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    posted a message on Messed up my world

    You can fix the world by downloading NBTExplorer and editing level.dat (in the root directory of the world save) by opening the "Player" entry and editing the "Pos" tag (a list of 3 numbers) to have to valid numbers (such as 0 100 0, or set them to "Spawn[XYZ]", which is the player's last spawn point if you ever slept in a bed or used /spawnpoint; otherwise, the world spawn point can be used, which is "Spawn[XYZ]" in the root of level.dat).

    Otherwise, there is a thread for corrupted world saves (which should be mentioned instead of just saying "restore from a backup").

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    posted a message on Enhancements: Taking the chance out of enchanting.
    Quote from Badprenup»

    I think what would be ideal is a combination of both systems. Being able to potentially get a good mix of enchantments right off the bat with enchanting, or being in for a longer grind to make exactly what you want.

    This is already the case - directly enchant items to get random enchantments, which may or may not be what you want (tip: mouse over the enchantment options to see one of the offered enchantments; you can also disenchant items on a grindstone in return for some XP and the ability to re-enchant it, or try enchanting a different item - they really have made enchanting massively easier since 1.8, or even 1.3, which greatly reduced XP costs) - or enchant or trade for books to get specific enchantments (this is what I do for most of my gear to avoid wasting diamonds or my extremely rare modded gear, as I also play in 1.6.4 (with the same enchantment mechanics) so I can't see what they will get, and items like chestplates could always get something like Thorns which may not show up in the tooltip).

    Either way, I don't find enchanting to be an issue since I only do it one time; I use the same set of gear for the lifetime of a world (32.7+ days of time played for my current world), which is also partly why I see no point in having fancy trading halls or XP farms. I get most of my XP by mining quartz, which also doubles as a building material for my main base, so I get two things done at once; afterwards I get more XP than I need from normal gameplay to keep my gear in repair, with a higher overall cost than since 1.9 with Mending (speaking of which, if XP were removed how would Mending work? Granted, I think it is OP since you only need XP to repair an item, making what should be a major part of the game (Minecraft) pointless, and the cost is the same regardless of its quality, in sharp contrast to the pre-1.8 repair system, where you could simply rename an item to keep the penalty down but you had to pay the full enchantment cost (e.g. 5 levels for Sharpness V, 4 for Knockback II, 6 for Unbreaking III, plus 6 more levels for having 3 enchantments for a total of 21 levels before adding any other costs), as well as for the durability restored (currently a flat 2 levels for an item or 1 per unit, as opposed to 1-17 levels), so most items could only have 3 enchantments, sometimes 4, before they became too expensive to repair).

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    This would only make sense if quartz generated in the Overworld and/or it could replace stone (it can only replace Netherrack, much as Overworld ores can only replace stone, so either way there is no point to this) - or they added new "stone-type" blocks to the Nether or Overworld; for example, in TMCW I made it so that ores use metadata to determine the base texture so they blend in with underground biomes (stone is replaced with various other blocks):

    Note that since these blocks use metadata to determine the base texture you can use Silk Touch to mine them and they will retain it; otherwise, they drop as the "default" stone so as to not clutter up your inventory, much as I made the "raw" variants of the 1.8 stone types drop as cobblestone unless Silk Touch is used - it would really be annoying otherwise unless the size of your inventory was increased.

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    posted a message on Replaying on the first version of TMCW (originally "New world")

    Today I had the most insane play session ever in terms of mobs - with 986 mobs killed, far exceeding my previous all-time record of 796, as well as an all-time record of 10561 XP gained in a single play session spent caving:

    For comparison, this was my previous record for mobs; much of the difference was due to mobs other than zombies, including nearly twice as many spiders (less common in caves due to their space requirements; zombies, skeletons, spiders, and creepers all have the same weight in the list of mobs to spawn); 21 Endermen also has to be among the most I've killed before:

    About two-thirds of the mobs were in a giant cave which was under the ocean, which helped contribute to the overall record number of mobs by limiting surface spawns; my previous record was also mainly due to a giant cave filled with mobs, as these caves are so large that mobs, especially zombies (due to their pathfinding range) can keep respawning on the other side as I slowly push my way into them (at times I only managed to place a single torch before having to backtrack to kill a new wave of mobs); the large flat areas also enhance spawning due to pack spawning mechanics:

