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    Herobrine has never existed in the official game, only as pranks and mods; I (and other modders) surely have come across its code by now if it did given just how extensively I've worked with it while making mods for nearly 9 years (by "mods" I mean old-school "jar" mods where you directly modify the game's code, rather than using an API like Forge, so everything is fully accessible, though even Forge/etc let you view the source). Not that I ever believed in it either or found anything remotely paranormal in any of my worlds (and even if you did it was just world corruption, particularly bugs like MC-315, which can cause chunks, including player builds, from a deleted world to appear in a newly created world; if it was multiplayer than it could have been anybody), and indeed my first experience hearing about them was probably a mod showcase so it was perfectly natural for me to assume it was just a mod and anything else a big conspiracy; "removed Herobrine" is just a joke on Mojang's part, one which they should have stopped doing long ago and made an official statement that it was never a thing.

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    You have to add Protection IV to a new pair of leggings, then combine them so the item with Protection IV is in the first slot (the first slot always takes precedence over the second slot; since books can only be in the second slot when adding them to a non-book item they can never override enchantments, except when combining two books). I'd also suggest adding any other enchantments (e.g. Mending) to the leggings with Fire Protection before combining them so both items have seen one working (the final item will have two workings either way because the anvil uses the item with the higher penalty; doing this minimizes the costs and chance of hitting the 6 rework limit).

    Alternatively, you can use a grindstone to remove all the enchantments, but then you'd have to get Unbreaking again, possibly by re-enchanting on the table (check the tooltip before enchanting, if it says Protection then it is guaranteed that you'll get it. You can also try various items and choose the one with the best enchantment, or enchant a junk item or book for 1 level/lapis to minimize overall XP costs; better yet but requiring some investment is trading with villagers, at least for the most-used enchantments like Mending and Unbreaking (Mending is unobtainable from the table so you'll want to do this anyway).

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    I like the spider idea. And witches being rare was really a bad thing because they're not so op to justify it - which their role in raids only corroborates.

    Witches weren't just rare - they were all but nonexistent unless you took the trouble to make a witch hut farm as I never saw one until I made them naturally spawn since the witch spawned with a witch hut during world generation would immediately despawn unless you teleported to it. Speaking of which, besides fixing the despawning (also fixed in a later vanilla version) I added a second witch and doubled their heath to make witch huts more of a challenge (though a Power V bow usually still takes them out in 3 hits). Adding a mob spawner is also a way to guarantee that mobs will spawn within a structure, I even added a special property that makes the mobs spawned from spawners ignore sky light so they can spawn at any time of the day but torches are still effective (I also think that they should use the old spawning rules, light level 7 or less so they aren't so easy to disable; I did lower the general light requirement from 7 to 5 to match the range displayed by cave maps but left spawners alone)..

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    This is what happens when the forums you used to spend time on discussing the game die with no real substitute; I've been spending more and more time playing to offset the loss:

    Never mind 3,000 ores per play session, I may soon reach the 4,000 mark, and already have in total resource blocks, after being relatively stable for years. The overall averages for this world (that was just the past week) are also easily the highest of any world with a noticeable upwards trend apparent; part of this is due to the use of Vein Miner but even the weekly hourly rate is only about 10% higher than in my first world:

    This is an animation and renderings of what I explored over the past month or so (49 play sessions), covering a level 3 map centered at 0, 1024; even with as much playing as I've done recently it still took longer than average to explore the map due to the huge volume of caves (there is about 30% more surface area than vanilla 1.6.4, which more closely corresponds to exploration time than the more than doubling in volume):

    This is a larger version of the last frame:

    A cutaway at layer 23 in Minutor, where some of the largest caves stand out best:

    A couple renderings of the surface (4 chunks larger than a level 3 map to the east/west/south; the second is rotated 180 degrees):

    The entire world on in-game maps:

    Among other things, I found one of the most extreme concentrations of large caves, with two huge caves with volume of a third of a million blocks each and several other smaller large caves and a "large cave cave system" all merging to form a single cave with a volume of about 800,000 blocks, and nearly 1.1 million when including everything else within their bounds (252x308x63 blocks):

