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    If you want a mod with amethyst tools/armor use mine; it gives you tools with three times the durability of diamond and armor to match (meaning armor is MUCH more durable than diamond, since diamond armor doesn't have the durability benefit of tools). Of course, it is much rarer than diamond and you can't enchant it without books and is extremely expensive to repair (I even made the anvil limit 49 levels, only for amethyst items, so you could have reasonable enchantments) and is otherwise the same as diamond (actually less for armor, because I reduced armor to 70% max protection, which also applies to diamond in the mod) and you need a diamond pickaxe to mine it (with Fortune III unless you mine as much as I do). Or make your own; Mojang is never going to add new armor/tool tiers.

    (also, 324 uses is hardly much more than iron (251 uses); diamond is good for 1562 uses, regardless of tool; having enchanting give you XP is just ridiculous because it is supposed to COST XP)
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    One thing you forgot (and many others forget; yes, this is an extremely redundant thread; here is the most recent one I found by a simple search) is how durability affects what you get back; also, you should get back more than one unit; only one iron ingot/diamond from a chestplate? And shovels give you back 100% of the materials?

    A much better way would be to have what you get back depend on how many pieces it took to make and the durability, rounded down; for example, only a new shovel would give you back anything (so if you want to melt down shovels from zombie drops combine them first to make new shovels), while a pickaxe with 33.3...-66.6...% durability left would give you one piece; with more than 66.6...%, two, and only three it it was in perfect condition. Perhaps also prevent the furnace from taking it if the durability would return nothing.
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    Quote from CanaryCasserole
    Super flat is just a flat world that you build on in creative. There are no trees, as that would ruin the point of being SUPER FLAT. And in Tunneler's Dream, it's just stone. You can see your coordinates by pressing F3 by default.

    Tunneler's Dream DOES have ores and trees:

    decoration: Causes plants, ores, and similar features to be generated according to the biome type. Stone, dirt, grass, sand, or mycelium are required for most features.

    Of course, you have to dig down 100 blocks to even find coal, which only generates up to y=128, making the ground depth pointless IMO (which also severely restricts building space above ground); might as well use the Overworld preset instead, which also has villages (remove lakes if you think they are too common; ironic that the Customized world type allows us to change their frequency but not Superflat, just as Superflat allows you to change the generation of structures but Customized is only on/off - the developers are no doubt very messed-up).

    Also, for villages, they should add every type of sapling to village chests so you can get every type of tree in Superflat.
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    Quote from Alexcamostyle

    As of 1.8, X-Ray resource packs don't work anymore. ;)

    Pretty cool idea.

    Oddly enough, they still work for me for some reason (I use one when modding cave generation, although spectator mode is really better so it doesn't matter if it no longer worked):

    (the last time I tried to show somebody that I could still use x-ray texture packs they claimed I was in spectator mode but I think these screenshots make it pretty clear I am not as you can see I am in the exact same position in each so couldn't have gone underground, never mind you can see I'm above the surface)

    Not even sure how they were supposed to have been broken, I think by making the texture opaque or something. Of course, anybody can make a mod to bypass it in 1.8 (or rather, a real x-ray mod; the texture pack method won't show you ores and blocks surrounded by other blocks), and in singleplayer, switch to spectator mode to find those caves to light up for their mob farm.
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    posted a message on Make gaurdians lazer charge faster! give them a faster attack speed!
    People are ALWAYS complaining about how easy the game is for them; they should take a look at the official description of the game; "a game about placing blocks", and it is pretty obvious that the developers KNOW that the game isn't difficult because they DID NOT make it some sort of hardcore fighting/survival game; why do you think it is so extremely easy to find a lifetime's worth of iron in an hour or two? Do they know that iron is more common than coal when the number of veins is considered (20 veins over 64 layers vs 20 over 128 for coal = 1 vein every 3.2 layers vs 6.4)? Certainly.

    I myself don't have any problems with the difficulty because I don't want to worry about being killed, hence why I only play on Normal difficulty; meanwhile, and this is really why so many people complain the game is too easy, in particular that it has gotten easier over time, I used to die pretty frequently, lately not at all - simply because I got better, not because the game got easier, same for all those people who should just use a mod or make a mod themselves to make the game the hardcore survival game they want it to be (e.g. full Protection IV diamond armor and Notch apples are mandatory to survive at all as mobs deal like 100 damage per hit; a creeper leaves a 100 block wide crater where your house used to be, etc).

    People will just continue to complain and not actually take it into their own hands to make it harder for themselves, instead of trying to make the developers make the game harder when they don't want it to be hard.

    (if I could find it I'd link to a good thread a moderator posted about why the game shouldn't be made harder)
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    Quote from rainhater
    im actally noticing better cave gen and more dungeons, dunno if the cave gen has been changed in the 1.8 snaps maybe the master caver can confirm, but they seem more abundent

    Nope, there haven't been any changes (unfortunately - an option in the customized world type to change the size and number of cave systems would be very nice, same for other structures, instead of just yes/no options); an easy way to check is to use Unmined to compare different versions (the world type doesn't matter).