    Also, I've now played on this world for 32.7 real-time days and have mined more coal alone than total ores mined in any single world aside from my first world, with about 2.4 million total ores mined, followed by TMCWv4 with about 380000 ore mined (TMCWv4 has 22.46 days of playtime while my first world has 143.18 days):

    This is also only my second world where I've explored more than one level 4 map, which may not seem that large to many people but I only explore the world by caving, except when I search for a stronghold and the area within 100 or so blocks of spawn:

    Also, here is a table and charts of what I've done so far this month (ores mined, mob kills, XP gained per day/session); my averages have increased even more than from before, with an average of 3341 ore mined, 431 mobs, and 6075 XP gained per day (for comparison, over a 100 day period on the same world I averaged 3256 ore, 361 mobs, and 5504 XP, and in TMCWv4 I averaged 3141 ore, 351 mobs, and 5308 XP over 121 sessions):

    This increase isn't necessarily because I've spent more time playing; on the 18th I mined 3461 ore in only 2 hours and 46 minutes - a rate of 1251 ore mined per hour, or 21 per minute, or about one every 3 seconds, which may be a record for the fastest I've ever mined during an entire play session (I've measured hourly rates of 1000+ per hour before):
    Client log:
    2019-11-18 17:06:38 [CLIENT] [INFO] Setting user: TheMasterCaver
    2019-11-18 17:06:38 [CLIENT] [INFO] (Session ID is -)
    2019-11-18 17:06:38 [CLIENT] [INFO] LWJGL Version: 2.9.0
    2019-11-18 17:06:39 [CLIENT] [INFO] Reloading ResourceManager: Default
    2019-11-18 17:06:41 [CLIENT] [SEVERE] Realms: Server not available!
    2019-11-18 19:53:10 [CLIENT] [INFO] 3571 3461 2092 1009 96 191 48 25 0 0 0 110 2 204 4231
    2019-11-18 19:53:10 [CLIENT] [INFO] Stopping!

    Server log (this reflects the actual times when I loaded and quit the world):
    2019-11-18 17:07:01 [SERVER] [INFO] Starting integrated minecraft server version 1.6.4
    2019-11-18 17:07:01 [SERVER] [INFO] Generating keypair
    2019-11-18 17:07:01 [SERVER] [INFO] Preparing start region for level 0
    2019-11-18 17:07:02 [SERVER] [INFO] TheMasterCaver[/] logged in with entity id 183 at (805.7990183280167, 7.000000001, -292.8343276675107)
    2019-11-18 17:07:02 [SERVER] [INFO] TheMasterCaver joined the game
    2019-11-18 17:07:02 [SERVER] [INFO] Saving and pausing game...
    2019-11-18 17:07:02 [SERVER] [INFO] Saving chunks for level 'TheMasterCaversWorld'/Overworld
    2019-11-18 17:07:02 [SERVER] [INFO] Saving chunks for level 'TheMasterCaversWorld'/Nether
    2019-11-18 17:07:02 [SERVER] [INFO] Saving chunks for level 'TheMasterCaversWorld'/The End
    2019-11-18 19:53:04 [SERVER] [INFO] Saving and pausing game...
    2019-11-18 19:53:04 [SERVER] [INFO] Saving chunks for level 'TheMasterCaversWorld'/Overworld
    2019-11-18 19:53:04 [SERVER] [INFO] Saving chunks for level 'TheMasterCaversWorld'/Nether
    2019-11-18 19:53:04 [SERVER] [INFO] Saving chunks for level 'TheMasterCaversWorld'/The End
    2019-11-18 19:53:08 [SERVER] [INFO] Stopping server
    2019-11-18 19:53:08 [SERVER] [INFO] Saving players
    2019-11-18 19:53:08 [SERVER] [INFO] TheMasterCaver left the game
    2019-11-18 19:53:08 [SERVER] [INFO] Saving worlds
    2019-11-18 19:53:08 [SERVER] [INFO] Saving chunks for level 'TheMasterCaversWorld'/Overworld
    2019-11-18 19:53:08 [SERVER] [INFO] Saving chunks for level 'TheMasterCaversWorld'/Nether
    2019-11-18 19:53:08 [SERVER] [INFO] Saving chunks for level 'TheMasterCaversWorld'/The End

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    posted a message on Need Help!! Getting bored already, Need goals

    You could also try mods, many of which add some form of actual progression to the game, or make exploration more interesting; for example, I've been making my own mods for the past 6 years to make caving more interesting (this is about the only thing I do when playing) - I don't even care about official updates (which actually made caves less interesting in 1.7 with little in the way of changes since then). Otherwise, I'm pretty much the exact opposite of you - my current world has 31.83 days of playtime over 214 sessions (3.57 hours per session), and that isn't even close to my longest-played world:

    Some people consider several hundred iron to be a lot, while I have over a hundred thousand - all mined by hand (otherwise, anybody with this much of any resource is using automated farms, which I've never used):

    These are surface and underground (layer 20) renderings of the world, as of a few weeks ago - virtually the entire underground is lit up (minus chunks around the edges of the generated area, which I trimmed away before making these renderings so as to not accidentally reveal anything I haven't seen yet):

    This is an example of how I've made caving more interesting - nothing in vanilla can ever come close to this, and they can get even larger:

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    posted a message on Now that it's been five months since the forums could've closed, are these forums still declining?

    This says all that you need to know - I don;t think I've ever seen this little activity in 6+ years - just TWO active threads in the past DAY in what used to be the most active section; other sections aren't much better:

    However, nothing is more insane than this:

    Members: 5,804,007

    This is an increase of over 20,000 in just a few weeks, since my last post in this thread, with close to three-quarters of a million new members so far this year:


    Yet, we see this:

    Most users online: 34,329 (Sep 25, 2014)
    Online Users: 57 (56 members and 1 guest)

    For a game as big and as rapidly growing as this, even when everybody was saying it was dying (around a year ago there was a thread about this at least once a week; I'd almost prefer to see more such threads just for the activity)?

    Feb 2017: Minecraft has 55 Million Monthly Players, 122 Million Sales
    Dec 2017: Minecraft had 74 million active players in December, a new record for the game
    Oct 2018: 'Minecraft' is still one of the biggest games in the world, with over 91 million people playing monthly
    Sep 2019: 'Minecraft' now has 112 million monthly players

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    posted a message on Anyone know why Pixelmon servers get a pass from the EULA when it comes to gambling.

    A better question is how Pixelmon itself still exists:

    Minecraft Pokemon mod taken down after legal threats from Nintendo

    That was over two years ago; the official site indicates that it hasn't been updated since then and the download link is broken, so anybody distributing it (including any "remakes") has to be illegally distributing it (doubly so; against both Nintendo and the mod creators themselves; I presume people get it from sites like the ones listed here. There's also a site offering "Pixelmon Reforged", which sounds a lot like a copy of the original mod).

    Of course, even the most popular mod of all time, Optifine, is technically violating the EULA by offering capes, which aren't allowed under any terms, even for free (much less "donations"; the EULA also says you can't make any money off of mods), so they aren't exactly strict in enforcing the EULA (but that doesn't mean you can get away with it; Mojang probably relies on reports to find offenders so if nobody ever reports them they will never be caught).

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    posted a message on Forge modpack crashes whenever I die, not sure what is causing it. Please help!

    Both reports are referring to the same class, which belongs to PlusTiC (PlusTiC-Mod-1.12.2):

    java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: c4/conarm/lib/capabilities/ArmorAbilityHandler at landmaster.plustic.traits.DeathSaveTrait.timing(DeathSaveTrait.java:70)

    I did find a report of a the same issue on the GitHub for PlusTiC, and a few other sites, which is caused by an outdated version - you have version, which is affected by this issue (fixed in according to the resolution of the aforementioned report).

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    posted a message on Phantoms. What is a night?

    The Wiki doesn't seem to make any mention of this but it appears that time spent in the Nether does count (for example, it is mentioned in this Reddit thread); while it is true that even the spawn chunks are unloaded when you leave the Overworld, thus no processing occurs, game time continues to progress as usual - I've gone to the Nether while it was day and it was night when I returned and my mod's "inventory stats" continued to show the passing of days (based on day/night cycles, not overall time, which is a separate variable which is unaffected by sleeping or time commands).

    Of course, this is in 1.6.4 but I don't see why this would have changed since then; the same also applies to the End, and the game may very well simply check for when the time since you last slept reaches 1 hour, and there is a statistic which tracks this, "Since Last Rest" (listed near the bottom), which is used to control the spawning of phantoms.

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    posted a message on Pets recognition AI algorithm

    The game has used UUIDs to identify players since 1.7.6 (mentioned as "support for name changing"), so changing your name won't have any impact unless you play on an older version (for example, when I changed my name I had to manually edit my worlds with NBTExplorer to change the owner name, as well as rename the statistics file, since 1.6.4 uses player names to identify players).

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