    A rendering made with CaveFinder; the volume within this area is 1.13 million blocks, 858,000 when only including special caves:

    An analysis of a 252x308x63 area around the caves (the exact area covered, different than shown above); I used about 4,400 torches to light everything up over 4 play sessions:

    The two largest caves individually, which are the 3rd and 4th largest caves that I've found so far:

    This is actually where I first encountered the caves, leading from a ravine near the top-right of the renderings shown above:

    This is one of the areas that links the two largest caves together, which is actually a separate cave from either of them (a "large cave cave system", which has larger caves like the larger ones in vanilla and was re-added from TMCWv1, generated between them):

    This is still far from the most extreme thing I might find - a giant cave region averages around 1.7 million blocks, even more when including other caves that might merge with them (only around the edges); in TMCWv4, when they were smaller, I found one with a volume of about 1.25 million blocks, which remains the largest single cave or cave complex that I've ever explored. I haven't found one, or a colossal cave system, in this world yet (colossal cave systems are around 250,000 blocks, similar to the largest and densest cave system in my first world), which are some of the rarest underground features, even as they are more common than before (from one giant cave region every 16384 chunks in TMCWv4 to one every 13107 chunks and one colossal cave system every 8192 to 6554 chunks; unlike most other caves these are still excluded from generating too close to the origin).

    Here is list of the frequencies of every underground feature; for comparison, a level 3 map is 4096 chunks:
    Chunks per underground feature (large caves/ravines >= volume includes all larger sizes; likewise, mineshafts includes large mineshafts; combination cave systems include two variants with equal probability):
    Dungeons:                      38
    Mineshafts:                   181
    Large ravines (>=25000):      438
    Large caves (>=25000):        442
    Double dungeons:              604
    Large circular rooms:         707
    Large ravines (>=50000):      803
    Large caves (>=50000):        927
    Toroidal caves:              1048
    Combination cave systems:    1194
    Large caves (>=100000):      1505
    Large mineshafts:            1528
    Ribbed tunnel cave systems:  1715
    Zigzag cave systems:         1715
    Large ravines (>=100000):    1740
    Random cave systems:         1951
    Spiral cave systems:         2068
    Large cave cave systems:     2224
    Vertical cave systems:       2429
    Circular room cave systems:  2447
    Ravine cave systems:         2447
    Maze cave systems:           2572
    Large ravines (>=200000):    3447
    Large caves (>=200000):      3988
    Large cave clusters:         4351
    Network cave regions:        5656
    Colossal cave systems:       6554
    Large ravines (>=300000):    7426
    Strongholds:                 8192
    Large caves (>=300000):      9404
    Giant cave regions:         13107
    Large ravines (>=400000):   20601
    Large caves (>=400000):     25086

    Notably, the chance of finding a cave with a volume of at least 400,000, of which I've found two, is once every 25,000 chunks, over twice the area that I've explored so far; this is still two orders of magnitude more common than they were in TMCWv4, which in turn is higher than earlier versions (the current method of generating large caves actually hasn't changed much since TMCWv2, the biggest change in TMCWv5 is the addition of a larger variant which is 1/6 of the previous larger type, and these two variants are together twice as common. The same is also true of ravines, which are relatively more common at the higher end due to less variability in structure even as caves can get much larger, the largest possible cave is about 1.1 million while the largest ravine is about 625,000).

