like "pollinating sandboxes" to create a world with a seed of 0, which is just a normal world, since the code that converts text into a number can result in 0 and this is a perfectly valid seed for the RNG used, so the only reason it is excluded from a numeric seed input is as a signal to use a random seed, which would otherwise require adding a "use random seed" option or such).

    Fun fact: the game also uses Java's Random when generating a random seed so this means that there are many seeds which are only possible if you enter them as a number; 2^64 / 2^48 = 65536 times more seeds overall than from a random seed. In fact, even text seeds can result in numeric seeds which are not possible by random choice; for example, the seed "TMCWv4" is the same seed as the number "-1816924181", which is not a possible result of Java's Random:
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    posted a message on Minecraft Nostalgia

    You might say that I'm nostalgic for older versions (before 1.7) but I don't think that is the proper term since I still exclusively play those versions; I've never updated/created a world in 1.7 or later and don't see myself doing so anytime soon (which is something that I first said around 4 years ago). In other words, nostalgia is defined as a longing for the past but I'm living in it.

    Aside from the game itself, remember how active these forums used to be? Easily hundreds of new threads and thousands of posts per day during more active times in just one of the main sections (Discussion, Suggestions, Survival Mode), with an average of 800 posts per day in Survival Mode during 2012 - now it takes months to get those numbers (ever wondered how they have 1 million+ posts each when they've been stuck at 1000xxx, 1161xxx, and 1203xxx respectively for months). For another comparison, here is a submission I recently posted to Reddit, which at the time only had 1/10 as many subscribers as forum members; despite being just a rendering of one of my worlds and a remark about how much caving I do in just one day it got more activity than a far more detailed forum thread about the same world has gotten in nearly 4 years (in other words, the death of the forums is not just a recent thing, aka, Twitch).

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