    That said, they reduced the number of attempts to make a dungeon per chunk from 8 to 7 in the snapshots when they added the customized world options, as seen by the default settings, which are the same as a default world (they also oddly added one to the ore vein sizes; in the 1.6/1.7 code dirt is 32, coal 16, iron 8, etc and in the snapshots they are 33, 17, and 9 respectively). Also, in 1.7 they doubled the range dungeons generate in from 0-127 to 0-255 (world height limit), a rather unnecessary move because caves are extremely rare above y=127 (about half of caves are found below y=34 in a log distribution; dungeons only generate connected to an air pocket underground), which made them twice as rare (same number spread over twice the range), not considering the reduction in the number of caves themselves; one world I compared had only 1/3 as many dungeons in 1.7 as 1.6.

    Of course, you can increase the number (oddly, again considering that you already had the ability to change other structures in Superflat, but still can't in Customized) of dungeons to compensate; 16 would give a similar density as 1.6.4 for dungeons per length of cave.
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    I've been wondering whatever became of this project; this is the last post I can find regarding it, with it being on hold due to the server being overloaded with too many entities (corrupted chunks?) after a snowball machine went out of control; they also haven't been on the forums since shortly after.
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    posted a message on So, I often talk about how much I cave...
    Quote from trollsack
    lol do you have a life?

    A lot of people have said that about me, but consider that I started this world 43 days ago and have spent 5.62 days playing according to the in-game time played stat; 5.62 / 43 x 24 = 3.13 hours per day, and I've seen people who claim to spend like 12 hours a day, playing for 24 hours straight, etc (I pretty much play the same amount every day).
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    posted a message on So, I often talk about how much I cave...
    Quote from AgentPaint
    Do you mine like, every ore you walk by?

    Well, yes; sometime I miss some because of how I explore; I'll go on, past side passages, until I hit a dead end, which can sometimes be quite a distance; on occasion I've basically skipped over an entire cave system (if I find a mineshaft I usually have to explore it first, while for ravines it isn't uncommon to only partially explore one initially as I'll go along a ledge until I find a cave opening then go down the cave), then gradually work my way back while exploring side passages, often ending up getting sidetracked, although I'll usually eventually come across anything I missed; I also may not bother mining coal in hard to reach locations, like at the top of a ravine, but anything else is pretty much cleaned out; for rarer ores (gold, diamond, lapis, amethyst) I'll mine around a partial vein (1-2 blocks) to make sure there isn't more diagonally adjacent, but don't bother with any other ores.
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    posted a message on So, I often talk about how much I cave...
    Everybody probably knows what I like to do, but even I didn't realize the full magnitude of my caving until recently; first, here are a couple screenshots taken at the end of a play session spent caving, 3-4 hours:

    That's right, I mine more than three thousand ores per play session, per day. Multiply that by the number of days in a year and you get well over a million ore mined per year, which is very likely accurate for at least the past year, since 1.6 came out with the block of coal; in the first month after I mined more than 10,000 blocks worth of coal alone, around 45,000 coal ore after factoring in Fortune and what I use for torches and smelting all the iron/gold I mine, which is around 1,500 per day, not bad considering I was playing vanilla back then and didn't have a double-chest size Ender chest, and the use of Fortune meant it filled up much faster, and I didn't even mine all the coal I came across, limiting myself to 5-6 stacks of blocks per Ender chest full (I mined iron and diamond ore at about the same rate as my previous world over the entire time I played both).

    Also, here is a sequence of renderings made with MCMap showing how much I explored over just four play sessions, one between each one, except the first one (the oddly colored caves are in a mesa biome I recently discovered):


    Day 1-2 (skipped a day so this shows two days):

    Day 3:

    Day 4:

    Also, here is an approximate map of all the separate cave systems, mineshaft, and ravines I found:

    And here is a full-size image of the entire world, which stretches about 2,000 blocks long:

    Looks impressive? Well, here is a to-scale comparison to my first main world, which I played for about 6-7 months, playing about the same amount per day; the world is about as wide and my current world is long with many more side branches to cave systems along the paths I explored (I basically go on until I get too far from my base or can't progress forward anymore, then go back and start finding side passages):

    Not so much now... and even in my current world I've already managed to do the following:

    (yes, below torches is a monster spawner, which I enabled the stats for so I can see how many I've found; of course, I mine all of them, which give a lot of XP; on average 29 will get you from to level 0 to 30)

    Note that time played includes the time it took to build my base, enchant my gear (which took quite a while due to amethyst only being enchantable with books; I ended up using all the quartz to build my base), and kill the dragon, around 2 days:

    Also of note, this shows how incredibly rare my mod's amethyst mod ore is (I can go for days without finding any, on a couple occasions two veins); about a third of that was mined when I branched-mined for enough to make my gear, about a third of the diamond I found, while by caving the ratio is closer to 1/8, which still gives me enough due to the items having 3x the durability of diamond, but I don't use Fortune to mine it, making it effectively nearly six times rarer than mining diamond with Fortune, as I previously did, but I still need less than one a day to repair my pickaxe and about half that to repair my armor and sword:

    Also of interest, here is a breakdown of the mobs I killed today, showing how absurdly common zombies are (also interesting that skeletons are usually second by a good margin, presumably due to their good AI; of course, creepers doesn't include those that blew up; cave spiders are naturally spawning, not from a mineshaft); note also that I encountered many more mobs today than I did a couple days ago, probably because the cave system I explored (possibly two overlapping) was one of those crazy Swiss cheese types the Wiki calls a "monster nest" (not that you'll find those anymore in 1.7):
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