    In addition, I also found another complex of two large caves with a combined volume of about 187,000 blocks, located in a mesa biome in the top-left of the renderings shown above:

    Other significant findings include three very large ravines, one of which I showed before, and another part of a complex of 7 intersecting ravines, the most that I've found so far in this world (I found 10 intersecting ravines in TMCWv4), as well as a stronghold, the first one that I've found exclusively by caving:
    This is the second largest ravine that I've found so far, with a volume of 189,000 blocks; one of the intersecting ravines is also larger than normal while the others are vanilla sized (an 8th ravine is just above one of the intersecting ravines near the bottom):

    A smaller ravine with a volume of 152,000 blocks, which is still about 5 times larger than the largest ravine in vanilla:

    A jungle cave, the second one that I've found:

    A mesa mineshaft, which are in addition to normal mineshafts deeper down and have gold ore generated in their walls as part of the structure (this is the only place gold generates above its normal range):

    Some other large caves/cave systems:

    Fun fact: the stronghold helped me fix a vanilla bug where one of the rooms ("5-way crossing", which actually has up to 6 entrances/exits) doesn't clear the proper entrances (the two on each side of the archway), causing them to be blocked off, most notably, including the portal room in this stronghold, which is a common cause of "missing" portal rooms, along with other parts of a stronghold (I only found the portal room because a cave intersected it; I'd noticed this before but finding a portal room affected by it led me to look at the code, and sure enough, I found it wasn't accounting for the orientation of the room when clearing the entrances, making it an actual bug and not a "feature", which would still be unacceptable (I actually first modified the portal room itself to forcibly clear away the entrance, but then I wondered if there was more to the story):

    Some interesting terrain, including two of the highest peaks that I've found, both at y=168:

    I haven't scaled this mountain as it is at the edge of the area I've explored (I literally do only explore the world by caving, this even includes checking out something like this, though I do make exceptions for structures, including the desert temple from which I saw this):

    I only found one surface structure, a desert temple, which had the vanilla pressure plate trap in addition to spawners; one significant difference is the pressure plate, which is a new sandstone variant which is only activated by players (thus mobs won't set them off) and very hard to see from above, making it especially important to check before stepping down (or opening the chest, which may be trapped chests):

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    According to this Reddit thread 1.16 has the most mods, followed by 1.12, with 1.7.10 far behind, although this was based on mods on CurseForge, which only got started around the time 1.7.10 was released so mods for it and especially older versions are underrepresented (prior to then many modders used the forums, as I did/still do), but 1.7.10 is rarely mentioned anymore on the FTB Reddit (recent posts with a version mention 1.18, 1.16, and 1.12, mostly the former two):


    AS far as servers go, the most popular version is always the latest version by a large margin; at the moment there are 3318 active servers on 1.18, 326 on 1.12, and 94 on 1.7; however, they do not have a breakdown of vanilla vs modded, and this may not track every server, only bigger ones (I'd think there would be more than 5599 servers online for a game with over 100 million active players), but such large ratios are suggestive, and the differences between older versions would be more highly correlated with mod popularity as that is the main reason older versions are still played (aside from 1.9 combat, but 1.8 only has 74 servers left so it is hardly that controversial of an issue anymore, plus plugins/mods or even commands can fix that):


    As for myself, I still exclusively play on and develop my own mods for 1.6.4, or as I think of it, my own modded versions completely independent from vanilla (in particular, TheMasterCaver's World, which is best categorized as an "alternative development path" / "alternative reality" mod which are treated as unofficial updates to the game since the version they mod, which is often very old - some people even still develop such mods for Alpha and Beta versions), more than 8 years after the release of 1.7 (I started playing on 1.5.1, a couple months past 9 years ago and 1.5 and 1.6 are the only vanilla versions I've ever played on).

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    My method of exploring big caves (by which I mainly mean those in 1.6.4, where practically all caves are dense intertwined complexes of tunnels, mineshafts, and/or ravines) is to go through them lighting them up and killing off mobs until I reach a dead end or a complex intersection, then I backtrack, mining the ores and exploring side passages; the only form of navigation that I use is a map to show where I've been in general (I'll almost always be exploring around the edges of the mapped area) and "return points" that I make as I find whole new areas before I've finished exploring the current area or when I need to return due to running out of inventory space.

    Some examples of how I explore caves:

    This is an animated rendering of what I explored over a 30 day period, each of which averages more than 3,100 ores mined and about 1,000 torches placed, and the overall area is mostly within a level 3 map (1024x1024 blocks); the first frame shows the branch-mine I make when I start a world, afterwards everything I need (many times over) comes from caving, including the XP I need to repair my gear (up to 48 levels or 3,072 XP for my modded gear, whcih is repaired on the anvil as my version of Mending/vanilla 1.6.4's renaming mechanic, simply keeps the prior work penalty down; unlike 1.8+ the cost of a repair factors in enchantments and durability). The path I took reflects the underground interconnectivity - virtually everything shown is part of a single massive network, save for the odd surface cave and occasionally a cave system or two (I generally only explore surface openings in areas I've otherwise explored around), as well as returning to old return points after exploring too far away along a branch or off the edge of the current map (eventually I make new secondary bases, typically one per level 3 map as I explore very far away from my main base/existing bases):

    A full-size rendering of the last frame (click to view full-size):

    A rendering and spectator mode-like views of a typical large cave system in 1.6.4 as seen with MCEdit; I don't miss much despite not relying on a clear navigation system:

    This is a "return point", a cobblestone pillar marking the spot where I returned from caving, or found a new area before I finished exploring the current area and want to make sure I can easily find it again, writing the coordinates down if I don't plan to return to it soon (my first world is so large that it can be years before I go back to an area, otherwise, as they are near the edge of the area I've mapped they can be found by searching around the edge); there are also furnaces behind it as I'll set them up in a known spot to smelt iron and gold so I can craft them into blocks to make more room (I'll also set them in a cave around where I'm exploring):

    Large open caves (in my modded worlds) are easier to explore in many ways since you can clearly see across them; most of the time I spent exploring the area shown was spent exploring side caves leading to/from the big cave:
    This is a slice through the world, which only shows caves exposed on that layer:

    A rendering of the area shown above which shows all the other caves in the area:

    An analysis of the area in MCEdit; there are close to 1.1 million air blocks and I placed about 4,400 torches, corresponding to about 4 full play sessions:

    Some screenshots I took; big caves are even darker and scarier than in vanilla because a light level of 0 is totally dark (IMO one of the biggest flaws in vanilla is the lack of true darkness; some people even go caving without torches (or you can use Night Vision, which can be safer as you have full visibility and mobs won't be as concentrated, which roughly doubles the density of mobs as I explore along the edges of a nearly fully lit-up area, and much more when I explore into a pocket surrounded by explored areas):

    A typical play session and some what I got while exploring the cave shown above; I had to return to the area at least twice to empty my ender chest, even with twice the capacity as vanilla (I generally collect a lot more non-resource items):

    You can also see how through I am at lighting up caves; this is for visibility, not spawn-proofing, but that works well given that even with a threshold of 7 (0 in 1.18 and 5 in TMCW) you'll be placing torches close enough that the light level between them will be higher (I place them when the light level is 2-3, corresponding to 8-9 between torches, and place additional torches in any remaining darker areas so everything is lit the same. I do not intentionally place them as such but the spread of light around a torch naturally leads to the staggered-grid arrangement that is more optimal than a regular grid); I light up the ceilings by pillaring up and bridging around, which takes a significant portion of the time but does yield a significant amount of resources and reveals otherwise hidden caves:

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    Quote from SamMaddie»

    If for some reason you are unable to use MultiMC or would like to install the mod another way, please use the download link below for the raw mod files. These can be installed the same way as any other mod from beta. Copy all the files in the .zip file into your minecraft.jar, and remember to delete the META-INF folder.

    This method of installation hasn't worked for nearly a decade, at least on the vanilla launcher, which will simply redownload a clean jar unless you make a "custom version"; that is, you copy the "b1.7.3" folder and rename it and the files inside to anything that is not an official version name ("b1.7.4" should work). You also need to open the json file inside the folder and change the "id": "b1.7.3" line to match the new name, and delete the entire "downloads" section right before it which contains the checksum and URL for "client.jar", as shown in this example:

    Before (only relevant lines are shown):

    "assets": "legacy", "downloads": {"client": {"sha1": "1703704407101cf72bd88e68579e3696ce733ecd", "size": 4745096, "url": "https://launcher.mojang.com/v1/objects/1703704407101cf72bd88e68579e3696ce733ecd/client.jar"}, "server": {"sha1": "050f93c1f3fe9e2052398f7bd6aca10c63d64a87", "size": 6146738, "url": "https://launcher.mojang.com/v1/objects/050f93c1f3fe9e2052398f7bd6aca10c63d64a87/server.jar"}, "windows_server": {"sha1": "30d3267c6b04422ef6349226ee539173f848574c", "size": 6542514, "url": "https://launcher.mojang.com/v1/objects/30d3267c6b04422ef6349226ee539173f848574c/windows_server.exe"}}, "id": "1.6.4",

    After; the "downloads" section was removed and the "id": wad changed to reflect the new version name (same as the name of the file and the jar and containing folder in \versions). As far as I can tell all version jsons have the downloads for client.jar immediately before the id, making it easy to find them:

    "assets": "legacy", "id": "TMCWv5",

    While this sounds more complicated you can distribute a pre-patched json with instructions to replace the default one with it and use the same name it uses (or tell them how it can be renamed, including changing the "id": line as mentioned above), as I do for my own mod - there is no reason why a few basic file system operations should be that difficult to perform, it takes maybe a minute to make a new custom version and updates take only seconds (I just have to add updated classes to the jar, even if the whole jar needs to be refreshed it is a matter of copying the vanilla jar and renaming it and deleting META-INF) so I see no reason to rely on a 3rd partly launcher (I have a great distaste for 3rd party software, which have a bad habit of breaking and/or becoming unavailable, and actively discourage the use of 3rd party launchers just to run a mod (unless you already use it for other reasons).

    Here is a Beta 1.7.3 version json which was patched to remove the downloads section; you can change the name/id as you see fit (I made this for somebody else and just named it "b1.7.3_mods"):


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    VRAM isn't the only issue; GPUs have a "maximum texture size" - Minecraft stitches every texture into a single giant "texture atlas" (only one texture can be used per draw call, so this enables everything to be rendered in one pass) and this can exceed the maximum size the GPU supports, quite easily I might add; my GPU supports up to 16384x16384, which is only 256 textures, much less than the game has, so only some textures could be 1024x1024 (considering that the default atlas for my modded version is 512x512 this means that the maximum resolution for all textures is 512x512, or 16 * 16384 / 512, and this is worse in newer versions because both blocks and items share the same texture atlas, making it at least 1024 pixels across, or a maximum of 256x256). Note that a 16384x16384 texture requires 1 GB of VRAM but this is more of a limitation of the GPU hardware itself, not just how much VRAM it has (which is also needed for other things).

    See also: https://bdcraft.net/community/help-centre-f4/gpu-max-texture-size-limits-texture-packs-t3650.html

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    Are those petrified oak slabs? They are the "original" wood slabs which were a variant of stone slabs, added in Beta 1.3; only later (in 1.3.1) did they add actual wood slabs, they could have converted the original wood slabs into oak wood slabs but they decided to leave them in, even as of now (among other issues, real wood slabs burn but petrified slabs do not, so builds that used them might now catch fire):


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    The most obvious reason would be the size of the sound assets; even the assets used by 1.6.4 (.minecraft\assets\virtual\legacy) take up 146 MB, compared to only 4.52 MB for the 1.6.4 jar itself, and since sounds change far less frequently than textures it makes sense to keep them separate; for the same reason the libraries needed to run the game are stored in a separate location (,minecraft\libraries) instead of embedded inside the jar (the whole folder is 48.9 MB, so combined with sounds you are now at over 200 MB of data to download every time the game updates, and this will be even worse for newer versions).

    That said, the game can load sounds stored inside the jar; my own mod adds new sounds which are directly added to the jar, as with its other files, and I imagine that textures could likewise be stored in the assets folder (I don't know the exact details but it seems like the assets manager treats ".minecraft\assets\" as the same location as the assets folder inside the jar; likewise, when an incomplete resource pack is used it will automatically fall back to the default location(s) for any missing assets).

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